Fixed Signs Snap Out Of It – Uranus In Taurus

gemini vintage twin dolls red dressMy daughter is interesting in that she has five planets in their own signs in her natal chart.

She has:
Mercury in Gemini
Venus in Taurus
Jupiter in Sagittarius
Uranus in Aquarius
Pluto in Scorpio

To add to that, she’s got two other planets in mutual reception. I have to tell you, this situation has made her nearly unstoppable and like everything else, unstoppable for good or ill! She’s almost twenty-five years old now.

I asked how or why she stopped doing something (destructive) that she loved to do. She raised this crap to HIGH art. No one who knew her would have every dreamed she’s stop.

“I outgrew it,” she said.

I was struck by the simplicity of her statement. What? No drama? No writhing around or describing of agony. I thought a second, then told her, “I never hear that anymore”. I don’t think people realize they can simple grow up and set something aside.

I thought I should write about this but realized I already had. I made a video, actually.

The Easy Way To Overcome Your Addiction

I do see so many people, attached to some version of their person-hood that should have been shed, long ago.  Don’t tag yourself with LABELS. When you do this, you have to keep proving you’re that thing you say you are.

As an example, someone says they love cookies!  Then they have to eat a bunch of cookies, whenever they’re in sight.

Think about it.  Give yourself some space. Be and remain, free.

What do you do, that you should have outgrown, eons ago?

18 thoughts on “Fixed Signs Snap Out Of It – Uranus In Taurus”

  1. Dear Elsa..I hope you are advising people about the Lord..and our brother Jesus return!! God Bless everyone and may Gods Grace beeith you all!!

  2. Her chart is quite unique to me. I hope she exceeds and excels in her chosen endeavors. She comes from good stock, but she possesses a mind of her own. I wish you both the best of luck moving forward!

  3. Beautiful what was the Buddha said three things the sun the moon and the truth and the how much you love her gently you live and how gracefully you let go of what’s not meant for you something like that beautiful beautiful girl,oh and daughter a daughter a daughter for life

    1. Tell that to the people who missed the polio vaccine by a year or even one month.
      I know someone like this; horribly crippled because they were born in a military hospital… the last hospitals to get the vaccine.

      1. That’s the epidemic I came into at birth. No eating off the floor ever in my house after that. So that’s all I ever knew about floors and food.

        1. I just researched it a bit. It broke out in the area I was in due to sewage from leaky pipes in the water supply . Supposedly it was in feces. (I think I heard this covid 19 also lives in feces.) They followed the virus in the water flow and sure enough that’s where the polio virus had struck in the Summer of Fear. It was most evident in people 2-3 years older than me. But they Forest Gumped along.

  4. Science 4/4/77 “abstracts” is where the Salk quote and testimony against mass polio inoculation can be found. In any case the $150 billion to develop a covid-19 vaccination is yet another case of corporate welfare scheme to crap all over the masses of humanity. Allopathic medicine has been deteriorating ever since the breakup of Standard Oil when the entire medical profession has been bought for pennies on the dollar by these sharks. Truth and especially astrology have no place in their profit margins

  5. But if you believe in vaccinations. GREAT. Take as many as you can. Especially the ones containing “the good for you kind of mercury.” I prefer to believe in less pernicious fairy tales like the Easter bunny and Santa Claus.

  6. anonymoushermit

    I kinda like how fixed signs can be your greatest allie, but they can also be the biggest pain in your neck!

    1. I was doing some reading last night about Eclipse Energy in the different signs and I fell in love with the fixed signs again. Probably because I have placements in all of them. I’m so vain.:D Actually, it opened me up some more. I like a spacious feel.

      1. anonymoushermit


        I’ve met both the angelic side of fixed signs (loyal, hard working, stable, surprisingly warm, confident, deep). But, I have also met the nasty side of them (digging their heels in, narcissistic, contrary, combative, etc, etc, etc)!

        I guess a person has to judge a person case by case and not by prejudice in the end. 🙂

  7. I love your daughter’s answer to why did she stop. It’s so “fixed” sign. It’s because we decide. And once we decide, it’s over. Carr (author) has his “Easy Way” trademarked to stop drinking or stop smoking and Anthony Hopkins said that it was the only thing that stopped his smoking once and for all. Carr’s Easy Way (TM) says that once you decide something, the need to think about it and debate every day goes away because you have made up your mind. You don’t have to ask yourself if you are going to drink or smoke because that decision has been made. That works perfectly for us fixed signs. I’ll decide, dammit!! No one else 🙂 Your daughter sounds amazing <3 We love our indie girls!

  8. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    10 degrees Moon in Taurus in 8th house while in an Aquarian Saturn Return retrograded in 5th at 5 degrees.
    Im feeling it already. An event happened which made me painfully aware of a pattern I never saw before in myself. Liberating but humbling. It may have destroyed something beautiful.
    Hopecull, like the Tower card it leaves something beautiful behind

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