Married, But Celibate For Five Years -Scorpio Sniffing Around


Dear Elsa,

I’ve been friends with a male Scorpio for about 20 years now. He’s twelve years my junior. Since August of 2004, I’ve noticed little looks, stares and lots of attention. Just recently, at a large, loud party, he whispered something in my ear about me being beautiful. I could go on and on with these incidents.

There’s no avoiding him; he’s a family friend and we all hang out with the same crowd. We are both married. I know for a fact he is terribly unhappy. I’m not happily married either, and haven’t been in a long time. My husband and I stay together for financial reasons.

Now I’m not the cheating type. He is. I’m finding it harder and harder to go anywhere if I know he’s going to be there, because I don’t trust myself. He’s a handsome grown man and I find myself thinking about him all of the time. I haven’t been intimate with my husband for over 5 years, so you can imagine what I must be feeling.

Any insight you have to offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Neglected Wife

Dear Neglected,

You’re really very sweet, with your loyalty and your integrity. These are two qualities I admire and value very highly and I don’t think you should compromise them. That said, you really need to change your life, don’t you? So I’ll tell you how I would go about that, if I were you and then you can do whatever you want.

First, with the Scorp, having decided I was not going to screw him, I would ask him directly to take his energy off me. He won’t like it, but it will solve the problem and it’s possible you can remain / go back to being “friends”. Because as it stands now, he is a ‘sink”. He is sucking your energy and diverting your focus.

Next, I would take this whole episode as a ‘wake up call”. I would take it as proof that as a matter of fact, I am not dead and I do want a lover. And since my husband has not touched me for five years, I would start looking at what I was going to need to do to become financially independent from my him so I could leave him, and hopefully go on to live the rest of my life with physical contact. Last, I would execute my plan.

Now on the astrology, what you have is a Uranus transit to your exact Moon, Mars conjunction in Pisces exactly opposed Jupiter in Virgo and I have to bet you are going to get free by 2007 when the transit it completes, sort of like this:


And screwing some guy 12 years younger definitely fits with this transit. I totally recommend it – but find one who is single, and tell your husband that you’re out of there first, okay? Because you’ve waited this long and it doesn’t sound like you want to compromise your standards or your integrity.

Good luck.


5 thoughts on “Married, But Celibate For Five Years -Scorpio Sniffing Around”

  1. You won’t get better advice than that at any price. Whatever material wealth or good credit you have are not worth it if you are not living your life. Elsa, I wish I’d known about you 10-15 years ago! You would have spared me so many years of my life!

  2. Elsa writes with good common sense. It is always amazing to me that so many people do not see the deeper truth-plain and simple. Respecting yourself is foremost and ‘letting go’ in this life seems to be a tough lesson we all eventually must learn! Sooner is much better than later…

    Attention—Uranus is On Duty!!

  3. Hi Elsa:

    Regarding the post with her Uranus transit, does the “freeing” part come during one’s transit? Or after it has passed?

    Or it is different for everyone?

    And on that note, when Uranus makes a transit to one’s Moon – would that manifest the same way as being compared to transiting one’s Sun…or other Natal planets? Just curious as to the significance of a Uranus transit to one’s moon.

    Facsinating! Thanks Elsa:)

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