Mood Swings and Problems Making and Keeping Friends: Double Sagittarius

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Dear Elsa,

I’m having a really hard time in my life right now. I go through intense mood swings, and I’ve dropped out of school. I’ve also traveled but now I’m out of money, so I’m back living with my parents and working.

Sometimes I despair of ever finding my footing, my place in life. Also, I have a hard time keeping old friends and making new ones – people leave, or stop communicating, and no one sticks. What’s going on? When will it end?

Stellium in Sagittarius

Dear Stellium,

You describe your mood swings as intense, and I think you should have this checked out by a professional. Because it’s possible there is an organic problem that would explain everything else.

For example, if you meet someone when you’re up and happy and then become “despairing”… that person may think, “what the hell is this?” and run for the hills. You see what I mean. If your mood is that unstable it could be the root cause of every problem you’re having, but this is not something I can discern from a chart.

What I can tell you is that in spite of the fact you are a Libra (who likes to be partnered), it is Sagittarius that dominates your chart. And Sagittarians are restless by their nature. And you know what they’re famous for? They’re famous for leaving.

So you have all these people leaving all the time and I wonder if you aren’t meeting this unlived side of yourself. Kind of like someone who says all their friends are intense… and then wakes up to say, “oh yeah, and so am I!” And once they own this side of themselves, they start to have different experience.

So that’s my bit. But do check the moods. Because “intense mood swings” and “despair” in the same paragraph does raise some flags.

Good luck.


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  1. Excellent advice!! I’ve watched that with my little cousin. It’s really helped her. Digging out after she got on medicine has been a slow process that sometimes drags her down again. But she’s moving, slowly!!

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