What Is The Upside Of Venus Square Neptune?

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Hi Elsa,

Great answer to the question on the upside of Saturn square Venus. Can I ask is there an upside to Neptune square Venus? Or is one only to obtain love when the tide rolls in only to lose it again when the tide rolls out. Never really recognizing/seeing what real love is, especially when it is a signature in your chart.

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Hi, Neptune.

I have this aspect in my natal chart. I can tell you for sure, there’s an upside!

First, consider that Venus is exalted in Pisces. This is because of its endless capacity to love and to give. I’m not saying that everyone with Venus in Pisces does this! But they have the potential. It’s an extremely forgiving combination.

It’s the same with Venus square Neptune. I admit it’s tricky but I’ll take your specific questions and try to make sense of them.

“..is one only to obtain love when the tide rolls in only to lose it again when the tide rolls out?”

Love cannot actually roll out. It can seem to roll out but you can’t really lose the love that’s in your heart. Venus Neptune has the ability to love everyone, everywhere.  In fact, it’s a challenge to focus your love.

I’d suggest your love might be missing but it’s not gone. You believe it’s gone. But the second you believe it’s back, you’ll find it is.

This reminds me of a time when someone stole every single bit of music I had (back before music was digital). I was distraught! I was devastated. But two hours later, I was in my car, singing my head off. You really can’t steal person’s music!

Love is the same. It flows out, but as long as it flows back in, maybe that’s just how life is?

“…Never really recognizing/seeing what real love is?”

I am not sure anyone can do this!  “Real love” looks different from one individual to the next. But even more importantly, it looks different to a single person, at different times in their life.

What I thought real love was at 17 years old, was not what I thought it was at 40.  Venus Neptune can see this, easier than most.

Imagine continuing to look for what was ideal when you were 20 when you’re now, 52! I’d consider this a hindrance!  But for Venus Neptune to morph, they will have to endure periods of disillusionment that they can eventually transcend.

Good luck!

Tell us about your experiences with Venus Neptune?

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  1. So, from your post, are you saying that with a Venus Neptune hard transit, like a square, it’s a period of learning about what love really is, possibly through disillusionment?

    1. Hi, Eliza. Yes, it’s one of the things I am saying.

      Let’s say you love someone and they disappoint you. That’s it! You don’t love them anymore.

      Three days later, your line melts. I would say this makes you a more loving person…a more open and forgiving person. I don’t think that’s negative.

  2. Avatar

    I have this aspect. And Venus is in Pisces!

    I feel like I do not love anything or anyone really. I love the feeling when I am with them or it. But technically I do not love them/it.
    I am rarely there, but when I am I do not care about who you are, I just enjoy being in the emotion itself.

  3. I have Leo Venus in my 1st house square my Scorpio Neptune in 4th house.

    Before I became a mom, I always dated men who were very high achievers but I personally
    suffer from poor self esteem and back then it was much, much worse. I would fall too hard and after a year or so I would get dumped or be forced to come to terms and break off.

    Becoming a single mom and raising a kid in poverty, I lost my sense of sexuality for years. Eventually I ended up in a situation 14 yrs. later where I was able to afford plastic surgery in a foreign country. I was so lucky, I got a second chance at self esteem. Childbirth had changed my body, I was able to get a makeover and I finally had the courage to date again. I chose someone who was nice but somewhat unavailable. I thought I could settle but I was really missing out.

    One day, out of the blue I found what I was missing out on and he walked into MY life instead of the other way around. In August, we celebrate 6 magical years of bliss together. Not married but incredibly happy and grateful for us. He teases me about never having a great relationship before I met him, I tell him if I had I would not appreciate him as much as I do.

    I’ve read in a classic Astrology book written by a long dead author that “Neptune is the cosmic Santa Claus”. Perhaps this is true.

  4. I have a natal T square with Scorp Neptune (11th) at the apex and Aqu Venus (2nd, intercepted) and Leo Moon (8th, intercepted) both square to it. Def issues with self-esteem, falling for people who are unavailable, or ending up with people who love me but I’m too thrilled to be loved that I forget to check in with myself to see if I love them back. No wonder I’m not on speaking terms with Neptune. 😛

  5. I’m in The middle of it all, right now. I fell in love with someone that lived on the other side of the world, so I went there and lived in fog for seven years. I pray that I can get it “right” next time. The upside? Even after all this hurt, I still believe in Love, fiercely. Yes, what love is has shifted dramatically for me.

  6. Hi Elsa,

    Is 10 degrees to far apart for this aspect, between the two; Venus in Gemini, and Neptune in Scorpio?


  7. It’s important to note that being idealized by someone who doesn’t actually like you after all and then the veil drops is not fun. There is a downside to being Venus neptuned particularly if you’re insecure. Like someone gives you that validation and tells you how great you are and you start to accept it and turns out it was a big fat lie

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