Feeding Off Scorpio

I am working with a gal with a stellium in Scorpio. She is grappling to understand how people feed off her pain and emotion. I know many of you know a lot about this. Please converse and I’ll join in. Right now, I just want to get this up here. Thanks!

What do your know about consuming Scorpio energy?

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  1. Do you mean people who get off on the way they affect her? If she has a strong negative or positive reaction to them, then it puffs up their ego?

  2. I think Scorpio has gone to a place that most other signs have not yet dared. When I see lots of Scorpio I think “old souls”. You feel and seem to unconsciously remember the darkest parts of society, of life, of circumstances. This is fascinating for most. You radiate this dark energy and are still ok. People want to study you more, and hence feed off your pain.

  3. I’m not sure how to explain this but I’ll try. I have a scorp moon and I have noticed that there gave been people in my life that they connect to me on a deap level. They seem to need to be connected. When I really started to grow a couple years ago I NEEDED ALL of my energy and started to notice that I was drained almost sick after being with some if them. I pulled back and they acted frantic at times. They tried nice ways to get time with me and when that didn’t work they would attack. Usually verbally to get an emotional response. When I got emotional my energy wall was down and it was like they would just plug in and suck me dry. You could literally see the change in there face from one of darkness and desperation to one of joy like they’d won the lotto or just sky dived!

    I hope this makes sense and helps in some way

  4. Scorpio asc here with pluto cong. People feed off my energy. Almost never the other way around which can get pretty draining. This is sometimes in super practical ways (live off my means, eat my food, use my credentials) but def also in intangible ways (motivation, enthusiasm, seek approval, seek disapproval.)

    As for feeding off my pain, I would say that doesn’t actually happen as much since I am very good about getting away from people / not talking much when I’m going through it.

    My two cents.

  5. I know about it from relationships–my guy has Moon/ASC in Scorpio. He has what I call ‘velcro’ (Stellium in Leo doesn’t help)

    I like Dixie’s ‘postcard from hell’ comment!

    He is easily drained by people (doesn’t help his Moon is conj. Neptune) and they are so easily drawn to him so it just wears him out. He cannot go around quietly, anywhere (stellium in Leo doesn’t help his cause).

    My ex had a stellium in Scorpio. He was the kind of person, even if he talked quietly (and he did, he was a mumbler), he would be accused of yelling.

    As for me being the person who is drawn to it, and yes, feeds off it—I don’t know. I have been attracted to all kinds of men but the only ones who enjoy MY energy and are drawn to ME are these Scorpio people!

    My partner and my ex have Scorpio Moon at the same degree-believe me, I didn’t plan it but obviously it’s like a magnet to me.

    I like people who aren’t afraid. Of life. Life is an ugly messy business at times and I need someone who can face it with me, with heart out and spirit in tact. Scorpio has been my go-to for that.

    I am also a very Taurus Taurus and I like people who are “opposite” of me.

  6. ..wow, I was totally lost until I read this.
    “Hitchhikers can get some of the power of Scorpio without having to go to Hell directly. It’s like Postcards from Hell. You still get the lay of the land but not the burns.”

  7. Husband, best friend, mother scorp moons. I feel like they feed off me mostly (but I don’t mind – except for the mother). Venus, Saturn, Pluto in scorp. Sun and Merc 8H. Pluto sq aqua asc. Jeez, I definitely have wondered I may be a magnet for crazies/emotionally wack types. If it’s not amusing it’s utterly draining.

  8. I was just thinking about this in the shower, but I’m wondering if I should put my thoughts on the boards instead. I get the “feeding” comment now. I’ve always worried about doing that to others, which is why I used to disappear when i was in a bad way. I’ve noticed that others will expect me to listen to them and take them seriously, but when I’m the one who’s seriously low and upset, I’m told (by one person who was consistently miserable) “you’re either going to be happy or you aren’t” when he was having a good weekend, and I had asked him one little thing I needed to know, when something had happened.

  9. And I empathize with the “crazies/whack types” because I know what it’s like to be seen that way at times when it just isn’t true, but also what it’s like to feel that way, when it IS the case, and you do feel crazy. So, other people latch onto me when they’re feeling that way, and then swan off and expect me to suck it up and be just fine – I’m supposed to be strong enough to deal with it, and not need anyone else (unlike them, although they will deny it afterwards – they develop amnesia over their own threats of suicide, or the things that scared me, like their wanting to kill someone).

  10. @Dixie- That was a beautiful description! Thank you for that!

    I’ve a Scorpio Moon (conjunct Neptune) and Scorpio Rising.

    This topics really touches me and I’m so glad that you posted it Elsa!

    In my personal case, I don’t mind providing my energy to those that are in my inner circle. In fact I would do just about anything for any one of them- gladly.

    The challenge for me, is when exposed to people beyond that group. The key of course is setting clear boundaries- and since my Scorpio placements trine my Pisces stellium, that’s a whole lot easier said than done, let me tell ya.

    One little trick I’ve used recently that seems to help is ‘keeping my curious mouth shut’. I’m really the one at fault much of the time… there will be a hint of something brewing, and I’ll start probing, then the next thing you know… I’m down in the muck and looking for an escape.

    I can’t wait to read more comments!

  11. Thanks for posting this, Elsa!

    I am a Sun in Scorpio. I used to be a sponge and just suck up anyone’s energy (negative or positive) and what they were going through. I learned the hard way to set up emotional boundaries as Carrie mentioned.

    With regard to people feeding off my own pain and sorrow, I understand this too. I think Scorpios can project a lot of power, deep understanding of the universe and the souls that inhabit it, and some mystery which scares people. There are several people I work with who are nicer and friendlier to me when misfortune has come my way. It’s bizarre.

    I’m still a “flypaper for freaks” which I don’t mind (unless they seem dangerous or intentional being emotional vampires) as I think these people know I’m not afraid of them and won’t judge them for being off-kilter. I’ve learned to be there without letting me get lost/drained.

  12. I like what Dixie said too. I know the 12th house is suppose to be dark places, but I think 8th house types are the people who tend those dark places. Sure you can walk into a funeral home, but it is the mortician that has lots of energy too. If the dead give up their secrets it is usually to the undertaker.

  13. LOL, “flypaper for freaks” that’s such a terrific line. Scorpio Moon conj. Uranus 11th house … I feel ya babe. It’s only been recently that I’ve started to confront the energy I put out vs. what I receive (Neptune has me constantly battling fog).

    Being in a position where others can “Feed off pain and emotion” sounds a trifle bit vulnerable … What Scorpio type wants to admit they’ve left the back door unlocked? Understanding the energy drift means accepting you’re not protecting yourself as well as you want to believe, at least in my experience.

  14. Oh my! I could write a book on this topic, I’m sure. I can’t do this justice today but this is related:


    I have been meaning to get on the video and tell y’all a story about this for more than 3 years now… I am slow beyond slow, I know.

    Relating to the post I linked, if you have one person designated, the dark spot – everyone else thrives off that. But when you put me in the shadow, it puts you in the light and I can see you down to the fine hairs.

  15. Relating to this question, I peer from the porch with my Scorpio Sun stellium squared with another stellium in the 7th and 8th. Power and death are large in my life. I was born purple and born early (premature and probably oxygen deprived). If I’d have been full-term I’d have been a Sag or dead. The depth of dark is legion for someone like me and over the decades (I’ll be 64)I have learned over and over again how easily oxygen deprivation happens. Youthful years in the workplace were years when I tapped that energy for transformation and reached for my Sag humor, gifted by Venus and Jupiter. I created deep unexpected humor.

    The shadow, as in the old radio program character knows what lurks in the hearts of men and women. That would be Scorpio. As I age, my dark side is more the spiritual life that has taken hold and I use that Scorpio Sun Chiron Mercury in the Mid Heaven to create … healing writing that doesn’t mask, and is understood by those who need to ‘be fed’. Those who can’t get it don’t come.

    Loving the shadow and the deep is a journey, ‘pre-mature’ describes the way a Scorp like me feels or felt because I ‘see’ things before they happen and others squint and say/think “What?!” If only they knew.

  16. What an apt way to put it. I also really like the sponge imagery. My mother was well aware of this tendency of mine from early childhood on and would urge me time and time again to not absorb other peoples negative energy, anger, sadness or jealousy. But that’s the energy I was drawn to. It took a long time to begin to understand it. and I am definitely still learning ! (scorp rising, saturn scorp and chiron in the eighth)

  17. I think the word “schadenfreude” is appropriate here: the pleasure that people derive from the misfortunes of others.


    It seems to me that in every group, there is always somebody who is the designated ‘lame duck’; the one who carries all the misfortune and thus becomes the scapegoat ~ and a source of amusement for the others as they shake their heads and wonder why this person can’t get their shit together. Schadenfreude.

  18. I am a scorpio with Sun, Mars, Pluto, Lilith and 8th house in Scorpio.

    I never realised it was people feeding off me.
    But everyone does. When they (my friends) are feeling down, they talk to me. I offer the very best advice but honestly I’m thinking, “this is such a pathetic problem, THINK FOR YOURSELF!”

    However, I have dark days too. Not only is always giving something draining but I do expect it when I’m in need – which is stupid. How the hell can someone who cries over pathetic stuff and need advice from me ever give ME the advice I need. I either need someone older and more experienced or someone on my level (which I remain hopeful I will find – havn’t come across a single soul who gets me yet). Scratch the first bit, people can be older and more experienced than me and still be stupid, just someone on my level. Until then, I got my own back!

  19. My progressed Sun is in Scorpio now & that’s exactly what happened to me recently, due to some other influences I kicked out 90% of people from my life & they were all drainers, I got furious reactions, attacks, threats from them along with a million insults (one would think they’d be glad to have me out of their lives with such a low opinion of me). Some everyday things are now easier to do without the vampires in my life.

  20. I’m with DoraL – Just kicked a load of people out of my life too. It’s a little lonely but I’m really enjoying the expansion of my relationship with myself. Have really loved this Pluto rx. Scorpio stellium, people will suck me dry, leave me with nothing and proclaim that they need to look after their best interests (it’s time to look after MY best interests!). They are forever projecting their shit onto me (Merc/Neptune Scorpio conj is sextile Pluto in 7th) – psychological/energy manipulation – get a Scorpio angry enough to blow their cork and they are actually acting as a vessel for the release of your energy, then you can tell everyone what a crazy, angry person the Scorpio is and you don’t have to take responsibility for your behaviour or anger. People will go to great lengths to cut me down to size. My talents, abilities and confidence instantly brings out their own insecurities.
    I really get sick and tired of the common description of Scorpios – the anger and jealousy. My experience is that everyone else projects THEIR anger and jealousy onto me.
    @PsycoScorpio: I totally relate to not being able to find someone on your level (maybe we should connect!!). But I have found that even if they can’t offer me anything, just listening to MYSELF talk (Pluto Purge) always gives me an answer. We aren’t old souls, we’re ancient souls.

  21. Interesting fact: In the wild, a Scorpion will do everything in it’s power to avoid having to sting it’s opponent because once it stings you it is at it’s most vulnerable (it has no more poison available as it takes time for the reservoir to fill itself again).
    I almost feel that I am giving our most secret of secrets away by making this fact public, like I am exposing our soft underbelly (porcupine).

  22. I can relate to that. If I sting – actually sting – which is rare, then it is because I’m feeling something too strongly and I’m feeling at my lowest.

  23. I think what violent hour muse rings true to me. People love to see others in the dumps, it’s like it gives them hope. Maybe it’s that feeding off the pain that makes them feel.

  24. my stellium friend used to say people got “addicted” to her. and more often than not she’d eventually have to amputate. i think there’s a trick in recognizing when energy is exchanged or just consumed…

  25. Avatar

    This is the story of my life right here!!! I’m a Scorpio with a Sun/Mercury/Venus/Pluto stellium in the 8th house and Venus exactly conjunct my Pluto in Scorpio(I know, talk about intense!)
    All my life, people have been feeding off of me: wanting my advice, calling me at 3AM with their problems, asking me to do them favors, etc and with my mushy Pisces Rising, I couldn’t say no. But when I had a problem no one was around, of course. It really pissed me off! That was when I used my Scorpio stellium and Mars in Aquarius to freeze and amputate. It was always hard for me to do this, because the Pisces in me thought it was unkind, but looking back, it had to be done.
    I have plenty of Scorpio friends who have all given me the same complaint…feeling used. As much as they put out there that Scorpios are always angry and vindictive and thinking about sex (even if it is true), there is more to us than that. We are so easily hurt but we are very kind people. We will defend you with our lives! I think people are drawn to us because on some level, they know that. Too bad they can’t be there for us the way we are for them. Scorpios need support too. I just haven’t been able to find someone who can or is willing to support be. It’s lonely being so powerful. There’s a reason why the Gods live in a separate place from humans…

  26. I was involved with a Scorpio guy for two years, on and off. I’m Aqua, Pluto in Scorpio and Venus in Pisces (which is a deadly combination!). He needed “saving” and I was there for him. We both tried to play it off as nothing, but us and everyone else knew that we were madly in love. He transformed my outlook on life by dragging me to pit bottom (he pulled the classic disappearing act after half a year of texting every day and hanging out), but I ended up coming out and becoming a stronger woman. I still think he did it on purpose to see if I can handle it, since recently he says I’ve “grown.” Obviously we’re just friends now but he says he doesn’t like it. I’m so over his mind games and inability to admit feelings though.

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