The Natal Charts Of Vicious Women

“Do you have anything to say about Women Who Are Jealous of Other Women for no particular reason? There are lots of websites dedicated to the Horrible Things Women Do To Other Women. It’s an old story but I’d like to hear your philosophical (or astrological) take.”

I know very little about nasty women, probably because I avoid them like the plague.

As for the astrology, I have Jupiter flavored Moon. My experiences with women range anywhere from good to excellent.  When I do have an experience otherwise, it is short and sweet, like about 5 minutes. I have no interest at all in that kind of woman. Back-stabbing isn’t my way!

The gal I mentioned who helped me and then died when I was sixteen is an example that is typical of my interaction with women.  As for the astrology, having Jupiter mashed with my Moon definitely offers protection.  Others are not so lucky so maybe they’ll weigh in.

If you draw vicious women (or if you are a one), where is your Moon and how is it aspected?



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  1. Interesting article. I am very aware that women can do really nasty things to one another but I haven’t had too many experiences of that first hand, at least not since elementary school. My Aries moon in 7th house sextiles my Gemini Jupiter in the 9th. In the few instances that a woman acted mean and horrible to me it was never for no reason at all – it was over a man that we both liked.

  2. I remember a period in my life, I guess I was about 24 or so, where for about a year, older women in their 40s were really cruel to me, over weird things.

    For example, I was in a cooking class, and we teamed up and were making some kind of pancake thing. And this woman kept berating me about my cooking. She wasn’t even my partner! There was another woman that same year who kept singling me out at a book club I was in, she was quite mean, when it was really just supposed to be fun…?

    I have a lot more backbone now than I did then, so I don’t know if people have stopped, or if I’m just better at shutting it down. Nowadays, I’m rarely the object of nasty women. Maybe I don’t have anything they want!

    I chalked that time period up to our society’s obsession with youth, and how that makes some older women feel devalued. *I* didn’t devalue them, if anything, I was indifferent. I’m not sure what all that was about, if it happened to me today, I would have a clear, direct conversation about it. Back then, I just became avoidant. I wish I had known about astrology then, I’m sure I was having some sort of transit (or they were, or both).

  3. I draw women in general.

    Overwhelming at times, like they all want a piece of me hmm maybe I shld date women instead of men…

    My experiences are generally good. Have always had good friends and they’ve really come thru during my saturn transit.

    Mars in cancer, btw
    Moon and jupiter semi-sextile but I don’t usually consider that aspect…
    Moon pluto conjunct in 1st house

    As for drawing vicious women, well for the first time in my life, I have enemies. This year have drawn women who can become vicious, yes.

    Saturn on moon-pluto maybe? Not sure.

  4. I used to draw vicious women in my teen years. After that, there was probably a couple jealous women I’ve encountered but I wouldn’t say they are vicious.

    Women are drawn to me because of my compassionate nature and my passion for personal style. I was also told that I wasn’t judgmental, very down to earth and very easy to talk to. Although I have these qualities, I still have something of a defence mechanism against jealous women – mainly because I am one myself. I am aware I am jealous though, which is why I have made it a point to do what I can to face my inadequacies and help myself feel like a “whole” person.

    Moon in Cancer, sextile Venus and Saturn, trine Uranus, square Pluto. The latter aspect explains why I draw jealous, controlling women towards me (and why I’m jealous myself) -_-

  5. I have a Mars/Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Cancer ( square my Libra Sun) and I had a tumultuous relationship with my mother while I was growing up.Now that I am in a different country,it is congenial enough.I would not say we are close though.

    I used to attract a lot of jealous/domineering (maybe it’s Pluto conjunct my Sun?)girlfriends as well as general tension from other women until I started unloading my issues concerning my mother through therapy and various forms of spiritual work. Now that I understand the root issue and I am conscious of my role,I guess I have actually activated the Jupiter-aspect of this cluster and my relationships with women are generally warm and mutually beneficial. I find since I have turned thirty that women are my biggest allies.

    Now,although I still get the occasional treachery ( funnily,I am dealing with this now in the form of a Libra girlfriend who I thought wanted the best for me-until it actually happened) since it is not my focus, I have a better handle on my emotions.But it still hurts.I have also learned to stop internalizing and that way I define my relationships with women in an empowering,positive,fearless way and that is extremely liberating.

    It was a decision on my part not to operate in the realm of negativity where women are concerned and my reward(Jupiter?) has been a new take on my own power and my contribution to relationships and true sisterhood.

    1. That’s pretty much my relationship with my mother but the astrology is very different. I have NN conjunct her Cancer Sun opposite my Cap Sun, plus her Lib. Jupiter is square my sun. No aspects to her moon and only one aspect (moon Sextile her Mars) to mine. Her Can. Pluto is opposite my Cap. Mars, and her NN is conjunct my Aqu Venus. Can’t think of anything else that might be relevant – she has nothing in Scorpio. No idea of her houses.

  6. I forgot to add that my Sun(Libra) is actually in the 11th house and my moon(Cancer) is in the 7th -talk about being “other”-directed…whoa!

  7. I never really had good relations with women in general. In elementary, I was ostracized by this girl who would tell lies about me for no real reason. I had no friends in school because of everything she said about me. Later in high school, I confronted her and she never admitted to anything.. even denied it. In college, it was mostly the same thing!
    My moon is in Pisces, sextile Mercury, conjunct Mars and Venus in Pisces, square Neptune and my ascendant in cancer. I think Pisces and Neptunian energy is all about secret ennemies.. or friend-ennemy!!!
    I learned to be less insecure and a thicker skin!

  8. trine pluto. in the sixth.
    imagine. at work and, when i was a kid, at school.

    or maybe i’m drawn to them. got to work on that.

  9. yes, i bring on both good and bad….my pisces moon sextiling jupiter for the good hits…but squaring mars…maybe this is the hostility factor?

  10. And….that is, hostility/jealousy/backstabbing…drawing it towards me…not being particularly viscious myself although i’ve learned to show my teeth in my older age

  11. My Moon is in the 8th (in Libra), smack up against Pluto & directly across from my Sun & Mercury. What I feel is significant, astrologically, is the fact that it trines Venus, Mars & Saturn (all in my 4th).

    I have “iffy” relationships w/older women. If they take a “motherly” position, it all goes to hell quite fast. (Mars conj. Saturn in 4th)

    With women around my age, we get along “ok”…have dealt w/jealousy/backstabbing, etc., but it’s gotten to the point now where I just ignore them til they get tired of trying to bring me down. I think these individuals try to hurt everyone though, not just other women.

    I get along best w/younger women. I tend to take the “motherly” role then & usually act as a mentor of sorts. It has been common throughout my life that I get along much better with younger women.

    Of course, my chart is also extremely Yang, so I tend to attract very Yin women (I assume due to my Moon’s placement in Libra – trying to create balance). And I’ve noticed that very Yin women tend to be nicer to other women. Maybe that’s just my impression, but I don’t get along well w/other women who are rather Yang themselves. It’s kind of an “alpha dog” type thing, where there can be only one…lol

  12. interesting – moon mars conjunct in scorpio and, like Neptunian, had/have an intense, manipulative and potentially dangerous relationship with my mother – ongoing in my life – her 75 and me 40 now. I have always preferred male company, but have never been unkind to women. I did work for a slightly older woman once when my kids were very young – she did not have children and wanted. She was really nasty to me for a number of years and often in front of clients would shout at me and put me down…which was completely humiliating to my Leo rising. Now my couple of women friends are fundamentally important in my life – accompanying each others growth and daily challenges. Perhaps it is age, perhaps it is changing times, but women seem to be much more supportive of each other in the workplace these days.

  13. Wow Diastella…I feel for you, although my mother was more of the controlling,intensely self-centred,emotionally-distant type, who showed her love by keeping everything spotless and cooking when she was tired(even though we told her she did not have to),etc… and then resenting what she needed to do as a mother (did I say self-centred?) I understand your pain.

    I think the energy you were pulling in from your boss was due to the pattern which needed to be resolved from your relationship with your mother. Since you carry the pattern with you, then you just needed a surrogate to fill in. Most likely, whoever played that role for you(like your ex-boss) had similar dynamics growing up and sniffed out your issues subconsciously.I did the same thing for a while with women who clearly played on my weaknesses.

    An aside…You know what I notice with people who have moon in Scorpio is that they often have been deeply hurt by their mothers.Like, being ‘stung'(Scorpio) emotionally by the mother (Moon).My fiance has a scorpio moon( opposing his taurus mars) and he has deep pain concerning his mother, who he was separated from early-a long story.

    Also, my ex had the same sun/moon(Virgo/Scorpio) combo and had very similar issues.Interestingly…so does my little bro. (Gemini sun,scorpio moon,venus and mars in scorpio-If I recall correctly).Hmmm, don’t know if anyone else noticed it….

  14. yes, Cap moon in 7th in t-square, also conjunct neptune in 6th. I get along well with older women, love motherly women and confident women, but women my own age give me trouble. I’ve had “frenemies” who show their true colors as soon as something good happens for me, and secretly gloat when something goes wrong. Takers, users, selfish women, jealousy/backstabbing behavior, mean comments, just overall b*tchiness. It’s disgusting. I keep a safe distance and won’t get too close for this reason. I used to avoid and hide, now I’ve gotten better at recognizing it and cutting things off asap. The whole “amputate” thing I’ve learned to do mainly in these types of relationships to protect myself. For all this crap, I do like women and support/defend women given the opportunity. Because men can be capable of doing horrible things to women too.

  15. Neptunian – I’ve noticed it too. It’s painful to see, even worse to hear about, and awful to experience. It leaves a nasty scar and gets aggravated anytime emotions get stirred up. I have Libra Pluto in 4th and draw venus-pluto and scorpio moon quite a bit – and almost all of them have some deeply painful relationship with their mothers.

  16. I have a jupiter in aqua op my leo moon . Wonders if that makes me a viscus woman-unconstienly,or if I attract them.

  17. I’ve not really had an issue with that except for once or twice in high school, when a girl accused me of talking about her, which except for mentioning to one of her cousins, I didn’t think she liked me (which turned out to be true) I didn’t.
    I wasn’t the type to talk about people. I pretty much tried to fade into the background in high school, talking about others seemed like putting a target on yourself. For the most part, I don’t think other women find me threatening, they don’t think I’ll steal their man (or their spotlight.)
    Moon in leo, in 4th (placidus) or 5th house (equal).

  18. Moon in Taurus in 11H and I draw good women friends. Despite difficult aspects to my Moon I have very good female friends.

  19. God. This post and the responses are just amazing. A light has just switched on in a very dark part of my psyche. Thank you all, especially Neptunian, for sharing.

  20. Speaking as a man who’s talked about this with some really smart women, I think alot of this comes from projecting inner demons onto other women, men, and society in general.
    I very much believe the shocking victim mentality among many women, and conversely the insatiable attraction to bad boys, comes from projecting unresolved feelings of self-hatred onto the world.

  21. Agree with you goatboy, and I think the feelings of self-hatred come from difficult parental relationships, particularly, as Neptunian points out, with the mother.

  22. Oh, ouch, this is a topic that just burns. My ground zero of probs with women is my mother – I’m Capricorn moon, so is my sister, and we both just struggle with this on a constant basis and always have. It used to only infuriate me but now makes me sad as well, as I wish it could be different. As for women in general, I don’t have a lot of issues overall, none that really stand out as painful in terms of forming friendships and so on. A couple women here and there have actually really picked me up from low places and helped me out in extraordinary ways and these are people I consider lifelong friends. So it’s just a mother thing, I guess. And it ain’t good! The fact that I never, ever was interested in having kids and being a mother myself, something I realized even as a little girl, does not surprise me one bit.

  23. Yes Lis, that’s what I realised. I have Moon trine Jupiter so get on really well with women generally, but I also have a T square Venus/Pluto/Jupiter and I think that’s what draws the bitches. Who I now realise i’ve spent far too much time accomodating and giving the benefit of the doubt. NO more.

  24. My moon is in Capricorn and I have an awful time with women my age as well (I’m 21). I build great relationships with older women. I especially get along with Aries, Capricorn, and other Taurus. I absolutely do no get along with Leos and Sagg, well, atleast the ones I’ve met. Women my age have been down right cut throat vicious, but that could also have something to do with growing up in NJ. Now that I live in Florida I am a lot more reserved and I test the waters before becoming friends with other girls.

    1. I’m a Capricorn Moon, square my Pluto in Libra, and my sun in Aries, opposite my Saturn in Cancer. That makes both my moon and Saturn in the signs of their detriment and opposite one another I think lessens the benefits usually afforded a mutual reception. I don’t know that I’ve encountered much actual viciousness directed at me, but I have had problems with my mother my whole life and groups of women tend to drain me. I do like older women and have a couple of “other moms” as I refer to them.

      I have found in most of my adult life that I do better with male friends. I have a handful of close girlfriends but they are a carefully-curated bunch. It usually works out that if there is a another woman being catty or vicious towards me, karma usually gets her without my having to to anything. I also can recognize that when I don’t like another woman, for no reason or her not having wronged me, that it’s usually my projection onto her of my own shortcomings, or jealousy of some sort. But doling out harm to others, women or not, never works out, so everyone should play nice when possible!

  25. I’ve had bouts with a few, and they had strong Pluto in their charts. Mars conjunct Pluto, Mars square Pluto, or lots of Scorpio. Funnily enough, they were all acquaintances. I finally withdrew from the group, or grew away, and let them all marinate in their own jealous judgmental juices. Ew.

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    Crabissima TwelfthHaus

    would a tight moon-mars conjunct in pisces in the 7th draw difficulties with women or girls? is the 7th House what we project onto others OR what they project upon us? this is a remarkable thread and i value all i’ve read. thanks to all posters. AND give to Haiti . . . and give again . . . love, double crabissima

  27. I have a beautifully aspected libra moon – trines my Aquarius Venus, sextiles my midheaven, sextiles my sag. Mercury, squares my Capricorn Jupiter. In my childhood I was shy and I always had one best friend. I’m basically scared of women in general mostly bc I’m kind of a natural girl and don’t relate to all the fashion makeup hullabaloo. I’m not into group thinking, (Pluto square Mercury?) so a group of women is terrifying to me. I had an older sister who was terrifying. I think she is bipolar. She is the template for my experience with women. An astrologer suggested my retrograde Mars in cancer opposite Saturn was the influence that gave rise to that. My Mom expected me to manage my older less controllable sister so I grew up believing I was responsible for other people’s behavior. That’s been the focus of a lot of my personal growth.
    Right now I have transiting Pluto opposite my Mars 5th house and conjuncting my Saturn – 11 th house. In May my progressed retrograde Mars goes direct. Transiting Mars is conjunct my natal Mercury when it goes retrograde on the seventeenth.
    Holy cow ! It’s fascinating for me to ponder the synchronicity of this convergence of activity. I had to go on an anti – depressant a week ago bc I couldn’t stop crying. Now I’m super chill and ready to embrace the change. Any comments or advice is welcome – even from women -lol!

  28. I have 6 sisters women I identify as kindred spirits however involved in long divorce the many other women as of late rubbed in my face has tainted my observations of women trying constantly to curb impulse to feel somewhat anxious or defensive Growing to present gives me different take on how women receive others.

  29. I experience women in specific instances. As just people and friends with similar traits. I extract the vulnerability from women and I talk one on one. Same with some men. I actively avoid groups of pretty women. They intimidate me and I’d hate to be the ugly friend who tags along. I avoid groups of both genders. Women used to want to be nice to me more. I miss when people treated me not like an old bag.

    I know every woman has her problems. I have moon trine Jupiter at an eight degree orb, don’t know if that counts. And Venus trine Jupiter.

  30. I’m having trouble making friends and meeting new people that like me so my insights are unreliable. I’ve also pushed some current friends away with my insecurity and aggression and self obsessive complaining

  31. Moon 8th Taurus opposite Saturn cj Venus 2nd. Older women have either treated me badly or been good friends. My mother had major ‘issues’ and home life was unpredictable and sometimes extremely unpleasant. As an adult, I realized that much of her behaviour was due to the stifling of her potential in a patriarchal society. My sister has moon in Scorpio and suffered extreme physical abuse from our mother.
    I believe the root of much of women’s difficult relationships with one another is due to the history of their being nothing more than child-bearing servants to males, and it’s not that long since we were legally defined as ‘chattels’ of our husbands. It is easy to forget that billions – yes, billions – of women today live in cultures where this is nominally, if not legally, still the case. Of course you would see other women as competitors for power in those circumstances, whether as a usurped first wife in a harem, a mother-in-law head of the female domain of the household, or a girl vying against others for a husband who’s a ‘good catch’.
    This video – which brought me to tears – was part of a NYTimes article yesterday.

  32. Dear Elsa,
    I have moon conjunct jupiter and south node in Taurus in 3rd house

    Moon and South Node are precisely the yod apex with neptune in 10th house in Sag and pluto in Libra in 8th house.
    I cooperate with extremely strong women to change vital things in our country. I spent adolescence getting my mother and myself and my brother thru therapies and we have also become Buddhists and vegetarians.

    1. But I forgot to admit that my paternal grandmother we lived with hated my mother and tortured me emotionally and physically ( feeding by force until I vomited and starting all over again) or poisoned my mind as much as she could. Comparing to her all vicious women I have met where not so vicious!

  33. Incidentally Margaret Mead has a very interesting take on this in her book about adolescent girls in Samoa. A lot of cultures that place men in a group and position of responsibility create very strong bonds between men. In Samoa this relates to the boys picked to represent the village and learn skills like fishing and fighting together. In the US I believe boys are more encouraged to bond learning diy group skills together too. And that’s why you see strong friendships in the Marines and military style organizations. Women aren’t usually taught skilled team work. Goal setting and learning can be very satisfying in itself. And even more when learned in a tight knit team where the seriousness of your endeavor is emphasized along with your responsibility and role in it. I think that I idealize the white squall motif as a way to reform adolescent boys. There are few such things for girls.

    1. @Kri, that’s very interesting about boy’s club, but girls also have clubs too. Personally I think it’s competition, and it’s that they want what you have kind of thing. They desire what you have so they will try to emulate or capture it or something? Not necessarily get your guy, (that’s homewrecking) but more, like they want someone similar – so personally I think it’s deep down trying to get the “guy” while the males, perform to try and get the “girl”. It’s kind of a caveman mentality but maybe that’s why. Also, this happens in careers too, as in, women in professional fields are gonna one “up” eachother to get to the top. lol it’s a dog eat dog world out there. that’s why it’s better to just live out in the countryside, woods away from high society and the fast lane.

  34. I also blame the idea that the male trope of the hero’s journey instills much more self sufficiency and emotional growth than the romantic comedy girls are taught, i.e. be in the right place at the right time to meet your prince.
    I believe that venturing out a la a walkabout with a trusty group of friends builds character and strong bonds.
    so I think it’s less that women were child bearing servants and more that women in many cultures are purposely not taught a bevy of skills that increase responsibility capability and teamwork.
    Like building something together

  35. Just throwing it out there for those who feel disconnected I have a sister who says there’s a girl team and there’s a boy team figure which one you’re on and you’ll be all setdecide which team you want to be on watch groups of people you’ll see the way they collect got to decide

  36. I like the sound of a Jupiter flavoured Moon a lot. If you imagine & act out the approach of someone with pleasant aspects, can you lift yourself up from your own previous patterns? I bet you can.
    In the past year I’ve felt my imagined ideas of women melt away, as I’ve met inspiring, fascinating, friendly women. Shadowy echoes are a challenge to shake away. But surely it’s all in the mind..

    My Moon is at 0, Virgo, & I can only say my first experience was a highly critical one, and after moving away & discovering I can do things right(!) I’ve taken on the criticising duties, & need to cultivate some self-appreciation, gratitude & cheer.

    I’m interested in understanding how to resolve patterns we carry and act out.

    M sextile Pluto & Saturn, quincunx Mars, trine Neptune

    I think my Piscean Sun goes some way in making me especially ripe for others projection. I’ve learnt to stop that bothering me & know that peoples reactions to others are purely indicative of their relationship with themselves. Then. To crack what that means for you.

  37. My moon is in 12H Sagittarius, so my dealings with other women sometimes take a turn for the worse. I was more susceptible to bullying from other girls in school, because I looked and acted different (Cap Uranus on the ASC) and didn’t mesh well with most girls my age.

  38. So interesting that you posted this I am struggling with the right now AGAIN. I am extremely familiar with viciously jealous women My Mother, Grandmother and Sister all fit this bill and I have lost count of other interactions however I have one right now whom has been attacking me out of bitter jealousy for years. I have virtually no interaction with this woman and my only connection with her is through mutual relationships. My experience is that these women usually don’t like the comparison when they measure themselves against me and instead of elevating themselves they try to tear me down. I have learned to try not to engage they usually shift their jealousy elsewhere at some point. But this has been heavy on my mind ever since the eclipse on the 23rd because this very thing reared up with a vengeance from both my sister and the other woman I mentioned. I was trying to figure out what I might be doing to attract this crap because it wounds me deeply to be targeted for whatever I have that the other wishes they had most often things I work hard on like business and financial success or physical fitness. I am afraid to be proud of myself for a job well done because someone is always trying to knock me down. The Eclipse was in my 4th house conjunct my natal Chiron and opposed my Natal Sun and Jupiter in the 10th. I have a Virgo Moon natally that is part of an earth Grand Trine with Mars Cap and Saturn Taurus. I also have Pluto conjunct my MC I would love to know what I need to do to fix this it really hindering the quality of my life. Side note I have many many wonderful women friends the women that attack me are all very jealous and usually unwilling or unable to see that ruining what I have is not going to make it theirs.

    1. I have been struggling with this issue having come into my life just beginning after mid January and coming to its WORST at full force right around the eclipse. I too identify with a lot of what you said in beginning of your post. My signs and placements are very different but I am dealing heavily with the weight and consequences of being attacked personally by jealous conniving women that are only even connected to me thru my son’s father, whom I am not in relationship with not do I want to b in one. And all of their jealousy and hostility seemingly came out of no where at me and I have made myself crazy trying to figure out what it is about me that bothers them so damn much that they have gone to the lengths they have to ‘ruin my life’ as they announced and I can only come to the conclusion that it is something internal mostly on their own character part. I am sag sun 2nd house, scorp moon 1st house, libra ascendent, cap venus, scorp mars, Jupiter in Aries in the 6th, Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus all in sag and Neptune in capricorn…Mercury n Saturn in the 2nd house, Neptune and Uranus in the 3rd.

      1. Krystal I am a Libra Sun, Sag rising so just the other side of the same coin as you and yes your situation sounds similar. I think Saturn transitting Sag has a hand in whats going on with this too My Libra sun is in the 10th house(public image) your Libra ascendent is how you show up to the world so that makes astrological sence to me since the eclipse was in Aries opposing Libra. All I know to do is continue to take care of myself, protect myself when necessary and let the poison of the others jealousy eat them alive it always eventually does

  39. Have spent my life dodging that jealousy thing coming from other females, a sister, constant jealous behavior. Maybe it is simply in the shadows of human nature, competitiveness. Capricorn moon like many here. However, when I could step outside the world, and focus on creativity, on making things, on books, dreams…. on cultivating compassion, then I realized it doesn’t really matter. You can be nice anyhow and just ignore this stuff, because you are on a different wavelength and you can’t change others’ behaviors, you can only refine your own. You have to give yourself the space to do this, though.

  40. Yes, I have conflict as my Gemini Moon in the 7th house is opposite Saturn in Sag. My mother is jealous of me quite often and that makes my life difficult right now.
    It’s weird, but I only found out about it recently. I never knew anyone was jealous of me, but my mother says that my SIL is jealous, too. But for what? I don’t get it.

  41. My Jupiter is bang on my Moon both 14 degrees 24 minutes Scorpio. Moon is chart ruler but Saturn opposite Moon. I’ve seen the good and the bad…the good in the bad and bad in the supposedly good.

    Am wary of women but will back the underdog. Am I right in thinking Scorpio emphasized individuals may too often become projected upon with suspicion even where this is not appropriate? Conversely, I love what Ruby Wax said about Californians being the ‘darkest, most unconscious people in the world’

    Sometimes a thing is simply what it looks like but I find it hard to trust in shiny veneers as sometimes the shining ones can cast an especially heavy shadow.

  42. I have moon Pluto conjunct in my first house. My moon sextiles Neptune, trines Jupiter, hits almost everything in my chart. I don’t often run into viscous women. I guess I have but there’s something so off about them that I don’t get entangled up with them. If they’ve ever tried anything with me, I never had a clue. They get super annoying after while, too.

  43. I have Scorpio Moon conjunct Saturn in my 2nd house trine my Cancer MC. I have good relationships with women. They’re not all good all the time, but I wouldn’t characterize any of my women friends as vicious. I agree with Louise that there is good and bad in everyone, but vicious is another thing entirely. If I see a person is capable of being vicious, I cut off all ties as graciously as possible. I have Libra rising.

  44. I happen to draw these type of women and experiences into my life like a magnet for them. I am Sagittarius sun in my 2nd house, Scorpio moon in my first house, and libra ascendent. I absolutely hate conflict but for some reason I am internally drawn to it or on a subconscious level I unknowingly attract ppl and experiences that tend to put me on the ‘victim’ or ‘target’ end of manipulative n twisted ppl. It has been an ongoing theme in my life for as long as I can remember and especially it has been true when it comes to my experiences with women. I have had a handful, though, of very very close female friendships and bonds thru out my life, however, and those relationships with women that I’ve had that were positive, although few and far between, were the most deep and real ‘best of friends’ type of connections that I think a person can b lucky enough to ever have. Still, though, a frustrating and recurring theme for me is encountering women who are extremely jealous, manipulative, and incapable (it seems) of making real or lasting connections w other females. I often am left feeling very at loss for control or power in these circumstances as I never understand fully exactly why or what it is about myself that bothers these type of other women so much or how it is I make myself such an easy target or so easily fall victim to these experiences.

  45. There’s only two kinds of people in the world: Smart and stupid. They come in both genders and different shades of skin color but they always fall in one of those two categories. lol

  46. I actually have a history of getting along really well with women others perceive as mean. The bookstore owner who could reduce an angry customer to tears in minutes volunteered to plan my wedding before I even had a boyfriend. Moon in Aquarius, 1st house.

    1. This may actually have no meaning at all here, because I don’t have much, if any at all I think now, Aquarius anything in my chart. I think the closest I have in Aquarius is that it begins my 4th house.
      Your post, becca, got me thinking though because although most my life I’ve been on the foe side for ‘mean’ seeming women, there was a period of time in my life where I experienced exactly the opposite of the ‘norm’ for me. I was in a very significant relationship during that time period with a man who should be the Aquarius poster male, as he was practically Aquarius EVERYTHING in his chart, at least the major planets were anyway. Not a drop of an earth sign and the only fire sign in his chart anywhere was sag and one of each of the water signs in other less major places of his chart.
      It was during four years, within that six year long relationship time period, where it seemed like I particularly had much luck with women who easily brought everyone else, men and women, to tears in seconds. One in particular was a boss I had at my job then. She was cold… Everyone dodged her and shook insanely being called into her office cus they had tasted her wrath for less most the time before in most cases. But for some reason, it was like I just shit ice cream and rainbows for her, lol, she just seemed to really take a likening to me. (Which prolly was for the best because I wouldn’t have lasted long otherwise as I am just not equipped, and surely wasn’t at that time, to keep my very obvious emotions of all the sorts, as well as my visibly hurt when broken demeanor hidden if I needed to and the situation should arise.)
      So idk, I guess the Aquarius thing hit me a little on that and I wonder if I could attribute any of that time to other things going on in the sky that made me attract such an aquarian man into such serious relationship and during that time have luck with the bolder, more hostile, strong personality type women that the majority of my life I have had no luck with at all, in contrary. ?

  47. Avatar
    James Slattery

    I have my Scorpio Jupiter conjunct my natal Sag moon on the 9th cusp. Women never have been a problem and have been a blessing always (especially when I need help most). The men on the other hand have been the back stabbers (natal Sun in Gem opp Saturn in Capr.?)

  48. Hi there,

    Moon in gemini in the 8th house trine my venus and trine pluto, square my 4th house sun and opposite my 2nd house neptune.

    So a moon with plutonic energy amongst other energies. I am scorpio rising too and have my Mars in the 8th too. When I was younger I did not admit, acknowledge my dark side 100% (got five planets in air so I denied that darker side of me often) so I attracted it every now and then via women (and men too.) For years I was weary of scorpio women till I started to embrace my scorpio power myself and became more selective of friends/acquaintances.

    My friends do have some plutonic energies and use them mostly positively (I prefer the use of the power positively whilst I acknowledge my more spiteful side and talk to it whilst managing its urges – pluto in libra, hehe)

    In general my experience of women is quite good. I have many close girlfriends who are loyal and generous. I like the company of women and like our discussions. I am a woman and like my gender. We have so much to give and we bear children and guide them throughout key years (huge responsibility and accountability.) wow.

    I have met some slightly vicious women in my life who would be passive aggressive and undermine me so subtly it took me some time to realise the negative dynamics (I had low self-esteem) before I left those situations. It was about having weak boundaries (neptune stuff) in relationships at the time. Gotten better in my boundaries 🙂

    I have met a few (more) vicious women yet normally I spot them right away and stir away from them whenever I can. One was a boss (except her all my female bosses have been great bosses) and another a colleague I advised via my work as an analyst. I worked with them and got stung/shot (metaphor) a few times, and learned fast how to work with them whilst I also covered my back making sure people knew about my work and making sure I got copies of emails, got them to sign things so they couldn’t claim otherwise.

    Both women hated women (and as a result hated themselves a bit too), and I suspect they had not had good early experiences in life (meaning they survived via defending themselves and attacking others 24/7.)

    Luckily they left about a year after so it was a traumatic yet short lived thing. Luckily they were in different jobs, not the same workplace (sigh of relief.) That was when I worked in business environments.

    Nowadays I don’t experience these women often, maybe once a year or once every x years? Normally I stay uninterested and keep civil and keep things to a minimum. I simply don’t want these people in my life.

    I am a child psychotherapist at present and via my work I encounter plutonic themes so I have that side/need in me taken care of in my professional life. So outside of work I look for more Venusian themes/energies. I live in a beautiful area, for example (light versus darkness.) Light is needed as I work with traumas of all kinds.

    To share some observations. My mother has a Capricorn moon trine saturn and trine pluto. I was surprised as a kid and teenager of how – every now and then – she attracted vicious women who stole from, or lied to and about her. It got better in time as she became better around boundaries.

    1. Hi Chris. Boundaries is definitely an important thing in all of these situations regarding experiences with viscous men and or women. Like I posted already here, I have had an ongoing theme for the majority of my life with horrible circumstances involving these type of manipulative n vindictive kind of women. I have always struggled with setting good strong boundaries with people as I am very and often too trusting of others and I naively always seem to blindly find the good I can in people while attributing the obvious red flags and negative characteristics that are apparent right off the bat to this idea or way of thinking I seem to love by that ‘we are all human; no one is perfect; everyone has good and bad; I have good intentions at heart, so most others must then too’. Now, I suppose that isn’t all too bad to ‘live by’ but I think it is mainly that last part of my thought statements that gets me in my biggest pickles! Lol I am only very recently learning that actually, NO, not EVERYONE has good intentions for me or others at their heart of things or means well ever at all. It’s not that I never experienced horrific things in my life done to me or others by others. Oh believe me, with Scorpio moon, Mars, n Pluto all in my first house — I have been thru a great deal of simply terrible terrible crisis n trauma thru out my whole life, appearing in childhood earlier than I’d even naturally be able to remember otherwise. So it’s honestly hard to believe I even have the slightest rose colored more positive outlook on life and ppl that I do n to the extent.
      But I am also libra rising with my sun in saggitarius in my 2nd house (and my 2nd house being ruled by Scorpio) so all that Scorpio is heavily weighed under that libra ascendant. So perhaps that is where the ‘balance’ comes in to shake things up and inevitably ‘unbalance’ things in reality anyway?
      All of my planets fall into my 1st three houses with the exception of my Jupiter in Aries in my 6th house. So still, I am pretty tightly aspected with havin one big planetary party in that first quadrant, and the one not invited, Jupiter, isn’t too far off anyway either! Haha I joke.
      But my houses with no planets falling into them may hav a thing to do w it too maybe? Like I said everyone is in house 1(libra) through house 3(sag). All my Scorpio ruled planets happen to land in my first house ruled by libra but my 2nd house happens to be ruled by Scorpio, where my Sagittarius sun, Mercury and Saturn all land. My Uranus is in sagittarius as well and sits with my Capricorn Venus and Neptune in my 3rd house ruled by Sag. Then I have nothing in house 4(Aquarius ruler) although venus(Capricorn) falls into my 3rd house, it’s pretty close to where my 4th house in Aquarius begins; no planets in my 5th house of Pisces (just my asc node in Pisces) ;my jupiter(Aries) is in my 6th house ruled by Aries; nothing in my 7th house of Aries; and then my chart is void of any planets with house 8(Taurus), house 9(Gemini), mid heaven 10th house is in Leo; my 11th in Virgo and we come full circle with libra ruling my 12th house as well. I do have asteroids like Chiron in Gemini in my 9th and vesta in Leo in my 10th. Then there is my Lilith in Leo in 10th n my south node in Virgo in my 11th. I doubt those have much to do with this particular topic though. Idk
      What I do know is that boundaries have become apparent as part of my current issue with these kind of women in my life. I need to learn how to better identify which ppl I can trust more than others
      And more importantly, which ppl I cannot trust at all. I know my most difficult boundary to set will be the same one I’ve had difficulty setting my entire life- and that is of limiting how much of myself I give to others personally. I am far too open too soon and way too blunt and honest and it is absolutely to a fault. I share far too much information about myself to most everyone and anyone and I do it readily, not even seeing at all how it could be the slightest bit inappropriate or rather how it could be used against me or misused when put into the wrong hands or heard by the wrong ears! It really is like I wear a blindfold when I say personal things to others. I don’t SEE what is harmful about my honesty but I know from experiences now that somehow it
      Could be, but because I trust in life n ppl n goodness too much, I ignore that knowledge n use blind faith in what I am hearing instead of what I know. I am learning though.
      Hope this isn’t too long, I ramble and I talk- a lot!! Which adds to my issue with the importance of boundaries for me personally to cultivate effectively! Lol

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