Finding Someone Who Can And Will Tell You What You Need (Or Want) To Know

Zodiac Christmas ornamentI have Uranus and Pluto…and now Mars and Jupiter transiting my natal Mars Mercury conjunction in the 9th house. I’ll tell you something. I study aggressively. If I want to know something, I go right for the throat.

I am lucky (9th) and possibly skilled (Mars) when it comes to ferreting out interesting information (Mercury). I don’t know that this has ever been truer for me, then it is in this moment.

I don’t think people are all that honest in this day and age. If a person is not honest with themselves, it will be virtually impossible they be honest with you.

I also think people are not as educated as they’ve been in the past. I don’t say this as a snob. I am not educated at all! But I want to be educated. I have a drive (Mars) for higher learning (9th).

My best sources of  information are unconventional. I have a Jupiter Uranus aspect in my chart. That may explain this.  In whatever case, these days, my best sources are writers who have been dead for six or seven hundred years. I would have never thought this would be the case. But I like this centuries old writing and I can tell you why.

It’s because the writers are recording what they know.

They aren’t writing to sell books.
They aren’t writing to include keywords for google.
They aren’t writing to manipulate my emotion.

They are simply writing to share what they’ve learned, because it seems important and they were right! It is important, because here I am reading their words, half a millennium after they’ve passed. Not only that, I am telling people about them on an astrology blog, of all things. You have to admit it’s hysterical in a way.

Absorbing this writing is affecting me.  It’s helped to burn off the dross I’ve acquired simply by living in this era of lies and political correctness.

I also like running across these new/old ideas and I’ll give you an example.

Last night I was reading about how awful being curious is.  It made me laugh out loud. I am easily the most curious person I have ever met in my life.

But the man made his case, and his case had merit.

Consequently, it’s caused me to consider a number of things in a new light. His ideas may very well lead me to a breakthrough in my life.

I don’t think I could find someone in the modern day to tell me such a thing and that’s the point of writing this. It’s worth taking the time to try to find someone to tell you something you want or need to know – even if it the information or the insight upsets you.  Because you’re probably not going to get very far being coddled.

I feel proud to be someone who will talk straight to an individual.  Crap is fleeting.  If you can get someone who will speak to you in plain language, that’s the source I’d tap.

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    curious wanderer

    “Last night I was reading about how awful being curious is. It made me laugh out loud. I am easily the most curious person I have ever met in my life.

    But the man made his case, and his case had merit.”

    When I finished reading this, I had a bit of internal recoil, because I tend towards endless curiosity. I also grew up with a belief that information is power (Mercury/Pluto). However, experience taught me that so much information is often to my detriment. I am grateful that I’ve come to a place that I don’t need to know everything, and I actively avoid a lot.

    You’re right, Elsa, in that so many are putting information out there for an agenda. More than that, it occurs to me that in this technological age, anybody can manage to grab the spotlight long enough to spew their nonsense and get heard/seen. Once upon a time, a person used to have to have some sort of credibility to get that attention. Nowadays, attention is cheap, and it gets used like a drug.

    In spite of what some think, I am pretty hard to offend, and I highly appreciate it when someone can lay it out for me straight, even if it’s uncomfortable. Sometimes I can get pissed off (not necessarily offended), but hey, truth can hurt. And if it does hurt, that’s my problem to take care of, not the person who provided said truth.

    1. ‘so much information is often to my detriment’ is that curiosity killin the cat?

      Great pic. I could never have gotten my cats to sit still for that.

  2. i agree with a lot of what you said here, elsa (and enjoyed reading your thoughts on this)! similarly, one of the friends i value most in my life has been a close platonic guy friend who always gives super-blunt, straightforward advice, even at the expense of my feelings sometimes. it’s so rare to find someone who won’t mince words just for the sake of politeness!

    but i also very much agree about what you’re saying re: the motivations of writers now vs. then. it really was a more genuine thing to impart knowledge without worrying about google analytics / public acclaim so much!

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with seeking and using knowledge, and wisdom, from the past. It’s a wonderful irony to be living in an era when a library and tool (the internet) gives me access to the wisdom of my ancestors. The language, sensibilities and firsthand wisdom of practices and beliefs that were as you wrote: not for the $ or the praise. I seek it out and eat it up. For example: when I am struck with a word or phrase from today’s chatter and it ‘just won’t ring’ I head to my Hawaiian Dictionary and hunt up a translation. The clue is usually in whether I find a translation or whether it just DOESN’T translate. That means ‘dig deeper’ and usually, it won’t be in the contemporary venues.

    You think about these angles, Elsa, and that rings for me.

  4. I’m pretty honest with myself and others. Allowing for social discretion of course. What I really would like to find is someone who can cheerlead me.

  5. It was a major wake up call when I first ran across an ancient writer who was basically goin through the personal journey no different than mine. It’s nothing new. Humans have been wondering and waking up to themselves forever.

  6. If you want to read a vey well written book + interesting characters + exciting story –
    Kanada by Richard Ford – Merry Christmas!

  7. Hi Elsa P. I was Reading Your Post ans Screeeechhhhhhhhhh came Up when I read

    “political correctness” does NOT FIT !!!

    Hope You, Your Family, Your Team, Your Readers have a Great Christmas and a Superb 2014 !!!

  8. The changes can be seen through your writing. I have to smile at what resonates now. Life is quite fascinating and writing is the best way to express it. No bad delivery. Just the words. Curiosity is what makes life fun! If it kills the cat so what…..they have how many lives?

  9. Elsa, would love to know the names of some of these authors. And you know the saying “curiosity killed the cat”. Perhaps this author coined it! By the way I have always appreciated your honesty. It’s like a beacon in this
    in the chaos of our times. And also appreciate your astute insights in the readings you have done for me! Looking back on the early ones I am saying to myself “Ah! She was right on the money! Why didn’t I listen? Now I am!

    Merry Christmas to you Elsa!!!

  10. I dont know your chart Elsa but I think you have a Libran Mercury just because I know you have Mars Libra and you say Mars Mercury set up

    What I find fascinating (I have Libran Mars) is that in order to drive for balance peace I will often create disharmony to just get it out (eg straight talk) I flower it up a bit more (cancer mercury) but in dogged pursuit of making it all ok I can be so disruptive, people hate and love me for it!! It does mean they have to confront sometimes ugly truths which I have done but some people aren’t ready for it and resent it. However underneath the main driver (Mars) is for balance/harmony/fairness (libra)

    It took me years to understand this and astrology helped 🙂

  11. Are you psychic as well? I think this manifests itself in gifted terms as Claircognizance meaning “you know what you know cause you know.” Is that what you mean? I like the curious as a cat picture ode.
    Anyway, I have been told by astrologers I have mars in my 9th but I believe it to be in the 10th and believe in the whole house system for myself because it is manifesting this way. For instance, I HAVE BEEN MARRING THROUGH THIS MAZE OF LIFE FOR A CAREER!!! I know it but it feels like I am going through an unnecessary obstacle course for this. You on the other hand do have it in the 9th house because you publish your thoughts in the broad sense of terms on the internet. I just wonder how come Mars is in the 10th for me even though we’ve practically got the same thing? Meaning how come some people have a system that’s more accurate and others have another system that fits them fine? Weird. Its easier for me to look at a whole system chart because its nice diced up in an awkward manner to my symmetrical regimented mindset. Went off the high horse way too far! LOL. Anyway about the truth. I learned to wise up at an early age , 14. I went through hell at age 13 and Neptune conjunct Moon right now is bringing fuzzy thoughts but back then I couldn’t tell nothing I was just living like a fun zombie w/ out eating the brains part , no joke. Now I am a bit wised up because of a thought provoking person like you here name is Lauryn Hill.I bought her album Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and it made me wise the crap up when no one was telling me what I needed to hear. Then , came the help and support around me .But a person who was betrayed and could see through people was more interesting to listen to. At my saturn return I realize even though I may compare myself to others in regards to my lot in love life I have no shame to thoughts, sins, or taboos or even status (meaning whether I drive a car or not, lack of status and house) and only should answer to the higher ups. I feel like people should listen to you but in context. And I feel like no one should wholeheartedly lean on someone too much but their own relationship with their Maker (as per conversation back and forth) otherwise you won’t get the real deal. Its crazy to say that you can’t rely on anyone but its true at times. And really G-d’s knows before you even know so why contest? And yeah yeah yeah I have definitely contested so don’t raise your eyebrow I am doing a service to say that you really need to talk to G-d about your troubles , cares and then receive a response and follow through on it. Because only G-d truly knows your ordeal and only G-d can fix it. Bless!

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