Frustrated Capricorn Bangs Head On Wall


Dear Elsa,

Namaste’, so here’s the dilemma. I run into recurring problems with Taurus and Scorpio energies, mostly men, some female Scorpios. For the most part there is energy harmony with these signs, however, the anger, persistent & vindictiveness baffles me when in conflictive situations. I have not found a peaceful way that paves a road to resolution and often end up in a chaos standstill as a result. The anger situations never seem to dissipate once started and I am left with a WTF on what to do because nothing seems to work with them – unless “I cringe as I type this” give in to their demands ending up often belittled in the process which is bad juju for a Cap – we too do not forget.

Both signs can be highly manipulative and often self centered with a focus on “I want what I want from you and I better get it or else attitude”. Technically all signs want what they want to a degree, but I have found these signs take their wants and needs to the nth degree. I so desire a better way of coping with the backlash from both when they do not get “their way”.

Being a Capricorn, it would not surprise me that the stubbornness factor and unwillingness to budge in all 3 signs plays a great factor in the discord that occurs. I am not one to back down when justified with my actions. I am a healer/intuitive- and I have found they often do not want to “see” the light so to speak when unhealthy and negative. I often feel toppled over in fear from the vengeful nature of both the above signs. My primary situation revolves around standing up for the right things, when one or both of these signs are in a unhealthy state and hurting people, it becomes a dangerous tango and I have found one must possess a much needed skill in walking a fine line with them- or else. I am trying to help them, but I am concerned about being “burned” in the process due to hitting a trigger point that trips the anger and stubbornness factors of the signs.

Is there a way to diffuse them when in this mode? How do I cope with this issue in relationships and work environments without being taken advantage of or mowed over by them, yet still stand my ground for what I believe in and walk away in the end unmarred by the horns and stingers they possess?

The Miffed Cappie
United States

Dear Cappie,

Let me translate this for you.

Damn those Scorpios and Tauri. Why the hell won’t they do what I think they should? Why do they stay in their angry and unhealthy state when I… a Capricorn, have no rage at all? Why don’t they accept my judgment of them and live as I think they ought to, hmm? Why is that, Elsa? Why won’t these sons of a bitches allow me to control them???

Look. You are primarily Cardinal by sign and by house and my advice is you forget all about other people’s horns and stingers and take a look at how you tend to judge and then direct others… because guess what? You’re not their boss and not only that, you’ll be so much happier.

Good luck.

14 thoughts on “Frustrated Capricorn Bangs Head On Wall”

  1. Yeah. I’ve got a peace-loving Taurus ascendent and Scorp Moon and I don’t find myself in these battles either.

    “I am trying to help them, but I am concerned about being “burned” in the process due to hitting a trigger point that trips the anger and stubbornness factors of the signs.”

    Did they ask for her help? As an intuitive healer one must wait to be invited to help someone else. Maybe if she wasn’t trying to control by getting up in their business then she could avoid a bullhorn or a sting.

    Because if someone were trying to control me I might even enjoy knocking a Cap down from her high horse.

  2. How strange…I’m a Taurus and I don’t find myself in endless battles with anyone (well not most people…there’s always the occasional insane woman that I have to put down). And I’ve been friends with so many Scorp’s in my life and I just don’t see these sorts of battles at all, in free time or at work, or at home! Perhaps the Cappy’s own actions might be contribution to the situation. I have a feeling that the emotions passing between the other two signs, though, just appear to be a lot more fantastical than they truly are. Sometimes a glare is just a glare.

    But then, I’m also a Scorp Ascendent, so I might be biased.

  3. That’s interesting, I’m mostly cappie/saturn and my closest friends are Taurus and Scorpio. I do know that these types don’t like to be told what to do and are stubborn. But I’m the same way, so we get along 🙂

    It’s a matter of where your energy is going…turn it to yourself. Each individual knows what is right for themself, and I don’t think anyone can fundamentally change that.

  4. I’m a very cardinal person… Aries sun, Cap Moon, to start. I also have one BFF who is Taurus and two others who are Scorpio. Whoever wrote this is dead-on that Bulls and SCorpions are maddening creatures for someone with Capricorn to contend with! And Elsa is dead-on that a Cap has to back the hell off and live and let live when dealing with them! LOL

    Seriously, been friends with these folks for over half of my 30 years… Love them to bits… I just don’t bother trying to argue with them more often than not. Let go, love ’em for who they are, and don’t bother trying to force them to your point of view. It won’t. work. and it will just annoy the hell out of everyone involved. 😉

  5. This could almost be about me and my son. As a Cappy/Cancer Asc with son who is an Aries/Scorpio Asc (going through his first Saturn opposition) I find myself constantly stressing over the fact that he won’t follow my “good judgement.”

  6. Don’t try to “help” those that do not want to be helped. Period. If someone came up to you acting like you were unhealthy and dark and negative, and that you needed to be shown the supposed light, you’d get “a little” vengeful, too.

  7. Wow. If everybody talks to this Cap this way, I’m not surprised if they feel a little bit whipped all the time. Yowza.

    Cap: you aren’t the antichrist, and telling you to back the hell off from trying to help people doesn’t really address your problem.

    Your problem is that you are tying your sense of self-worth to the reactions you inspire in others, and even worse… to your ability to influence them for good. You have to extricate yourself from that. People can sense that you have a deep-seated need for them to change, and as you can see, it’s going to raise hackles.

    You also need to start… now now now, not later, NOW, listening to the little voice in the back of your head. When it says, “I am worried about this person,” THAT is when you put up your wall. Immediately. Spend a few years giving as little as possible to the people you get bad vibes from. After that time, you can start trying to help people again… you’ll be surprised by how much easier it is to distinguish help from sticking your hand into the lion’s mouth.

    It rankles to back down and let people get away with what you see as bad behavior. But you have to start trying to see yourself as the person who MOST needs your help… and the person who most needs your protection.

  8. That first reply was golden….,I’m a Sag. And spent the last 13 months with a Cappie….comtrol freak who breaks up every 2 weeks when they don’t get their way….if You don’t dance to the tune they are playing at any given moment “and they change tune every hour or so” then your a piece of shit and you need to be punished!!?! Abusive!!!! Hateful!!!! And vindictive but thanks to me and because of Me (their words not mine)its the BEST SEX THEY’VE EVER HAD! No one else ever even came close!! INSANE RIGHT? in 13 months punished countless times dumped 25 xs :))) but you know Me…..I can’t complain!!! The Happy go Lucky Sagittarius never lets anyone keep them down for long!

  9. My hubby’s a Taurus with Aqua Rising, his dad’s a Capricorn. When he became disabled his dad tried to control him. (I doubt he meant to do this, it’s just that Caps sometimes think they know best!)

    How do you think that went over with my man? Well, he threw a bowl of oatmeal at his dad and went to live with Grandma once he turned 18.

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