Fate? Chance? Providence? Coincidence? Synchronicity?

This gal, the Sagittarius I’ve mentioned…who I will have to find a nickname for told me the other night, she’d never seen someone with so many coincidences in their life. And I do think I have more than my share.

Like the time Ben spotted my mother on the street. And I have so many examples like that. Like the Two Pisces story I just told. This stuff happens to me all the time. In fact, it happens so frequently I would have to call it “common” where my life is concerned. And satori told me she felt this was evidence – A reason to have faith. And it does feel that way. It feels as if I am in the right place with the right people.

When I met the Sagittarian for the first time, she called it “God talkin'”

“When you mailed back to say you lived here, I said to myself, if that ain’t God talkin’ I don’t know what is. You’re supposed to meet this person…” she said.

And when she told me this blog was on her work computer…well hell. What are the odds?

So what about you? Do you ever have these kinds of experiences? How do you feel about them? What do you think things like this mean?

5 thoughts on “Fate? Chance? Providence? Coincidence? Synchronicity?”

  1. well, I was told that whenever I enter a room or a business, that if there are no people, that they begin to arrive when I enter. Its true, I never noticed it but seems like a flock follows me.

    It took the guy at Starbucks to alert me. Is there significance? I was left wondering.

  2. My most recent experience of this sort of coincidence:

    I heard of a fairly new band and started listening to them. Upon first listen, I randomly thought outloud that it would be funny if I actually met the members of the band since they seemed close to my level. That’s silly and incredibly presumptuous, though, since I’ve never met anyone even semi-famous musically, and don’t do anything to draw in that sort of thing to myself, and probably even have nothing in common with those people.

    About six months later, I saw them live. They were opening for another band, which I wasn’t going to stay to see. On my way out of the venue from the concert, I stopped to get something to eat. When I sat down with my food, one of the members of the band was standing in front of my table, talking to some couple who didn’t really know who he was.

    I nearly rolled my eyes out of my head. How often does that happen?

    They’ll be playing nearby again soon (this time playing alone), so I take that as a sign to attend.

  3. I don’t believe in coincidence. Only, I guess, because it happens to me all the flippin’ time! I mean, like last night, it was no coincidence that both of the girls I walked into the bar with ended up leaving before me, and I was able to clarify some things with some people that I’d pretty much written off. And that’s just a small one. 😀

  4. I think the funniest thing has got to be running into ppl from your home town overseas. It has happened to me many a time. Walking through London, I bumped into a workmate who dates my friend, another workmate who was dating one of my exes and walking through Rome I ran into a highschool crush.(Who talked to me!:) I worked as a waitress and a customer from the other side of the country pointed out a couple at a table a few metres away, “They are our next-door neighbours.What are the odds?” I told them about a theory a comedian had- that there are only 400 real people in the world, that’s why you keep running into them wherever you go. But really I just think it’s past lives and karma playing out.

  5. I feel these experiences are both remedial and evolutionary. Sometimes I feel like I am being failed in a class and held back a grade. I think they mean I am moving up or down, or treading water in life. I see the chart as a circle and the transits a spiral energy of growth. There will be repetition, but also variation. When the variation becomes true repetition, or a step down, it’s a warning. When I see steady improvement(not material improvement, but in action, intention and understanding) and benefit along those same lines, I know I’m right where I need to be. But I take each case individually. No set of separate instances carry the same message or ‘rightness’. To me that’s akin to ‘checking out’ and drifting along rather than being an attentive rider of rapids on the river of life.

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