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  1. Right when I was wondering whether I should, I saw this video. I wasn’t asking myself the right question. Thank you Elsa, I couldn’t be more grateful.

  2. It’s funny you talk about this, Elsa as I’ve been thinking about leaving the relationship that I’ve just started with the Scorpio man that I’ve known for 6+ years. I don’t know what to do and not sure if I should wait until after the Mercury Retrograde to make the final decision.

    1. Lila,

      I’d wait till Mercury retrograde is over and after a week or two after this last eclipse as more clarity and information will be available.

      Transiting Venus in cancer opposite transiting Saturn in Capricorn can be rough on couples.

      Just my piece of mind.

  3. I’ve been with my husband close to 20 yrs. I went through a period of like 2 yrs that I was so ready to move on. I only lingered because of my son. My desire for my sons happiness was more important to me. I didn’t know it at the time but Uranus was approaching my Ascendant and Saturn was approaching my 7th. We persevered and made it through. One day I just snapped out of it and things got back to normal (maybe even stronger as cliche as that sounds). I’m so glad because although it’s not easy, he’s a great partner and father.

      1. Great advice. Long term relationships can go through ups and downs, and that’s pretty normal. Ann’s experience is a great example of this.

  4. I think too many people leave too late, rather than soon. Especially if it’s a marriage. It’s so easy to walk out when you have an escape hatch, and dating is exactly that.

    For my own sake, I made a personal checklist. Interestingly, most of the answers below are ‘no’ for me, and we are still together. Human beings are strange. Natally, I have Pisces and Lilith in my 7th house.

    1. Does this person have my best interest at heart, always?
    2. Are they capable of making a sacrifice, big or small, for my happiness? Am I willing to do the same for them?
    3. Being with them fills me with joy or dread, on a basic level? Are we together out of love, habit or fear of future without them?
    4. Do they respect me?
    5. Do I respect them?
    6. Will they be around if things really got tough? Cancer? Parents’ death? Financial troubles? Permanent diasbility?
    7. Feelings of extreme love or hatred come and go, but do I like them?
    8. Do I like spending time with them?
    9. Do they encourage my growth?
    10. Do they grow?
    11. Do they ever apologize?
    12. Do they ever do something for me just to make me smile? Do I ever do something like this for them?
    13. Do they communicate their emotions?

    1. Hey Curl,

      The list you made to think over is awesome! I definitely need to re-evaluate my relationship with my Scorpio man based on those questions alone.


      1. Thanks Lila. I like making lists. But I would like to caution you on making decision solely on an arbitrary numeric result of a list. You should know in your gut when it’s time. You can be anxious or sad or scared shitless about the decision but you would know if it was time.

  5. One thing I’ve noticed is that a person can say they have no regrets and it can be absolutely true. But then time passes, things change and they find they do have regrets!

    I’m not saying, no one should leave a relationship. I’ve left plenty of them. I am saying, it’s worth thinking out a ways. Because sometimes the person you leave, goes on, marries well and you’re left eating your heart out.

    Or you realize the person really loved you; you were just too ignorant or prideful to see it.

    This is what it is. A 2 minute idea, but one I think i important.

    1. Elsa – I know some folks who this advice is great for. They have a knee jerk reaction & aren’t great at compromise. Or realizing we are all imperfect – and maybe not everything is the end of the damn world….
      I’m the opposite of that…to a fault.
      One 8 year relationship, and one 10 year marriage – just plain stupid – shouldn’t have happened: the marriage not at all, and the 8 year one: my first at 19, should’ve been brief.
      I’m stubborn! Leo moon, venus plus sun in 5th…mars in second, south node taurus and in second – plus venus retro squaring those nodes
      However: uranus in the seventh maybe: once I realize I matter then maybe the man I’m with will too

    2. anonymoushermit

      “Or you realize the person really loved you; you were just too ignorant or prideful to see it.”

      That’s honest and very naked! For some reading, it’s going to take some time for it to sink in.

    3. You just told the story of my ex: he thought the grass would be greener on the other side–it was because it was fake…!

      1. anonymoushermit

        Stargirl, sometimes people just want something they don’t have. I’ve been on the receiving end; They thought I wasn’t as good as them. Sometimes youth is very youthful, LOL.

  6. boy, this has me thinking! I cannot imagine wanting to be with anyone I’ve left – not at all
    if anything it’s been: why did I wait so long…?
    I feel for anyone who does – that must be tough – but just like with my LACK of regrets: you’ve gotta accept your choices & move one…yep: my lack of moving on is a regret – your doing so may be so too: it’s the same boat: accepting who you were at the time – learning as you can: & moving on with life…..
    there is no right or wrong….

  7. I left someone in 2017 who was an ideal match for me in certain ways but things were very toxic and volatile in other ways, and we lived 3 hours apart from each other. I felt like I had to leave after a certain boundary I tried to set was violated. It wasn’t pretty, and I knew damn well that I was walking into the abyss. Weirdly, I have lingering regrets even though I was harassed at the end of it. But I knew that I’d have to be lonely for a long time and take this stuff more seriously. It left a karmic imprint.

    My most recent relationship, I didn’t leave. I was the one left. I feel good about that, strangely. Like it represents improvement in my ability to commit. It was also a much nicer, calm and easy relationship, albeit a bit boring.

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