Hook Danger Surrounding Pisces Fish

spongebob hook in pantsI spoke with the soldier yesterday and found he had 6 or 7 stitches in his cheek from the surgery. For some reason I thought they just took a little plug, maybe a stitch or two so I was shocked. I didn’t look in his mouth and either did he because we are both bullish on denial and the value of ignoring reality.

He also told me that the bungee cord that snapped back and gave him a black eye wound up in his mouth on the other side injuring his other cheek and I realized as a Pisces rising he was essentially a hooked fish and talk about astrology in real life. How’s this for Saturn in Virgo opposing Pisces?

First they stick a hook needle in his cheek for a health (Virgo) scare (Saturn) and then when he’s not careful (Saturn) at work (Virgo) he winds up with another hook in his mouth.

Pisces really has to watch themselves around hooks. The soldier played me Blues Traveler’s song, “Hook” in 2003 and I promptly quit talking to him for 3 years. Don’t tell me there is a hook in my mouth! Or my pants for that matter!

Any fish out there feeling hooked here lately?

6 thoughts on “Hook Danger Surrounding Pisces Fish”

  1. Yes.
    But it’s
    Hard to see,
    I got hooks
    All over me.
    Hooked to the land
    Hooked to the net
    A mess of seaweed
    In my accent.
    If I were a mermaid
    The hooks would be gone
    And I wouldnt be hooked
    Or Ephemeris’ pawn.
    The options are simple,
    Die or clean house
    I prey I transcend
    This cold water douse.

  2. “we are both bullish on denial and the value of ignoring reality.”

    Really? That’s surprising to me about you since you definitely tell it like it is to a lot of people who need help, lance the boil so to speak. Particularly hooked Pisceans who are kidding themselves! How does this play out in your astrology, if I may ask? Your Neptune has something to do with it, I suppose.

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