Lunar Returns: Astrology For When You’re Stressed

It seems to me, these retrograde planets are manifesting in ways that are annoying. Nothing horrible is happening. But I want the calendar up, and I’m sick of the attacks (on the server), behind the scenes.

I understand my new (scheduling) calendar also broke post an update. Add it to the list!

I’m trying to plan for surgery, of course.  It was not expected. I need to cook meals, clean the house, do what I can with the garden… basically, I have to get things done so it’s easier for people to come in and help.

One of our dogs has seizures every 4th of July. She also jumps on me which will be no good with stitches…

Whenever I feel stressed my go-to astrology technique is Lunar Returns. I love these charts. They give you a month-long chunk to deal with.

Every if you’ve got a tough one, you can see the beginning, middle and end of it, as well as have some idea what you’re supposed to be concerned with. The area of life, I mean.

I print off my Lunar Return charts, a year at a time.  I staple them together and rip off the months as I go. It’s satisfying! Sometimes you can look ahead and see a month that’s sure to be interesting.  It’s nice to have that “thing” on the horizon.

I sell the reports (in bulk) really cheap, in part because I like them so much. $3.84 a month!  You actually get something significant out of that, it seems to me!

Do you check your Lunar Returns?


8 thoughts on “Lunar Returns: Astrology For When You’re Stressed”

    1. No. “Lunar return” refers to the time when the moon returns to the exact sign/ degree it was when you were born. This happens roughly every 3o days. 🙂

  1. I have never been able to make lunar return charts work for me. I do look at them quite though – hoping that one day, it’ll click.

    Trying to understand them better, I mainly look at the charts for past months; specifically the months when something big and splashy occurred. Getting a new job, getting fired, family problems, losing a close friend, moving, meeting an important, new SO.. I can’t find it. I have no idea why those charts don’t speak to me!

    The only thing that seems to “work”, is when the moon is in the 12th house. That’s sure to be a depressed, isolated month for me; maybe because my natal moon is in Pisces?

    1. My most recent one has moon in the 12th. Opposite Jupiter in the 6th house.

      Yes, it has been depressing. With an emerging health problem to boot.

  2. I’m not feeling particularly stressed. Even so, I’ve never ordered one of these before. Until today that is!

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