Web Of Lies, Told Over Many Years

Blue roomHave you ever been lied to for years and years and years? I had some “friends” who did this to me. When I found out, I didn’t take it that hard.

You might think there would be a bunch of steam coming out of my ears over something like this, but no.  It’s enough for me to get away from people like this.  This has been a pattern of mine since I was a kid.

When I stumbled on the web of lies, I thought that would be it. But a couple weeks ago, my husband was reading a book. He was surprised when the book mentioned my friends who were busted for some other lies and trickery. The story of their crime is important enough to be written about in best-selling book!

This weekend, I stumbled on yet another cache of their lies…

“I don’t really want to know this stuff,”  I told, satori. “I know they’re despicable. I know to never get involved with them and you’d think that’s enough.  I don’t want to know what else they’ve been doing. I don’t see the point..”

I realize now, when you’ve been lied to for a long, long time, it takes years for the web of lies to unravel.

As for the astrology, Saturn in Scorpio is transiting my Neptune in Scorpio. I continue to discover the reality of this deception.

Have you ever been lied to over the course of many years? What was it like for you?

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  1. Saturn danced on my natal Neptune last year and a forty-one year old deception was brought into the light. Not necessarily a bad thing.

  2. Yes. The stories unravelled over a couple months. It was heartbreaking and painful but that motivated me to cut off contact completely. This from someone I thought I would marry. I found out most of our three and a half year relationship had been lies on top of lies.

    Honestly, I have Gemini – I was pretty impressed that he pulled it off for as long as he did. But once I figured out what was going on, I wanted gone. No contact. Blocked numbers. Allons-y!

  3. My scorp stellium has suspicions from the get go, its only a matter of time until the lies reveal themselves. Why do people lie so damn much and think its okay??

  4. Well, as ever when I read your posts Elsa, some much needed light is shed and a dark corner is illuminated. Makes sense this, for me anyway, with Moon at 15 and Neptune at 17, Scorpio. There’s a lot of it (lying) about…

    1. Yeah, there is! What’s crazy is the effects. In my case, it’s like bad parenting.

      You know how a parent can tell you that you’re ugly, or stupid? You take your parents on their word and the effects are pervasive.

      In this case it reminds me of a situation where a person is supposed to be helping you, by translating. But they’re really MIS-translating.

      Ha ha ha.

      This used to be called “mind-fucking”. If you do to someone, you may mess them up. If you do it to me, you most likely fuck yourself, over time.

      I don’t know why this is, but I’ve seen it a million times. This is why it’s so easy to walk away. I am more than happy to learn from my experience and let the universe take care of the rest.

      1. Yeah, I am learning this walking away thing. Having to get my shoes re-soled a lot!!

        The thing with that mind fucking thing is, those who do it don’t realize that it is their mind that is fucked – if it wasn’t, they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing. It is with that knowledge that I walk away in peace, and not in pieces.

      2. “If you do it to me, you most likely fuck yourself, over time.”

        The person who is lying stakes everything on it working and when it doesn’t – boy there’s no going back and no recovery.

  5. Personally, I know I put a lot of faith in people. I also know it’s not possible to bat 1000 over time.

    I don’t care who you are. Now and then, you’re going to get snagged.

    I like the Baretta rule – “Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time…”

    If you really can stomach a betrayal…I guess you have to live without trust, and I can’t imagine that.

    1. That’s exactly it. I’d rather be generous with my heart and my love, and occasionally be wrong (and thereby betrayed/heartbroken) than be more suspicious/cautious and less often be wrong.

      It’s a fairly conscious choice. 🙂

  6. wow that would suck and I agree finding out all the lies does not prove any point whatsoever. However sometimes it is necessary in order to heal from the damage they have done.

  7. I wonder about the level of deceit involved with neptune in Scorpio Maybe You can help me to understand how when someone lies to me a lot I begin to receive clairaudient messages about them and will dream about it. I’ve never studied with anyone to understand how this works. Although if I confront them they usually confess or change their stories because they can’t figure out how I learned the truth. Or sometimes they shut down and say I’m weird. I think it’s because I have jup/plu conjunct in the 9h sextile mars/neptune in 11 sextile moon/Lilith in first. My dreams always let me know. But about lies with saturn conjunct neptune in Scorpio, I have friends with this aspect that conjunct my sun – how has pluto and uranus played into your revelations? Did the people you know have inconjuncts or other aspects to uranus or pluto. I’m curious about what aspects contribute to a persons “fall from grace” or loss of reputation. Neptune in Scorpio tends to dark secrets but wouldn’t there also be an aspect to pluto and. Maybe a trine or sextile that would allow the energy to flow – like an ability to get away with anything- would the culprit have a flowing aspect to the moon – emotional empathy? Or venus – subtle charm? Or mercury to neptune – they start believing their own lies?

    1. “Clairaudient messages”, huh. Interesting!

      On the other, I haven’t studied their charts. I’m not that curious.

      I use astrology to help people, because they ask me to. Other than that, I just interact with people.

      Some of those people I wind up knowing more then I do others. But I never dissect a person with their chart…it just seems a waste of time.

      This is probably, because believe in free will. It doesn’t matter what’s in your chart. You choose to deceive people, or you choose something else. A chart will not tell you what a person will do.

      As an example, I have countless enemies, thanks to this blog. They pour over my chart, and to what end? Whatever conclusions they draw are dust in the wind.

      There is no way I would spend precious time on something like this. I have weeds to pull, lol. Dance Moms is on. 🙂

      1. Pulling weeds or Dance Moms tough choices. All this time Elsa I thought you were a “Keeping up with the Krapdashians” fan…my mistake sarcasm dripping,Patrice.

    2. I think your dreams are a gift. I have dreams like that sometimes and always take them to be a warning, a message meant to help you.
      IMO, a fall from grace aspect is a hard aspect to the MC from an outer planet.

  8. So interesting, I hadn’t put these together before reading your post. Earlier in the year Saturn was making a 2nd pass over my natal Neptune. That’s when someone contacted me with a whole concocted story about a mutual acquaintance. Took quite a few people to work out what was going on. The repercussions are still going on from that one. There was so much else happening at the time I hadn’t made the connection. It’s also apparent that this has some long, insidious roots as to why I was the person contacted with the story. It’s old. There was a moment and I had to make a choice; stay tangled in this web or step out and sever something. Cutting some strands in that web felt like stepping into the sunshine.
    Thanks Elsa, it’s really helpful seeing that.

  9. Though my n. Neptune is at 26 degrees of Libra, when t. Saturn was conjunct it and then moved into Scorpio, I lost my job in a very nasty way. I also had a grand cross with t. Pluto square my Asc., and opposition to my MC, and t. Uranus opposite my Asc. and square my MC at the same time. It was a real miserable situation at work for me.
    People lied to me all the time, straight-faced. People I’ve worked with and known for 20 years. I couldn’t believe the betrayals and how two-faced some people were. I discovered their deception in the end and turned the tables on them. They were planning on getting rid of me for a trumped up reason, but the real reason was my age and my salary.
    I was lucky after t. Saturn moved away to Scorpio from my n. Neptune in Libra. I was able to see through their deception and look deeper. I discovered an ad on the internet for my job and one day the ad disappeared from the internet. I knew they were going to ax me. I felt betrayed and used and was devastated that they would do that to me, in that way, after 20 years of loyal service. I had a responsible job.
    I got my justice in the end, but I’ll never forget the harsh lesson I learned.

  10. 😀 Two of us were in the dark. We had been told the same old story over and over and over again. We heard the truth, though not the named culprit, at the same time. It was like a bomb dropped. Whoa!! It unraveled the whole family politic. It could be a best seller with some tweaking. Unbelievable. Now I can :D. But then, oh my my my. What builds around cover ups is absolutely creepy.

  11. Only once with my evil ex-girlfriend. Once she was out of the picture, my neighbors kind of came out of the woodwork, all of them with the same story she’d told them. According to Ms. Evil, I beat her, cheated on her and laid around in bars. No wonder the neighbors avoided me! Her family was the same way and I’m ashamed I didn’t see it. I knew something wasn’t right but she could look you straight in the eye and lie, lie, lie convincingly. I was with this girl for 7 or 8 years. That’s too long!

  12. Wow that’s stunning Elsa. Saturn will pass over my Neptune around the first of October. I kinda dread it now 🙂 Let the veil drop though.

  13. Moon, Neptune and Venus all in Scorpio – I’ve been lied to all my life. Maybe not “lied to”, it’s more like everyone thinks it’s best if I not know the truth. The baby of the family; they think they’re protecting me, but I find it deceptive all the same.

  14. Yes and I know about it now, but when Saturn runs into Sag, it will sit on my Neptune. Wonder how that will affect what I now know?! I don’t even know that I want to know any more, but just be done with it all,

  15. Yes… I was lied to over many years, and about many things and people, by the same person. All to satisfy some need inside themselves to be hurtful. The other people who were lied about are all dead, so I can’t go back and verify (except in some cases through government records) whether ANY of the things I was told had any truth to them.

    I’ve opted to believe that nothing he said was true.

  16. My Neptune is in Scorpio as well, but I am not nearly as versed in the transits and all the deep understanding of the charts as many of your readers, Elsa. Anyhoo, at the beginning of this year I made a pact with myself consisting of one word: Truth. I recently made the discovery that my ex, father of 2 of my 5 children, married to me for 20 years, is gay. That qualifies as a whopper of a lie! At first it knocked me on my ass with the shock, then every little thing that didn’t add up over the years suddenly made perfect sense. I (Virgo!) had been obsessively turning that Rubik’s cube over and over for eons, and when I made that discovery it all clicked into place. All the anger, the blaming, the rage, bitterness and hate explained. I have since had a surge of personal power, and feel released, freed from the prison of the mountain of bullshit piled up around me, really. Liars lie to themselves, first, then everyone else, to build up their house of illusion. It is a whispy house of cards, vulnerable to the slightest wind of truth, and they have to keep at it 24/7 to maintain the facade. It is no match for Truth.

  17. When Saturn went over my Neptune in Scorpio at 4′ I was the one holding imformation to protect a friend’s feelings and when the information became public, my friend blamed me and I lost a longtime childhood friend. Lesson learned the hard way I guess.

  18. I have learned that I trust myself it doesn’t so much matter if the other person ends up being deceitful or whatever they do. I trust myself and know that each person can be learned from or not the choice is mine. I also know I can sever and walk away. I am better for the lessons I choose to learn

  19. I am still stumbling on stuff. I was SO deluded…deceived.

    I don’t really want to know anymore. But I just click something and there they are. More is revealed!

  20. This article came out 4 days before my 40 year relationship end began, Beginning of the ending yeah OK talk about the POP!POW!Wow! Bubbles in champagne have
    Nothing on this !Bang!liar out!over Done
    Da da daaaaaa!

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