Astrology and Exercise: Mars in Libra – Assert Yourself Prettily At All Times!

And speaking of dying on the battlefield… in my movie I would stand up, get shot in the chest, whirl around like a dancer and then fall! Libra, right? Make it pretty!

And I exercise like that too. When I assert myself in the gym I always try to make it pleasant. For example, I would never grunt! Not that I think people who do grunt should be escorted from the gym by the police, like this guy was.

But you know… when I hear someone grunt in the gym, or more commonly, drop a heavy weight upstairs, I immediately begin to exercise every prettier to compensate!!!

Because of that Libra, see? Like a total co-dependent, I have no choice but to move to balance!

The Free weights upstairs? Testosterone section.

Elsa on the cross trainer? The estrogen section!

The result? Equilibrium.

Do you exercise? How?

18 thoughts on “Astrology and Exercise: Mars in Libra – Assert Yourself Prettily At All Times!”

  1. I’m laaaaazy about exercising. I sometimes get into a groove where I get a habit established, and then I’m ok… But when I do exercise, I do feel the need for a certain amount of decorum. It’s funny, because I’m so Aries, but my Mars in in Cancer. I also want to feel relatively comfortable while I exercise, even if the muscles are burning. It’s sorta weird…

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    Strawberry Fields

    Thought of you when I read about this guy earlier. 😀 Wondered what you thought of it all — now I know. 😀

  3. I like to exercise with someone. like a coach, a team, a friend ect. otherwise.. the only thing I can get myself to do is run, and I can’t do that here, because the air is ridiculous. Exercising on my own is just too boring/lonely.

  4. I know it sounds absurd that a human being was escorted out from the gym by making natural noises but why is it considered “Top News” with other issues going on in the world. I guess I was just reading Chomsky too much.

    I used to run cross country for exercising… Yay…

  5. I exercise like the Janis Joplin song:

    I ride my bike don’t roller skate don’t drive no car
    Don’t go too fast but I go pretty far..

    My Mars is in Aries and I have Sagittarius rising, so I like the perpetual motion. It’s totally NOT for fitness. When I didn’t have a bike for 2 years, I walked everywhere. Being outside is a Sagittarius thing, isn’t it?

  6. I go all out!! I have to run as fast as I can (which is not very fast but still), lift as heavy as I can, for as long as I can, until I get my yayas out. I also dance. When I’m upset I have to get up and move, even if it’s walking around the office. If I’m stressed about being late for work (like this morning), I sprint the two blocks from the subway to the office. I’m very restless. I was doing Vinyasa yoga for a while, too. Sag in Mars in the 5th, trine midheaven in Aries and Sun in Leo in the 2nd. Oh, and I’m very competitive with myself although I didn’t do any exercise until I was 29.

  7. I only like to be outside….no gyms for me! Open sky, open air and open paths. It’s my meditation…daily with my two vorst hunden and for about an hour…come rain, sleet or beautiful southwestern sunshine. I need the sunrise and sunsets!

    ta ta

  8. I’m pretty much all Mercury-ruled including a Mars in Gemini. The ‘push’ of my Virgo planets can probably, if I have the time, make me obsessive abt exercise. I used to do aerobic & weights, sometimes at the gym sometimes home. I’d go hiking for hours (enjoyable, not really a chore). In college I’d run and run and run, even or should I say especially on a boring track. I liked beating the last # of laps I’d done. I used to get endorphin highs off my exercise.

    In my 30s I’ve matured and moved on .. now like yoga and anything to do with water. What really cured me is getting a dog. He won’t allow me to be intensely focused, like a Virgo would be, on a serious exercise routine. How does he do this? First he requires alot of upkeep and work and that takes time. Second he thinks it’s all play. I used to run while hiking .. now he’ll stop it by chasing like he’s wolf and I’m caribou and it’s too funny to continue on (besides I don’t want to step on his little legs).

    In some ways it seems I’m healthier now – less colds, less fatigue.

  9. Exercise. LMAO!

    Shouldn’t laugh though, should I? Should move my lardy butt to the gym… but it’s boring. And icky. Hot, sweaty people and they drip bodily fluids… eeewwwww!

    Mars in Virgo.

  10. p.s., the man being banned was too funny (and scary). It’s like the US is becoming China. I didn’t think anyone really grunted on purpose ‘for show’ – the one who made the rule did. Saturn in Libra?

  11. CK – Good call on the Saturn in Libra. I bet you’re right. Same with the chap who called the police! It’s freakin’ funny, watching this stuff occur.

  12. I’m not happy unless I sweat literally puddles, (Cancer Sun), and have mirrors to watch myself, preferably from several different angles, (Leo Rising). Since I can outlast anyone, staying on the stairmaster sometimes 2 hours at a time, I’m given the respect most any obsessive maniac would get. I’m also a fanatic about numbers, so I’m constantly counting, taking note of time spent, mentally calculating time left, how far, calories, intervals, seconds, minutes, etc., etc., etc., glancing at my sports watch, the clock on the wall, or the machine I’m on.(Virgo Moon). I’m bored unless I work out in a multi-tasking kind of way, (Gemini Venus). And woe betide the person who attempts conversation with me…those who know me better cut me a wide berth. Working out is sacred time between me and my Goddess-body…either worship me or get lost!

  13. Like Elsa I gotta move pretty and in balance. Is this Libra in 11 and 12 house? Doesn’t really sound right. But it’s similar to dressing WELL rather than in expensive clothes– a balance of things, yin-yang or I feel out of kilter. Could be the Cancer moon I suppose.

    I love feeling coordinated but HATE the cross trainer because I feel like I’m moving at cross purposes….! Capricorn goat LOVES walking fast uphill until she sweats but doesn’t grunt, she casts competitive looks at the younger people even while laughing at herself (in 3rd person) for it. No grunting, except a little bit of frog-like noise towards the end of swimming laps.

    Angry when un-exercised like an over hyphenated yappy dog. She bites and then is very very sorry.

  14. Exercise? Like, on PURPOSE? Oooooohhh.

    Nah. I always think that would be a fine thing, to have a regular routine and to get in shape and look nice and shapely (Mercury in 2nd/Leo, heh). But in reality? Something always gets in the way and I never actually start (Saturn square Mars). Still…despite Sun/Asc/Jupiter conjunct in Cancer, I’m not overweight–probably because I’m always busy, busy, busy. I walk fast (and frequently), I talk fast (ok, I chatter incessantly!), and fidget a lot. Somehow I’m always finding a reason to move around… Mars in Gemini, of course.

  15. Mars in 9th house Aries, used to love to walk, now have old age problems in my hips, not being able to walk a lot without problems is killing me. At work and at home, I do pushups against a wall or counter, anything I can fit in. Old age is a bad joke.

  16. I don’t exercise nearly enough, but when I do I try to do it very prettily. I’m not consciously compensating for dropped barbells or anything, though.

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