Gets Me To Laugh…

zodiac napierME writes:

“Elsa is a true gem. She has never failed me as a wise counselor and always gets me to laugh which makes me feel better. 

She won’t paint rainbows and say it’s all better, but she will point the way to the best outcome, if that’s what you want. Elsa thank you SO much!”
Thanks, ME!

4 thoughts on “Gets Me To Laugh…”

  1. True. I enjoy reading stuff in here and what Me said above are some of those reasons why. The most appreciative was when reading a post about someone struggling with believing in astrology or something of the kind and Elsa wasn’t weird about it, not even on the most subtle level but gave an answer that made me think, it’s good to stick around. I like it when there’s freedom to choose and you can still be here regardless. Do it or not, read this or not, believe this or not. You won’t get a shoe planted on your arse but loads of astro information and a good laugh.

  2. Planets have such a pull such a shadow, so love that you are watching interpreting and sharing
    Personal events, helps me , keeps my chin up ,gaze on ,my faith builds
    My internal compass rebooted ,yo
    Sissy!! thanx for the smarts !the smile!the reality check !how it happens, has more to do with the planet spinning and your take priceless!

  3. This is not for laugh. It is truth if you accept or not. We are welcome you to reveal the truth to the universe.

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