35 thoughts on “Who Is The Scapegoat Of The Zodiac?”

  1. Bears the blame for others would be Pisces, as far as I’m concerned — or anybody heavily Neptunian.

    Arouses irrational hostility would have to be Scorpio.

    Then again there’s the kind of hostility or petty envy that Fire signs create in others, just by virtue of living (or thinking they’re living) larger-than-life mythologized lives…

    But serious irrational distaste on teh part of others would have to be Scorpio/Plutonians.

  2. Well, I put my own sign of leo because people do categorize us wrongly as being and living larger than life. I feel that I get hurt quite easily, can be too sensitive and always try to act in accordance of the golden rule.

    Well, I would just we all do. It’s just the way it is sometimes.


  3. I said Pisces, because given my history, I’ve always managed to be the one in the wrong in the eyes of the haters. That, and most of us, in one capacity or another, have played doormat and allow people to suject us to such brazen disrespect and gossipmongering. Happily, I’ve figured out that every little fishy has the ability to be a shark in these waters, too. 🙂 No more doormat!!

  4. Ah, I picked Pisces definitely followed by Scorpio. I have a Pisces moon with Neptune on the ascendant and my sun. My entire childhood was categorized as being targeted for bullying & being ostracized, and I never knew why, nor was I ever told why. I guess I presented something to my peers that they couldn’t handle. Now I think that torment has transformed me into sage in training.

  5. I’d say Pisces / Neptunians because part of scapegoating is expecting or knowing one won’t be attacked in return .. or can’t be attacked in return because it isn’t in the other person’s nature, they won’t return blow for blow. In my experience Scorpios will eventually get ‘attacked’ because they’re irritating, the person’s finally had enough of their subterranean manipulations…

  6. #6

    Oh my, I do like Scorpios, of course not all Scorpios (just as much as I don’t like ALL Cancers, Leos, Geminis, Sags etc. It totally depends on the individual), but it is one of my favorite signs because it has real potential for deep and intense (not necessarily in a bad way) relationships, both in romance and friendship. Some Scorpios do fit the bill – manipulative etc., but many are pretty straight-forward and let you know exactly what they think (whether you like it or not) and want. I think it’s the weaker and more vulnerable ones who resort to manipulations.

    The reason I think that at least as an archetype Scorpio is the natural scapegoat is indeed this bad reputation the sign has – this sign was assigned the worst human attributes, those we usually like to repress and deny in ourselves and project onto others – excessive sexuality (which isn’t considered a bad trait in our modern moral viewpoint, but think how it was viewed in the far more conservative and religiously inclined social norms of the past), vindictiveness, possessiveness, jealousy, extremity, intense worldly desires, trying to dominate others, manipulation, primal instincts (read Evil in a religious context), ruthlessness, even cruelty – all coming from Evil Pluto, ruler of the Underworld, and Mars, the god of war. So in a sense this sign has become the scapegoat for all of us human undesirable and socially outcast traits.

    The connection to Pluto is very interesting in this regard since in psychology the Underworld is interpreted as a symbol of the sub/unconscious – the realm of the Id – the primitive instincts which are rejected, repressed and at best refined through culture. Not to mention that the Underworld is associated with Hell in the Judeo-Christian belief system and thus Pluto is associated with the Devil. And the 8th house (Scorpio a natural ruler) is also related, among other things, to the sub/unconscious and the closet where we hide and bury all our skeletons.

    Scorpio as an archetype does seem to be the scapegoat onto which we project all our frailties and sins and so-called “Evilness” (what’s perceived as such in a religious mindset), as if Scorpio takes the blame for us all.

  7. Pisces because they aren’t a precise sign, because they can appear wishy washy watery, it is easy to say they are incompetent, are to blame, easy to ascribe to them whatever negativity people have a mind to, because the Pisces are somewhat ephemeral. I agree with scorpio next, because they are the sign people love to hate. Between both of these signs, what is in common is that people are more likely to blame and dislike things they can’t put their finger on. These two signs are masters of “what you can’t put your finger on”.

  8. Wow, I was raised in a very catholic family and being curious about “different” things was a no-no. I have been a scapegoat in my fam and in different work senerios. I have a Gemini 12th house Sun.

  9. I say Caps cuz they will take care of every bodys needs or just get the job done if all else fails… And then get reamed for it or wont be shown any appreciation as if it is to be expected!!
    I see it happen constantly to my mom (Cap Sun) and it happens to me as well (Cap Moon)

  10. I said Libra because that’s my sun sign, but I have a Pisces moon and a Scorpio mercury, and since Libras put others first with a mercury and a pisces setup like that… people know we won’t fight back or stick up for ourselves. That’s changing for me though. I’ve finally had enough of a break through that I’m not going to be the scapegoat anymore. I was scared to death of my dad for as long as he lived… many spankings with his belt, just because “you’re the oldest and should know better” or whatever. In Placidus I have venus, jupiter, neptune and chiron in the 8th. In Equal houses, I have all of that in the 9th house along with my Libra sun. That’s all I use anymore, and believe it or not.. I think that was the beginning of my breakthrough, when I made that switch. For the record, my Scorpio brother and sister were my main defenders in my youth…and still are! So I love Scorpios.

  11. About Taurus… they inspire incredible loyalty to themselves. In both of my failed marriages, they worked against me successfully… one was trying and the other wasn’t even trying.. it just happened. Hope that’s clearer than mud, without having to elaborate…

  12. I totally agree that Scorpio is the most scapegoated sign. But I’ve also noticed a lot of people are quick to express fear or judgment of Aries folks. Sometimes people tell me they don’t see me as an Aries, which is meant to be a compliment…

  13. Scorpios the scapegoats of the zodiac? I don’t think so! Scorpios have a natural ability of getting deep in the soul of the people around them, of forming secret alliances with the powerful ones, thus they are rarely “targheted” or “attacked”, or scapegoated by a group. Pisces instead rarely care to form alliances and their nature is so complicated incomprensible and somehow menacing to the average person that Pisces get scapegoated piece of cake…

  14. scorpios, definitely get scapegoated a lot, we often mirror to others, what they have trouble accepting in themselves and then get blamed for it

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