What? Does No One Vouch For Anyone Anymore? How About A Day Off From Hate?

bonnie-raitt.jpgI just finished writing tomorrow’s Astrology Today about the violent polarization in this country right now. And I have to tell you it’s bugged me all day that just one person, ONE person who happens to be the person I linked took the time to say something nice about someone they know on the internet. Now why is that? How can that be?

There is a song out there. “Angel From Montgomery”. John Prine wrote it and he signs it best live with Bonnie Raitt.

“I am an old woman named after my mother
My old man is another child thats grown old
If dreams were lightning thunder was desire
This old house would have burnt down a long time ago…”

And the best line in the song… it just rips my heart out is this one: “How the hell can a man… go to work in the morning… come home in the evening… and have nothing to say?”

Well put, John. You spend a whole day alive and… nothing? What the hell is that? You spend 3, 5, 10 or more years on the Internet and you’ve got not one person you can vouch for?

I saw these two play together about 25 years ago. It was Bonnie’s audience, Prine was the opening act and I was a fan of both since I was teen. Prine played his set and then Bonnie came out and played a few songs before calling Prine out to sing this song with her (which he wrote).

“One of the best men I know,” she said in her introduction, grinning wide. “Mr John Prine!”

He walked back out all humble and it made me cry.

So there you go. That’s how it’s done damn it. That’s how you vouch for someone without reservation and WITH your name on it. And just look at them. Think you can be that happy without the ability to name your friends? I don’t.

I’ll say it again: People are so opposed right now, they are split down the middle ready to kill each other and don’t you think we might do something to counteract that? A day off from hate, maybe?

What do you guys think?
Angel from Montgomery by John Prine and Bonnie Raitt


18 thoughts on “What? Does No One Vouch For Anyone Anymore? How About A Day Off From Hate?”

  1. Shannon, she is – Scorpio and also played one of Lowell George’s songs that night (from Little Feat, probably my favorite band ever). They were friends and he was dead.

    “Not a day goes by, I don’t miss Lowell George…”

    She is a real musician’s musician and so is Prine for that matter. These are real artists… period.

  2. i wouldn’t take the lack of comments on that post too seriously. when i saw “share the love,” instead of commenting here, i thought about (and contacted) a few of the folks in my life that i DO appreciate and haven’t talked to in a while. i didn’t hear the same thing you were thinking.

  3. Oops! I didn’t realize you meant internet folk! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to lift those around us.
    Personally I don’t hop around the internet a heck of a lot, but one of my favorite writers is Melody, over at

    Melody is a beautiful person and writer who’s love for her family and the world around her is a beacon of light.

    [Sorry, guys, I can’t do the link thing properly, I don’t know how to do it unless it’s a format button (like on blogger).]

  4. Yeah, I figured people could link their pal, say something nice… they’d click back and see it…see what was written about them.. they’d feel good etc.

    I thought there would be 50 people linked here, toot sweet! 🙂

  5. I didn’t comment because yours is the blog I most often point my friends to but here’s a couple of people who’s praises I can sing enthusiastically.

    The first is the woman who first taught me to read tarot. I had a couple of decks and had been learning but reading cards is an art that involves intuition and being grounded and working the energy between reader and questioner. These are the things she’s brilliant at and the things she taught me. Her blog about tarot includes posts about various cards, decks and even recipes she’s linked to individual cards. Stop by if you have any interest in tarot and tell her Lupa says hi. http://tarotbyarwen.blogspot.com/ Her main website is here:

    The other person I can wholeheartedly recommend is my true love John Cutliffe. He is an Irish musician with a blog about music. His passion is for bluegrass and roots music from around the world with a particular focus on the music from Ireland that has found it’s way to America and evolved in our mountains and backwoods and country lanes. He’s a good man and a fun blogger/podcaster. His new show is called Across the Pond and plays on community radio in Ireland weekly.

  6. I was too busy at work to post earlier. There are two blogs that I never miss (not counting Elsa).

    I love reading Madeline’s writing over at Skylight Astrology blog http://skylightnews.blogspot.com/ it’s just a positive experience for me (blushing).

    I also love reading what Lynn Hayes has to say at Astrological Musings

  7. Um.. also not usually surfing around except for news sites and your blog, and I must say Michael Lutin’s website never fails to get a laugh out of me. If you tend to think dark a lot, Lutin will liven you up.

    As an aside Elsa, I too have been picking up the dark energy big time. It kicked in last week and has been raging. Truth be told, I’m feeling polarized and fearful and very aware of my own projections. And one thing that has been helping me is that good old fashioned notion of counting your blessings, making a gratitude list, and the like. it’s hard to hate when you’re focusing on the good in your life, and the good peeps in your life. So thank you for the nudge.

  8. i think it’s hard to inspire the love over the internet, you know, people at work with their boss on their back, or at home w/ screaming kiddies, or just tired…

    it has to be spontaneous & real. like a present you buy someone ‘just because’ versus a christmas present. just a thought…

  9. Elsa, you are right! We need to spread more love. I don’t have an answer to this even though I would dearly love to.. I have a TON of “internet friends” but they are not public bloggers. I have dozens of friends from LiveJournal and other message boards, but they have private journals and I can’t link them here. 🙁 I’m so thankful for the blogs I’ve come across by reading here, like Neith and Astrobarry and Eric Francis etc etc etc…..

  10. i’m avoiding taking sides as much as i can.
    though i can kind of see what you’re talking about. a lot of irrational around right now.

    and just plain tired. i’m around a lot of worn people….

    i don’t know… maybe it’s a virtue of having oppositions. or saturn venus? i’m really uncomfortable with blatant polarization. it does jsutice to no one to be painted in black and white.

  11. Wow. Just wow. I just stumbled across this. Lupa, you are a dear and you are a fabulous reader. Thank you so much for saying what you did.

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