Fast, Totally Unexpected Change That Liberates And Expands

vans warped tourThis is meant to update the Toothbrush Story – What To Expect This Week…

I’ve been watching the combination of aspects that caught my attention last week, manifest in my life and in the lives of those around me.

Venus square Uranus
Mars square Jupiter
Venus opposite Pluto

Eighty percent of what I’ve witnessed has been positive. For example, my son won tickets to Van’s Warped Tour.  It’s remarkable since he had no idea he had no he’s entered a raffle, and no awareness the show was even coming to town. Nevertheless, he and his best friend will be attending their first concert this weekend.

As another example, yesterday I moved my site to a new server. I had no intention of doing this. I lack technical skills and have a horrific history with the maintenance and upkeep of this site. However, I saw a window open yesterday…and I scrambled through it, successfully.

I have no idea why I had move the site, and either does anyone else.  It’s a weird story.

I have worked with this webhost, directly for more than a year. He’s always extremely responsive. If I had a problem, I could email him. He’d get back to me within five minutes in most cases. About six weeks ago he stopped responding.

When I say, he stopped responding, I mean he stopped responding – period.

At first, I ignored it. I know people are slammed these days and many are suffering. I am quite loyal by nature.  So I readily let this go.  The site would go down…and come back up, quickly. it just wasn’t that important he get back to me so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  But then time passed…and passed…and passed.

So here I am, with my site dependent on someone being on the job, who is apparently not on the job. What would you do?  Move the site? Wait? What if you have Libra?

I have Libra, so I waited. I wanted a pleasant outcome and hey! The site has been up, right?  So I figured I could be patient awhile longer…and longer…and longer. But eventually I had problems only he could address, so now what?

I realized I was going to have to cut my losses. I know this was a good decision, because the move went incredibly smoothly. I have NO idea what happened to the guy running the old server.  It’s occurred to me he may be dead. I say that, because he always impressed me as a Virgoan workaholic. No response for six weeks? What’s your explanation?

In whatever case, yesterday, I was stuck in  pond that was getting more stagnant by the day. Today, I’m open water. I have to say, it feels pretty good.

Have you had an experience of this type, this week?

31 thoughts on “Fast, Totally Unexpected Change That Liberates And Expands”

  1. His health was my first thought as well. In this internet world, we often don’t find out until much later, if at all. Sort of like in the days before electronic communication.

  2. I would really keep an eye out. There gains in leaps and bounds to be made…I am seriously seeing this, all around.
    Generosity, grace…Mars sq leo.

    1. Thanks, Elsa! Something has to give – soon. It’s been a brutal few months, and the last few weeks have been especially so. Waiting for that grace, that generosity of the Universe…

  3. I also have a situation, where I have to cut my losses but I want it to be over, I also want to feel liberated 🙂

  4. Hi Elsa,

    You are talking about 6 weeks of no response.. How about 8+ months of complete wall of silence.. I have been dealing with unusual situation of *uncovering a major corporate scandal overseas* where:

    – a chairman’s email was hacked
    – a CFO committed a suicide
    – Chairman was made a scapegoat / had to resign
    – CFO’s death report was deliberately botched to let a merger of two entities to go through
    – An associate of the law firm’s email was hacked
    – and I finally connected the dots to know a lawyer with deeply corrupt practices is at the center of controversy aided by a former SEC official and a former Fed Reseve Board personnel
    – hacked files were used against me by this foreign law firm using FBI and now FBI upon realization is trying to wash its hands off
    – my request to overseas Bar association on ethics investigation has not received an update in 3+ months..

    All this if sounds unusual, let me know if you can help looking at the situation.. Consider this as a puzzle and help uncover it;-)

    Thank you
    – Deven

    1. Eight months is how long Mars was in Libra- woowoo. Not to forget the Mercury retrograde from H-E double hockeysticks, says Virgo. Jest sayin….

    2. If you’re an attorney – not sure why you’d want to disclose this information on a public forum. Seems sloppy.

  5. No. And I just now realized Venus has been opposing my Moon. OK, my Daughter’s has progressed from learning to crawl properly two weeks ago to standing up against tables to balancing herself so well I think she might start walking any moment now (my Husband did, at 10,5 months) really fast. But that’s not liberating to me, I spend all the time removing objects that weren’t on her reach just two weeks ago…

    1. I sympathize, Candela, my daughter did the same years ago…crawling just wasn’t in her plans at 10 months. But take heart watching how she wants to own her world and what paths she chooses. It’s just liberating in a different way than you ever anticipated….and a lot of unplanned extra work for you right now. Good luck!

  6. Yes, I experienced getting out of a stagnant pond. Yesterday I went to join a community that I had wanted to join for a looong time. I received help from a generous stranger getting there <3

  7. Yes- I hooked up with a friend that I had been on the outs with, for three or four months. It happened spontaneously with little drama, although. I guess I saw it coming.He is a Leo. He is one of my best friends.

  8. As a Virgo w Virgo stellium, I can tell you the last few weeks have been heavy duty. intense, just not great on many fronts…..but that said, I haven’t disappeared from coworkers and clients etc, even while traveling.

    And the long drag on two issues the last few months has been nearly unnerving for me and my coworkers, too. However, I think I am starting to sense a little bit of positive movement at last here and there — even bad movement is at least movement, if you see what I mean. Also, I find myself feeling “done!” with waiting and wondering and busting out proactively. Progressed, I just rolled fully into Scorpio and that’s been interesting too in ways I hadn’t anticipated (I am new at all this) until I looked into it the past few days.

  9. Whoo boy is this on target . I’ve been a woman possessed this week, hunting down a dream. It’s intense though, like pushing a super heavy cart up to the top of a hill…trudge, trudge, trudge….and then rolling down with wind in your hair

  10. Everyone seems to think this guy died. It’s freaky. I worked closely with him and I realized, I always imagined him late 30’s..but I really have no idea.
    I can’t imagine I am ever going to find out.

    With the site moved, I logged on to see if had been deleted off his served…it was still there. More evidence, there is simply no one there.

    If I die, I guess I won’t be here anymore. My husband said he would try to reach satori and tell her to post and say, P’s dead – don’t come around here…

    He said that would be it. For him anyway.

    He said the same thing seven or eight years ago and people were appalled. But what can you expect. Dead means you’re not there anymore.

    But I have thought of this site being maintained. I am committed for another dozen years…will try to hand it off somehow after that, I guess.

    Another site I read (news) is going offline this week. They’re out of money. Another kind of death, I guess.

    Sorry if this is morose. All those people who used to complain I was morose, are gone now, or hiding. What a trip…how you know people, but you don’t really know them at all.

  11. Your web Master you said is a Virgo… I have several Virgo friends that are ill or had accidents…
    In their charts Neptune
    Opposed their Suns… One has no energy and is 23 years old and is going to doctors and the
    Other friend 69 very spunky lovely
    Woman hit her head on this metal bar…
    So when I read
    About you mot hearing from your Virgo webmaster …. Well had to write

    1. I know a Virgo who has been through so much personal crap the last few months that he can barely find his car keys these days……

  12. Avatar

    Broke up with the Sadge… Been dating since Libra has been in Mars and it’s back and forth, back and forth. I’ve had enough. I’m patient as much as the next person but the complete lack of regard for my time, turning up late, cancelling, their job being more important and lack of physical demonstration was too frustrating. Passive aggressive, selfish and a liar.

  13. Set up a Google alert for his name, city and state – maybe his company. You’ll get an email when something (obit?) pops up.

  14. Hopefully the gentleman is ok but it doesn’t sound encouraging. I say that because I knew a man who was a customer at my job for several years and we had contact outside of my work as he was somewhat of a creative mentor to me. He stopped showing up at my work. So a week turned into a month then another month. I was very busy so the months were flying by. I don’t know why but I was hesitant to contact him directly. But eventually I googled him and discovered that he had died. Hopefully this isn’t the case here.

  15. My poor daughter has been dealing with an impacted kidney stone that landed her in the hospital last Weds. July 30. She is getting released today but has to have a 4th procedure in an effort to release this stone!!! In addition, she has had to wear a diaper due to incontinence and had to have a bag for her right kidney. Wow…this ‘siege of trauma’ as a friend called it has brought our lives to an almost halt. Not to mention how horrible it is to see your child screaming in pain that is 10 plus… Will be glad when this is behind us.. She is a Virgo, Leo Moon and Leo rising…

  16. Now I got it. Sparked by ‘are you ready to live with less?’ Don’t know if it’d be less, just different. Have been offered sweet deal on property. I’m considering turning that into a van and some survival equipment and hitting the road. I have good survival in the wild skills and a natural affinity with plants so no problem foraging. Plus I’ve got lifetime real time friends fanned out across the country. It may be ‘On the Road Again’ time.

    I really love where I am now. It’s so me. But so is that other thing. I really have no problem finding heaven on earth wherever I am.

  17. No word, still. Applied for a refund of my payment for this month’s hosting, since I moved the site.

    He did not respond to paypal, either.

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