Saturn In Scorpio for Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

I started a thread on the boards about Venus entering Scorpio tonight. I feel really good about it and posted to the thread when I realized why:

“I am looking forward to this. I feel I live beneath the surface now and will be glad to have Venus visit my realm.”

Saturn-ruled Capricorn (and Aquarius too, for that matter), have got to mind Saturn. With Saturn now transiting Scorpio, we’ve got to live underground. I think this will come easier to me, then it will to your average Capricorn types. This is because I have such a heavily tenanted 8th house. I am used to the dark.

How are you other Capricorns and Aquarians faring with Saturn in Scorpio?

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    curious wanderer

    I’m doing alright. I’ve been very, very judicious with my energy. I don’t even complete board posts at times because I don’t want to put the energy out there.

  2. 12th House natal Saturn trines my 4th House Capricorn Stellium (Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars). Saturn in Scopio sextiles the stellium from my 2nd House. I am keeping a very low profile. I can not
    begin to comprehend Venus added to the mix. I will think about it tomorrow. (My current mantra! :-))

    1. Bruce, I expect many would say so, but I’ve not studied that personally, to an extent where I could answer the question.
      I am a P Aries rising and do not mind Mars. I know I am Saturn-ruled! 🙂

  3. Social withdrawal to a certain degree and mainly to maintain healthy energy levels – Cap Rising.

    So far I am doing ok with this, but then Saturn just left Libra (my sun) so I am used to the energy. He’s headed toward my MC so we’ll see where this gets me.

  4. Its hard to put into words, i am still reflecting on learnings from saturn’s time in libra. I am proud how i managed it then. The skeleton has been created during saturn’s time in libra, and now the skeleton needs some meat on it:) I feel i want to be more private and careful for a while. I’m also attracted to job titles which have words like ‘regenerative’ 🙂

  5. In the last 10 days I have been pretty dark, deep and less social butterfly. Work from home as much as possible. Tissues with just a dab of mascara to catch tears I dont want anyone to see fall all over my house and car. Curtains never open.

    I just feel a shift.

    @curious-Very Very good point. I dont do a lot for the same reason. Just a little of this energy can change moods.

  6. I’m Capricorn rising. A palpable change in “pace” since Saturn began it’s transit through Scorpio. One formely close friend abruptly decided to end our friendship taking me totally by surpise. Looking back I now realize just how badly I hurt him and how much he needed me, and I wasn’t just there for him over the previous year. Otherwise, overall gravity of my job, finances has seemed to increase. Working harder but getting results. Another decent developing trend is that I’ve made a few new (young) aquaintances that seem to think I’m sexy for some strange reason.

  7. I’m a Capricorn…strange times. Don’t wanna be out there much, to be honest. Feel very fatigued, short-tempered, but that can be the Mars in Capricorn pulling my strings. Just feel a heavy, turn of tide feeling in the air. But at the same time, I feel better prepared – mentally, emotionally, spiritually – to weather the storm. And it sure feels like the tension before the storm. hmmmmmmmm

  8. I have a Cancer rising… but I’m a Capricorn. I felt the transit INTENSELY when it changed over to Scorpio. Felt overwhelmed with emotions that are usually tucked away. It took me a good 2 months to get out of my own sludge. Or better yet. Mars moving into Capi to see that action moves us through emotion allot quicker then swimming in it. 🙂

  9. Nerygirl, I’m a Cancer rising too. Wonder if this is why we have more of an emotional reaction to the whole thing. The Saturn in Libra – I feel – was tougher on me, but still, I hear ya…it’s been a whammy after another. Keep positive and use the Mars energy to plow through.

  10. You know, I’m fine. I do need to go further down–I think it will be very good for me to do so. I’m having my Jupiter Return so it isn’t the easiest balance to make (being out there, Jupiter style and tuning in, to my inner world).

  11. Aq Sun and Rising, and stellium in Capricon (Mer, Ven, Jup and Nep).

    I’ve been debating whether to stay home or drive 1.5 hours to be with family and friends for this holiday, but I’m leaning more towards being reclusive honestly, and what you’ve just posted Elsa makes senses to why I’m feeling this way. Thanks.

  12. I’m not even going to the family Thanksgiving dinner. That’s how underground I am. I feel strong mentally and emotionally…..but I am physically feeling very fatigued and weak. I really hope my health is alright. It’s so frustrating. Going to do all I can to get myself feeling better before this year is out. I have consistent pains in my chest and am sleeping like a ROCK. No energy for anything.

  13. Am Aquarian sun, Saturn, Mars and Venus in Cappy and if not Rising too then very close to it (late Saggi otherwise) and here is my moon in early degrees Scorpio being activated too by all this. Could sure do with some help navigating it all, especially in the areas of financial, home and emotional security (what else is there for someone with my astro combo?!) Am having to hide a big thing through love for others too, and apparently theirs for me…very very difficult and tense time and afraid too whether an already difficult life will get worse, even though have tried all my life up till now to always do the ‘right’ thing…any advice?

  14. Your Heart is opening to Unconditional Love. I recently went through a spiritual awakening and I was very fatigued. I am a Capricorn with Scorpio rising. Surrender to this new energy and treat yourself lovingly. You deserve it!

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