Envied By The Rich

A pang of jealousyHi, Elsa

I don’t have much material wise in life, but I have many talents. I use them to live an interesting productive life. I never boast about them. Quiet soul.

No matter what- everywhere I go I meet envy…someone Always wants what I have- even the small possessions that have only sentimental value. Even those closest to me react this way.

I don’t understand this. They have everything they want.

What could be the astrology aspect of envy? What is your input on how to react to this energy? I never envy anyone. I am happy with what I have…….I seriously hate to receive this energy from other people. it feels mean.

Thank you
Envied by Rich

Hi, Envied.

If wealthy people are jealous of you, it means you have something they can’t buy.  I think it’s that simple.

As you know, I feel money is only one form of “currency”.  There’s a lot energy focused on making it the thing everyone wants, but it’s value is limited.

You can’t buy taste or talent for example.  You can rent it, but if you don’t have it innately, you can’t pay and have someone insert it into you.

You also buy real love. You can’t buy real health or real peace or even real brains. You  can’t buy your children’s health, happiness or emotional well-being and more.

All of these things are easily as desirable as a fat bank account.  I suspect you’re emanating something desirable. I’m not sure this has to do with “wealth”.  It’s possible and maybe even likely, you see it this way because you are around people with money.

As an example, if you walk by and my husband turns his head, I am going to have a jealous flare up, that has nothing to do with money / yours or mine.

If you do want to look strictly at wealthy people; if one of them is jealous, I think it is easy to understand.  They might be in a situation where can have anything they want… except for they want? That would enrage me.

I think it’s important to state, all people who are loaded in this regard (financially), are not jealous of others. They’ve got the one base covered. How far this takes them is variable and that list of things they can’t buy is daunting.

As for a rich person being jealous of your trinket, I suspect what they really envy is your satisfaction – another thing that can’t be bought.

Astrologically, I would give your situation to exuberant confidence (Sun Jupiter in Leo), intensity and effectiveness (Mars in Scorpio) and your intact self-esteem (Taurus moon).  This is surely enough to cause a stir!

Anyone else have experience or an opinion?

10 thoughts on “Envied By The Rich”

  1. With Jupiter, Venus and Sun conjunction I have had to learn gratefulness.

    And after the past 4 years, I am actually content. I saw a book on Amazon the other day of how to use magic (apparently that’s a thing) to attract money with your own energy/spiritual practice.

    It was very curious to experience myself having a “no thanks” reaction to it. I don’t want money. I want to be happy, whole and feel rich through my hobbies, friends and life. Money is secondary in that regard.

    I haven’t always been that way, so it was a real eye opener. One would think “you can always use some money”, eh?
    But as I get older, I find myself getting repulsed by money collectors and materialistic people.

    I guess it’s the process of aging, of finding your spiritual richness inside yourself?
    And perhaps that’s the envy part. People without this stage of development is so … hm… yeah, I think you know what I mean 😉

  2. “You have something they can’t buy & what they really envy is your satisfaction” could not agree more. Rich people have all the rest of the complexities and inadequacies other people have, with a loaded bank account. It can dig, dig at them if internal self-value isn’t established or is on shaky ground- how often do rich people concern themselves with such things as- do they like me for what I am or for my money? Am I the really the best- insert talent or hobby or career- ever or am I surrounded by yes-men because I take them on exuberant vacations – paid by me. 2nd/ 8th axis would be important to check out.

  3. I have experienced jealousy but not envy. I ‘almost’ feel sorry for the wealthy–awful to never feel satified.To never feel they have enough…but then l think of the selfishness and harm caused. Some get it. The satifaction that comes with giving and helping others.Can’t help thinking ‘Envied’ might have a little something on the Shadow side of things active…even ‘those closest’ are envious(?) something ‘extra’ is going on. Smuggness can be annoying and can turn people off…

  4. Hi “Envied”,
    You are not alone in this predicament. I understand how this can feel utterly puzzling at times. Like Elsa said, you possess traits/talents that money can’t buy.
    At times it would be natural for you to feel discomfort, and even contemplate dimming your light a bit, to ward off jealousy.
    Please Never do this. Keep your Light shining brightly!. There are people who are guided and inspired by your light. Focus on these good souls and keep being the magnificent being you are.

  5. Two things:
    1) Envy is driven by jealousy. The big problem is when jealousy manifests itself as a mass hatred.
    2) The higher you progress in life, someone will be mad at you no matter what you achieve. The C student hates the B student…the B student hates the A student…etc.

  6. I know the feeling. In my case it’s women and partners. Pluto square moon and Venus. Women, especially, seem to become obsessed with me for a while and then turn against me. Like my ex husband said once, “She doesn’t just want to be like you. She wants to BE you. My mother and my daughter have been the biggest betrayers in my life. Since I have 5 planets in Taurus (4 personal), it cuts deeply. Thankfully I finally made some real friends!

  7. I dated a guy with Sun square Jupiter in Sadge… he had a stellium in the sign, too. He was larger than life… until behind closed doors his Venus square Saturn was painfully obvious.

    He was the most gorgeous man I’ve ever met, superficially speaking.

    I always kind of felt sorry for him. That Saturn sq really tripped him up… it was the needle ready to pop his big inflated balloon.

  8. I am sending love and light. Sometimes all we can do is love them where they are at and get the hell on with our on lives. Believe in yourself!

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