The 7th House And Projection In Relationships

projectorThe 7th house rules “the other”. Consequently, whatever is in your 7th house gets projected. Hearing this, you might say, “not me”, but the fact is, this is phenomenon and no one is excluded.

If you can catch on, the understanding will help you for through out your life, because the tendency will never leave you. This is what I mean by “phenomenon”.  Understanding this will not stop it from happening, but it will stop you from throwing your life away.

Yesterday, I spoke with a gal who was lamenting the fact other people are talented and creative; they are doing creative things and she’s, I don’t know.  Some kind of dog is not allowed in this realm? On my end of the of the phone, my eyes opened wide; her voice in my ear, while staring at the chart of an obviously talented artist.

Sun Venus in Taurus / 7th. Mars in Aries in the 5th. Leo at the the top of the chart, etc.

Further, she has a lifetime of dance training, since she was a toddler, essentially, and above all and most of all, she has the exact idea of what she wants to do. I mean, she knows and she has the innate energy and all the skills needed to make it… but her talent is so projected, she’s stuck!  This is how profound this is!

This is not easy information to come across so I made this video to help people see it.  It’s old but I used stories to illustrate.

If you’re constantly obsessed by other people are doing (good or bad), this is the kind of thing you want to check.  Because whatever’s in your 7th house, belongs to you. If you don’t catch off the parts of your life described by the planets will be experienced vicariously,  with your blinders in tact.

One more thing – this is what you all “useful astrology”.  It becoming harder and harder to find, so please share this.

There were a lot of questions in the comments. I’ve started to address them here: What if there is nothing in my 7th house?

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145 thoughts on “The 7th House And Projection In Relationships”

  1. Oh my. Now I see things more clearly. I have Mercury, Uranus, Pluto, and the Sun in my 7th house (Virgo). Having my sun sign in the seventh house makes identity and boundaries pretty tricky already. Throw in Uranus and Pluto and I fall in love with eccentric, egotistical, charming, unconventional trouble makers. They think I am unconventional at first, but then find me to be too much of an earthy virgo in the long run. (Two marriages and three intense love affairs find me single as I enter my 50’s).

  2. Jupiter in 7th. Married a guy who got his doctorate in philosophy and is teaching. Another fiance – philosophy grad as well. I am now married to a Greek-American who has a Sadge Moon. Pisces is on my 7th house cusp – 1st hubby was a Pisces, and my current hubby used to own a wine distributorship. Now works in tobacco (vices!).

  3. Got Aries and Lilith on the 7th. Married an impatient hot-headed Aries Moon that lives life on his own terms. Extremely contradicting to my cooperative and compromising Libra-ASC. Our marriage mirrors that of a war movie….guns, grenades, tanks and soldiers. It’s like dealing with a young child and a military soldier all at once. Oh and if that wasn’t Aries enough, he works at TARGET. Bang bang!

  4. I have the sun conjunct uranus in the 7th house in sagittarius… AND mercury precisely conjunct neptune in the 7th house in capricorn.

    I am attracted to independent maniacs who are like my Dad… but I am also like my Dad and what about this Mercury Neptune?! Writing, being intuitive, being good with numbers… I just don’t know how I project that? Placidus it’s in my 8th house but equal it’s 7th!

  5. Lol. Life is a puzzle with an answer at a much later years. Don’t we wish we had the answer at the beginning!
    My hopefully soon-to-be ex is a narcissist. I lived for decades in shock-waves wondering which wife he’s living with while I was his wife, … until 4 years into seperation now I realized everything he’s accused me and accusing me, in fact is what he’s been doing or going to do. Projection.
    It’s hilarious figuring that out, but it’s not funny.
    In psychology there is a way to de-code the sentences of narcissists’.

  6. Whoa. Just listened to this again and it came to me. I have Chiron in my 7th. Affecting relationships, for good or ill. I’m always confident that the other person will be ok and even better after I or they move on. I don’t do it on purpose but Uranus on the AC and Aqua sun is probably gonna fly eventually.

    That sounds bad. But I’m just thinking about all my relationships.

  7. Jupiter, but a special one, 28degrees gemini.(It has a name, I don’t remember,for planets at 28 or late degrees)Astrotheme tells me this of the position:”Under a low grey sky, a flock of crows fly against the wind, and three dogs run in opposite directions.”
    Indecisive, fickle, and pessimistic character. One must make a concentration effort and carefully keep one’s projects ready for implementation as soon as the good opportunity arises. One must believe in one’s qualities, and learn not to systematically listen to the person who spoke last. Otherwise, innate lack of tenacity and self-confidence, blended with excessive malleability, would result in repeated failures.
    Considering that,as a double sag this jup is the ruler of the chart…

  8. Sun is at 5 sag and asc at 9sag. Sun at 5 sag “An ox is tethered near a windmill.”
    Inventive, hard-working, and selfless character endowed with exceptional intellectual capacities. Many resounding successes are achieved, and one enjoys worldwide fame in medicine, scientific research, literature, or the arts. However, owing to excessive leniency and a complete lack of interest in making money, one lets other people reap the financial rewards of one’s work.
    My relationships:many, frustrating,some illusory and crazy

  9. Moon in Sagittarius in the 7th house. My 2nd husband was very nurturing (Moon) but I wanted more freedom (Sag.) It’s hard to have it both ways! My first husband needed nurturing, and I needed it too and it didn’t work out. I can get into other people’s emotions and psyche very easily and lose myself in them. Then I have a difficult time extricating myself emotionally and energetically. Having Venus, Uranus, and Saturn opposite does not help! I get pulled between my own needs (and self-doubts) and those of others.

  10. Mars, South, Eris in 7.
    – Shotgun marriage to a guy who didn’t want to be married- til I wanted out.
    – 40 years of relationships that I or they ended.
    – 6 yrs on/off with married man who can never quite divorce.
    Am I forever doomed to failed relationships?

  11. Pluto’s in my 7th House. That 7th House is split between Leo(where Pluto lives) and Cancer(on the DESC), where my husband’s Sun lives. So I project my intense Leo Pluto-ness and get it back from my husband with big paws/claws. You can’t make this sh*t up:)

  12. Pluto in Virgo on the Desc 7th (empty house). I find others too personally critical and power-tripping but have been told I have these qualities too although my Pisces Ascendant makes me deny that I possess these qualities! Joke’s on me I guess!

  13. Sun in 7th house. Want my partner to be like me? To some extent yes. Of course people differ a great deal but I sometimes don’t understand how people can be how they are.

  14. I have Saturn, Venus, Mars in Capricorn conjunction in my 7th house and Jupiter in Sag in my 7th house ! Somebody help me figure this out! What am I projecting? It’s seems a bit daunting! My Sag is square my N and S nodes.

  15. My 7th is empty, ruler Mars is in Libra in 12th.
    What do I project???
    It’s not very clear to me (12th H), but guess I project Aries energy that doesn’t want to express itself. (?)
    Afraid to be agressive, but maybe I am, in an indirect way.
    Is this the type of person I’m attracted to???
    I don’t like this at all!

  16. I have Neptune/Sag in my 7th house. Along with Venus and Jupiter in Pisces, I’m all about the Neptunian surrender and delusion/confusion. Rarely met an artist I didn’t want to throw my clothes off for! ? I purposely avoided them for a few decades but there’s one in my life again. I’m trying to keep things clear for myself by seeing a therapist. Somebody needs to keep me honest!

  17. Haha, well, that’s funny! I have Sagittarius Neptune conjunct Venus in the 7th house and married a musician who is also a linguist like myself.

  18. I guess that’s why I think others are so bossy, especially my husband. I have Capricorn 7th house with mars in early degree. Maybe I’m the one who is bossy? Sweet little Pisces me? Lol

  19. Like you, Elsa, I have Venus in my 7th house, but I also have Pluto in a 4 degree conjunction to it. So all the nice things you said about having Venus there does not apply to me!

  20. Jupiter in the 7th house Aries. I think everyone is braver and more courageous than me. I even downplay the physical and emotional abuse I went through when I was young. Cause at least it wasn’t sexual abuse. I have lots of oppositions too. Sun opp Saturn, I never really feels as though I shine.

    Mercury/Mars opp Neptune in the 4-10 houses. Feels like everyone moves up and on in their career, life, and reputation but me.

  21. I love how these new responses add to the older comments in this thread. That longer view is helpful.

    Aquarius on the 7th house cusp, Leo rising conjunct Uranus here, nearly exact. I’ve got it on both ends. Trying to figure out what it means. Finally owning my need for freedom and independence in relationship. I am chuckling here. I’ve been intentionally celibate for over a decade.

  22. Yes, true, l do and for me it is Pluto Virgo con. Desc. I like to think l am aware of it to a point…we cant see what we cant see, but it is all in the learning. I have Scorpio planets in the 9th and lots of Pluto aspects and North node in the 8th, so l have to keep learning — damned if l do and damned if l dont.
    Funny when you were talking about black hearts l was going to write about three criminal pyschopaths that l had brushed by…one, and l didnt know it at the time (of course) had tortured and murdered two homeless teenage girls. I was at work. I froze. All the hairs on my body stood up. I felt sick and had to leave the room. A co-worker said l went white. Another was a serial killer: he gate crashed a party l was at (cops and journalists) l got mouthy with him…that look!! A copper pulled me away…and the last was Chopper Read– his child was having his first haircut and l happened to be there. I have also brushed by famous people, polititions and even Royal family. No, l dont move in illustrious circles. I dont plan it.
    I worked with victims of crime too and with sexual abuse survivors. Exs tend to die. I do envy those people who have good relationships with their exs after. Not all exs are dead. I wouldnt mind if one or two were…no that is not true. The past has lost its sting.

  23. Capricorn in the 7th house
    “Loyalty will be a core value, making you a loving and committed partner; however, feeling responsible for others may become a burden and take away some of the magic and pleasurable aspects of your relationships.”

    If this isn’t ever the truth, I don’t know what is.

  24. I have Jupiter in the 7th but the 7th house actually begins in Cancer and ends in Leo. So I project the nurturing, vulnerability and sensitivity. I am finally acknowledging that I am afraid to be vulnerable…gotta start somewhere. My friend is so sensitive and so brave at the same time…maybe that is how i am?! Have never partnered but now I am working on it 🙂

  25. Cancer 7th, leo chiron in 7th. The cancer traits that are negative (my south node is in cancer too in 6th) are things I have and express outwardly since moon is in my 1st and conj rising. With chiron in leo, I would never be able to feel good enough in anything creative. I don’t have leo planets or 5th house planets. Anything people do with their skills, talents and hard work, I’m very impressed with, thinking that couldn’t be me- even if I work hard. That doesn’t mean I’ve given up but I still want to burn my paintings. And poems- that my friend still keeps. I’ve burned a poem I wrote before. I wanted to dispose of the knitted things I made. I am embarassed by anything I try to ‘create’ because it doesn’t feel like it’s any good.

  26. My H7 cusp is 1st decan Aries. The only things in H7 are (minor) planets Eris & Sedna, along w/ the Vertex point. Eris is directly opposite my conjoined ASC & Venus.
    Have 1st decan Libra ASC, which is tightly conjunct 1st decan Libra Venus in H12 and loosely conjunct 1st decan Libra Black Moon in H12.
    Have 3rd decan Leo Sun in H11 directly opposite 2nd decan Aquarius Moon in H5.
    I feel pretty cursed when it comes to relationships – none have ever lasted more than a year. Not sure how to decipher the astrology of why, or what I should be looking for to find one that would last…

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