Here Is A Cold, Hard Saturn In Virgo Fact: Some People Waste Your Time And Effort

I know that many are opposed to edges or cut offs of all kinds. They would like to believe that anything is possible for anyone at anytime.

While in theory I agree this is true, in practice many things can be called or counted out with a high degree of accuracy. For example, in theory Ted Bundy might redeem himself but in reality there is no way in hell.

While he is an extreme case, I think this concept is widely applicable to an extent that would probably put most people on edge. Passing judgment would piss them off even though it would save energy of all kinds.

Also, if you really have faith you would know that if something or someone were put down in error it would be part of a larger picture and be made right down the road but in whatever case, I’ll tell you just how common the cold, hard facts are.

Last night choice of a chart for my astrology experiment with one of my cohorts. I had a chart in mind but after discussing it we came to the conclusion that working with the chart would ultimately accomplish nothing.  To work on this particular chart would (very likely) be a wasted investment because the person is just so incredibly inflated.

I realize this is a hell of a statement that will offend many however it is an important thing to say. There is such a thing as a know-it-all. There are people who are virtually impervious to anything another person might convey and if you run across someone like this, you’re wasting your time trying to communicate with them.

There will probably always be people who will try to counsel and redeem the Ted Bundys of the world but I have come to point where I am not going to be one of them.  Instead, I’m going with the odds. I want to work with people who actually can take in energy and have an exchange and if this gets me tagged as hard, cold and heinous, I don’t mind.

This is a Saturn in Virgo concept by the way. Use your time wisely. Further, this has everything to do with Pisces compassion. Perhaps you can see that.

Virgo and Pisces do not operate independently regardless of who and how many may want to insist otherwise.

“I am just a shapeless blob.”

“Yeah, right.”

Do you know how many times I have been cut by so-called “shapeless blobs”? ::laughs::

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  1. I’ve noticed this also as Saturn has gone direct and Pluto rx. I’ve become frustrated with the ways I waste my time, especially with people. There are some people you just can’t even speak to about anything! Like literally…they walk around with their reality, and they’re so passionate about it that they have followers, and you can’t. say. a word.

    However, my ego is really hard to put aside in these types of situations. I think that’s the problem…we all want followers, we want everyone to think we’re right and then when one person comes along more stubborn than a mule, we dwell and dwell and dwell…it’s really difficult to overcome this. I like your explanation of the astrology behind it…solidifying the Neptune blob!

  2. “Like literally…they walk around with their reality, and they’re so passionate about it that they have followers, and you can’t. say. a word.”

    Yes and invariably, these are the people who claim to be open-minded.

    If you ask me their mind is so open nothing can go in it. 😉

    1. Avatar
      Adrián Barbu

      So true, then everybody descovers they are a fraud, and the hard reality kiks in. I’m a sun conjunct Saturn, moon in Virgo tipe, and I cannot be passionate about anything really

  3. Been running into this most of my adult life. It’s gotten so bad lately I’m starting to develop a “Cassandra Complex” (which is a real state, BTW).

    Saturn in Virgo transiting my 10th is forcing this issue for me too. ::::grumble, grumble:::: 🙂

  4. Wow Neith…I looked up “Cassandra Complex” and yeah, that’s pretty much what I’ve been dealing with lately. It’s been a pretty complicated journey trying to get to a point where I mostly trust myself. It’s tough!

  5. Sometimes I wonder if I am the person you describe. Then I figure if I can grasp the concept that I might be the ****-up, then it probably isn’t me.

    ****-ups never know what they are.

  6. yes, but as a teacher there’s a need for due diligence and staying open to the possibility of growth… particularly while they’re still children.
    still. there’s one or two where, well… the task is to avoid letting them pull you into their drama… they can be experts at wasting other people’s time.

  7. This article is so true – there are people who are a waste of time. People who don’t want to evolve, who spin their wheels and remain in situations that make no sense. People who think they have the answers when they don’t. It’s frustrating and I try to make a point to get rid of them as they add nothing to the experience except aggravation.

  8. on night court judge harry said: I like to keep an open mind but not so open that my brain falls out.

  9. I think I missed something here. Is this idea still going to happen or is it off because of the person who isn’t worth the time? There are definitely people out there who it’s pointless to interact with, so that’s all well and good, but from my end here it seems like a 180. Is the concept of this post just a topic, or is it also a nixing of the chart analysis?

  10. dolce, no it’s not off! We just picked a different chart with higher odds of someone benefiting.

    This is done by the way. I am going to load it tomorrow morning at the new moon. I am very happy how it came off / came together. As a prototype / experiment / first time out of the gate, I don’t know that I could ask for or expect better. We just all three did our thing.

  11. satori… i havnt thought about night court in forever, hahahaha.
    elsa, I’m really exited to see the experiment, its gonna kick ass.

  12. I love the synchronicity!
    I was just reading an article about this.

    There is an old saying, trying to offer wisdom/kindness to someone who doesn’t want it is like trying to full a bottle that still has the lid on it. The point is that that the other person has to be open and want to receive.
    I think the issue of communicating is complex and in point, trying to “get through” to such a person can be pointless. This however does not render the person useless or irredeemable. After all an inflated ego has its positives and negatives just like everything else. They cannot be helped by you or I, they have to help themselves. Only they refuse to recognize that there is even a problem, a rather vicious cycle indeed. Untimely, going to therapy, getting a reading from a talented astrologer, receiving feed back from nurturing and loving friends, will have no effect, pointless but not without hope. Such a person has simply chosen to limit themselves (Saturn) and not be open to growth (Jupiter) brought about by way of communication (Mercury)

  13. Oh lord. I see a few replies that sound like people who may be the types who give unwarranted advice and have an obsession with needing to fix everyone else without looking at themselves. Like the comment about trying to offer wisdom to those who don’t want it – people also don’t realize they shouldn’t “offer wisdom” to those who don’t ASK for it – unwarranted advice can often be an attempt to control the other person and criticism cloaked in ‘helpfulness.’ ‘Givers’ need to pay attention to boundaries and make sure they are respecting the right others have to living lives the way they see fit without judgment from others (as long as it isn’t obviously illegal).

    The things I just mentioned above, I noticed are problems for not only Pisces/Virgo axis people, but the water signs as well. Since these are not usually dominant signs in any relationship, they’ll control using underhanded methods like pretend helpfulness.

    And yes, there are people who do need help, ask for help, you give it, and then they don’t use it. The wisdom there is not that putting blame on the receiver or your help, it is knowing when/who to stop giving with, and looking at yourself, the giver, as to why you have issues where you can’t stop giving with those who won’t take it. Also, givers need to realize that just because they GIVE advice it does NOT mean the other person MUST take it. For the other person to have no choice is to disallow them the ability to choose, which is everyone’s right (for the most part) as an adult! If they MUST take your advice lest be judged, condescended upon, and blamed, that is just more controlling behavior.

    Take it from a Virgo who has learned a lot of these lessons the hard way. Giving is supposed to be partially for yourself, and not a hidden control behavior. If you cannot give without the need for the other person to give back to you, then you shouldn’t be ‘giving.’

  14. This was an amazing post, Elsa, so in tune with my feelings right now as a counselor/teacher. I just dumped two very renumerative private clients who just can’t get it. Gave them two years; I think that’s being patient enough.

    Your final shot on in the last days of Saturn in Virgo really nailed it and captured the plutonian “enough already” vibe! Also made me writhe in self-recrimination for my own tendency toward arrogance.

  15. I’ve had similar experiences that touches on this… Many times, when I’ve been approached for support and advice, I listen and respond with XYZ… knowing that they would rather hear ABC. Sure enough, they will get defensive, defend why XYZ would never work. It can be frustrating, but I’m learning not to push it, see it as sort of planting seeds in hopes that when they are ‘ready’ to get ‘real’ they might remember.

  16. Avatar
    Adrián Barbu

    So true, then everybody descovers they are a fraud, and the hard reality kiks in. I’m a sun conjunct Saturn, moon in Virgo tipe, and I cannot be passionate about anything really

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