Fighting Breast Cancer: Pluto Transit

Dear Elsa

I have had a whirlwind two years. In May 2004, I broke up with my boyfriend of five years and in April 2005, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. But now it’s June 2006, and I am still not over the boyfriend… and still battling this disease.

My ex says he wants to be with me, but I find his Gemini ways to be unreliable. And though I feel as healthy as I did before I was diagnosed, I fear the hidden workings of this disease.

Any advice on how to deal with both or either?

Fighting Cancer

Dear Fighting,

To be honest, I’m not sure how qualified I am to help you with either of these things, but I’ll take a stab at it, okay?

What is common to your two issues is your fear. And I’ll tell you what your chart looks like. It looks like the chart of some powerhouse woman, with tremendous depth and breadth and everything else you could possibly want – in spades. And then, like an ink blot that’s been spilled, sits Saturn… the planet that signifies fear.

Now the way I read this, is when you give in to your fear… when you fail to control it, it basically disables the rest of the chart. The rest of you, that is. And this is not so smart when you’re fighting for life!!!

So what about the man? You call him unreliable, but he wants to be at your side while you fight cancer. That sounds pretty reliable to me. And I don’t doubt he’s a flake. We all are, at times. But let’s just say he flakes out on you? So what? What’s it going to do? Kill you? You’re fighting cancer for godsakes! You’ve faced death for real, so there’s no need to be afraid of a Gemini!

You also don’t have to be scared of dying. Because you’re either going to die… or you aren’t. And if you can get yourself thinking in these non-fear-based ways, I am quite sure you will begin to feel your power. And with Pluto transiting your Moon Pluto conjunction, your power is enormous – at an all time high, I’d say.

Now if it were me, I would call the boy up. But I like boys and I am weak! ::laughs::: You are strong, but I still think you should call him up, simply because you miss him. And maybe you aren’t over him because you’re not supposed to be over him. Duh.

But the main thing, is your fear. Saturn rules fear AND reality. So if you accept “reality” (any of us may die at anytime) it gives (healthy) expression to the energy. Fear is the negative manifestation and it will cripple you if you let it. Good luck.


6 thoughts on “Fighting Breast Cancer: Pluto Transit”

  1. Elsa, I am new to Blogger, so I am not sure how this works.

    I would like to get in touch with “Fighting Cancer”. I would like to share with her my experience.

    I too am dealing with a seperation of 13 years, a 4 year old child and breast cancer.

    How can I get in touch with her?

  2. “You’ve faced death for real, so there’s no need to be afraid of a Gemini!”

    I love this line!

    And to the woman who posed the question, best of luck! I hope you have a full recovery and many years of good health to come.

  3. Hi can I please get in touch with the breast cancer girls. I myself have Venus in the 8th house in Cancer. I just completed a Saturn opposite Venus transit in which I was just diagnosed with breast cancer and I am beside myself too. and ended breaking off an almost 8 year toxic relationship with my ex and felt fresh and renewed and ready to start life again and am now running Pluto opposite Venus and now I have breast cancer. My mother completely abandoned me when I told her I have cancer. Why is life so unfair?????

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