Mercury Square Neptune – Unaware Of Lying

Mercury is currently squaring Neptune. This post is from 2012.

There is no doubt that people knowingly lie and deceive others. But sometimes it’s not that clear cut.

For example, an alcoholic with tell you something they may very well believe, because reality occurred while they were in a blackout.  Another person may have lied to themselves for so long, they can no longer distinguish the truth.

The use of psycho-active drugs has become commonplace. These drugs have various side effects and a person can simply not have the command of their mind they think they do.

I have been struggling with this lately. I really don’t like liars. They bug me! But what I am saying above is true and in at least some cases it’s probably appropriate to be forgiving and compassionate when a person’s lies.

I could easily get in trouble with this. Lie to, Elsa!  She’ll make up an excuse for you!  But perhaps you get my gist.

Is it a liar, lying or is it a person who has lost their mind or something else?  I don’t think this is necessarily clear-cut.

How do you view this?

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  1. “Omission is not lying”…I just dealt with this a month ago except is was framed as “I told you what you needed to know.”

    basically, justification for lying through her teeth despite several direct attempts at asking an important question. ultimately ruined a decade-long friendship :-/

    To forgive is one thing, but to invite the deception back in is another. Difficult to deal with liars!

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    All we can do is to accept that nobody owes us the truth, and cultivate an ability to act on limited information which is all any us ever have anyway.

  3. “But here is the thing: What if a person’s lies, directly affect you? What if they damage your reputation or something? And let’s say it is NOT malicious, but due to some kind of impairment. Then what do you do?”

    I walk away if there is no redress; there’s no other thing I can do. Being lied about is something I’ve lived with since I was a small child – my mother lied about me all the time, in respect of both fundamental things (my being adoption) and in small things.

    I do know that whatever is the problem is hardly ever the subject of the lie: there is almost always a subtext. I know too that there is something challenging about me which attracts this kind of attack – it’s happened too often in my life for this not to be the case.

    Saturn in Scorpio has made me very quick to pick up on this kind of negative energy – even quicker than usual, and much less tolerant of it… And I’m not finding it difficult at all to cut it right out of my life. I left the city to get away from it irl, and I’m learning yet again to do it in other respects.

    Mercury sq Neptune works both ways!

    Did I ever tell you all how much I love dogs? 🙂

  4. I can usually tell that someone is lying. I may not know the exact lie, only that it just occurred. I just let them be, and observe, because what I want to know is: why are they lying? What’s behind it?

    If I address the lie they’ll cover themselves up and I’ll never find out what I want to know. It’s best to remain silent and watchful.

    I will lie if you are prying and ignore my social cues. You should have quit while you were ahead.

  5. I currently have mercury/neptune transiting my 4th/7th (respectively). Is that an indicator that I’m the liar…or that am i the one being lied to…or something else?

  6. I have natal Neptune in 1st opposite my natal Sun/Moon/Mercury in 7th. I find a lot of people project their idea of who I am onto me. But my Gemini Sun is fairly easygoing with playing these parts. I’ve also wondered whether this placement could enable someone to become a really good fiction writer. For the last six months transit Neptune (3rd house) has been squaring my natal Mercury and it feels like one long Mercury Rx! There’s a lot of he said/she said, people misconstruing what I say (both deliberately and accidentally), missing mail, calls not returned, etc.

  7. Mercury square Neptune – is like a headache that none of the pain relievers is working on. It’s like a hangover or the effects of dehydration, especially light and sounds migraine – the kind where someone is still slurring the next morning and stumbling off balance on their sea legs. It’s like motion sickness, and you can’t explain why you feel this vertigo, when you didn’t take any medicine (maybe you need some). It’s like losing your train of thought, missing your appointment, and running out of gas after missing the exit miles and miles back, confused and lost when you were sure you knew the way.
    It’s like any of the above, and wanting to call in sick but not sure you really are sick so you lie just to buy some time to defog your brain. It doesn’t mean you’re mentally ill, or even an addict to drugs. Neptune is very visual sensory and water sign, so you might lose your glasses and can’t see to find them and can’t read the road signs. Mercury is very hearing sensory, so you might have an inner ear infection throwing you off balance.
    You could have dry and itchy eyes, suffering some kind of allergies – Pisces is very susceptible to allergic reactions it seems like.
    It can be frustrating to be told that your symptoms are “psychosomatic” when the very act of breathing itself is psychosomatic – does this mean the doctor is evading trying to help you figure out why you swell up and break out into unsightly hives?
    There’s all kinds of ways this can go that just really isn’t even close to being a mental illness or even lying. You could just be mentally tired, so when you start saying something you just trail off without finishing your sentence. You’d need a lot more aspects with other planets involved to conclude this person is a sociopathic narcissistic gaslighting mental case living in a permanent bottle of lala land with their imaginary friends and enemies.

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