Fiery Sun, Water Moon

aries ram poster vintageFor a client…

“You and this gal are a lot alike in that you both have Aries with quite a bit of water (emotion – your Pisces and her Cancer).  This combination is hard to reconcile, internally. You want both calmness and excitement and challenge.

This may not be exactly conscious.  If you’re given, “a bird in the hand” as they say, you look for challenge. If you’re all fired up with a challenge, you look for peace or nurturing…”

It’s similar if you have a Water Sun and a Fire Moon.

This is not to say there are not ways these energies can work together. But understanding this basic stuff can take you a very long way.

Sound familiar? Do you have a Fire/Water combo in your chart?

12 thoughts on “Fiery Sun, Water Moon”

  1. North Node in Cancer. Thank goodness!! It really is my saving grace. MC and Jupiter in Scorpio. 2nd house ruled by pisces and 6th and 7th house in Cancer. I though for a looong time that my 8th house was in Scorpio and I just walked around in fear of MYSELF!!! Then, through a fabulous find and eye opening moment I found out my 8th was in VIRGO! What a relief!! ??

  2. I was talking about this with a friend last night. Yes, a real live friend who is interested in Astrology! She knew her Sun sign, Moon sign and her Ascendant and had a consultation with an astrologer that lives in the area. I’m half thinking about contacting this astrologer to have someone to talk astrology with. Anyways, my friend is an Aries Sun with a Cancer Moon. Can you imagine!? Our Suns, Moons and Ascendants are a similar mix of fire, water and earth.

  3. yeah she was a pisces sun sag moon. no matter how i look at it to try to explain, because i want to, because i know its the last thing for things to be resolved, i know it doesn’t seem like an explanation. i don’t know, i think maybe i’ve moved beyond old actions, that’s pretty much been holding me back. there’s very little that i dig my heels into, and then i made it my motive to target that. since what we talked about that night i wonder if it was all set up, like since we were children, like warring nations. i have to thank you again for the psychic surgery from those legacies.

  4. Yes, I have a water sun and a fire moon. I try to exercise each side in different spheres. Fire at work, calm at home. It works ok.

  5. I wonder if this applies if you have an air sun. I also want excitement and nurture much like a child who runs off to play when confident and runs back when scared. Lately I depend less on having a home base because Pluto

  6. Cancer Sun Sag Moon

    A grand trine in water sign in fire houses! In hand reading: a fire/water hand. Highly creative!

    To try and mix Fire and Water is alchemy! Result: A Rainbow!

    1. Love that. Thankyou for that take on fire and water. I have a stellium in leo and moon and ascendant in pisces. I would like to aim for that rainbow.

  7. I’m Aries sun, Scorpio rising (though most of my 1st house is Sag) + Grand Trine in water signs. My best friend of 35 years is Cancer sun/Aries rising, and my Fiance is Cancer sun, Pisces rising, Aries moon.

  8. Yes I am Sag Sun with Scorpio moon. You actually see Cap Rising at work. Scorpio moon is not afraid of the depth and is quiet resourceful. I think it helps to balance my chart.

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