Cancer Man Attached To Free-Wheeling Sagittarius Woman For Ten Years

Cancer crab fabricDear Elsa,

Ok, so for going on 10 years now, my best friend has been a Sagittarius – a female one at that. I’m a Male Cancer. When it’s fun, it’s FUN, but when it’s bad, it’s BAD.

It’s always been this way, and once upon a time this bugged me to no end, but I managed to grow and mature some and started studying astrology and learned all kinds of useful things to help out. However, I’m VERY attached to this girl in typical Cancer fashion. I’m willing to go out of my way to stay one of the most important people in her life. I won’t compromise who I am for anyone, but lately I’ve been having a lot more trouble then usual establishing a connection with her. I know Sags are very free roam-y and free flowing, and I’m not. However, I always drop what I’m doing to go hang out with her.

But the issue is now, that I don’t have to drop what I’m doing to go hang out with her on one her whims, because she technically acts as though I don’t exist. I know why: it’s because she’s found someone else who is REALLY piquing her interest right now. I’m used to this, but this time I don’t wanna settle for it.

I’m looking for advice on how to really catch her attention again. Goodness do I ever love a challenge.

Cancer Man
United States

Dear Man.

I am sorry but I don’t think you can catch this gal – simply because as you are well aware, she has no desire to be caught! It sounds like you’ve got her figured completely. You know the odds are, she is going to run with this new guy right up until he tries to hold her… at which point she will jump the fence and come back and tell you all about it. If she gets engaged, she will get disengaged. If she gets married, she will get divorced.

You need only wait and you’ll see this manifest. And though I understand you are sick of this and want the pattern to change, chances are it never will. That’s right. I said NEVER.

Because I’m a gal like your Sadge and if you’re 25 and you’ve known her for 10 years, it sounds like you met her at about 15. Well I am decades past 15 and I have to tell you I haven’t changed much since them. I value my long term friends more than I did when I was younger but I still don’t want to be tied down and balled and chained for even five minutes.

And I’ll add that I was also involved with a Cancer man over the course of 30+ years who felt very similar to you and this was irrelevant to me. And I don’t mean that I was insensitive to his feelings. It’s just a person cannot remake their nature. I am a free bird regardless of what he is.

But to answer your specific question, I don’t think you can catch her attention any more than you already have, because she is always going to be scanning the horizon. You may want to move on or you may want to watch her do her thing for the rest of your life. But is she going to reform? I very seriously doubt it and to quote Jessica Rabbit: it’s not her fault, she’s just drawn that way.

Good luck.

5 thoughts on “Cancer Man Attached To Free-Wheeling Sagittarius Woman For Ten Years”

  1. I have the same situation and it never does change..they get caught up and forget all else.. i think they match better with people who are similiar..but they are very charming and can make you feel like a gift.. I am Libra and had a Sag as a bestfriend of 13 years..and whenever a new friend, opportunity, relationship presented itself.. he drops off, get wrapped up and forget everything else.. has always been this way..he doesn’t mean any harm…like Elsa said she just made that way…

  2. Hello cancer man!
    Well here’s the truth wether you like it or not, saggy’s are curious by nature and if they are friends with you and you can somehow manage to keep them ammused and keep on keeping them ammused well to put it bluntly they are going to stick around, on the other hand if someone else comes along and peaks their interest well, naturally the saggy will gravitate to that new and interesting person, but you shouldn’t be hurt by this, i am a saggy and have many different friends, none of them are close friends purely because i reserve the right to shoot off in the opposite direction at the drop of a hat if something or someone appears more interesting, i put it down to a number of things, i couldn’t stay committed to anyone or anything for more than 10 minutes and i like it that way, they say the grass is allways greener on the other side, and YES i want my cake AND i want to BLOODY well eat it too.

  3. it’s funny how most articles state cancer as egoists or manipulatives or insincere when i see comments of these type from sagittarian people. I mean; where did the whole integrity-individualistic-humanitarian parta? along the next fancy thing maybe?

    As for the curioucity thing, and how it is not your fault, but ‘you are made’ that way by default, you do realize that: a. this purely Does not justify your egotistical probably greedy nature (For more, constantly more) and b. that this is like 10 years old argumentation right? I mean if you just wish to kill time and have constantly new experiences how does that make you bearable even to yourselves? (and maybe deep down that is it, maybe despite the utra-radious-confidence it is that you find yourself empty, -maybe– that of course could explain the constant filling the gap thing part, apart the obvious justification of ‘boredom’ of fixed life)

    ps. gemican regardless, f.d.v.asc.
    ps.1 for the record yes i find sagis super hot, but error 404 on the inner part (and will not even comment on forgetfullness or irresponsibility which do happen often in saggis, can tolerate that, but the constant on the go thing? the too superficial? seriously.

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