How Do You Protect And Defend Your Psychic Space?

Hi Elsa,

Your posts about Pluto transits and repulsiveness triggered a couple of comments from me about being accused of disloyalty and dishonesty from a friend with a stellium in Capricorn with transiting Pluto affecting her in a massive way now. While I understand the transit is difficult, I wonder if you could advise on how to guard against the psychic drain on my energies?

I get a periodic email repeating the accusations over and over like a mantra. I’ve tried rational reasoning, I’ve tried profusely apologizing, and I’ve tried admitting my own hurt at being the subject of such attacks but her tune doesn’t change. I don’t think she wants to talk. She just wants to dump and dump all her negativity in my psychic yard so I decided for my sanity to amputate.

However, the emails keep coming… I can delete them but it doesn’t stop me from feeling the negativity of the drain.


Gemini, There is no telling what might turn the trick so I thought the best idea would be to post this as an open question. Hopefully you will get a variety of ideas and options and one of them will resonate.

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How do you protect your psychic space and / or rid yourself of enemy invasion when a breach occurs?

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  1. I would say – but this is such a virgo answer – cleanse yourself. If you can’t stop it coming in, just keep cleaning yourself out. For example, you could go to the gym and work it out, go to the steam room and sweat it out, meditate and clear it out, go dancing, make love, whatever suits you best. Consciously let it go. Take care of yourself best you can, and try to avoid this person for the time being. Protect yourself by staying true to yourself – focus on yourself and the rest of your life – not on the hurtful relationship.

  2. I wonder about simply telling her what you told us in terms of *I dont think you want to talk and tho I tried communicating and it does not seem to get make a difference for you.* and add: Maybe you could tell me what will. (yeah why not ask her what she really wants.)

    If that does not shift things then proceed to full psychic spam/space amputation!
    reconnecting later remains an option.

    ~ psychic spam ~
    > I decided for my sanity to amputate
    really? a full amputation involves her messages not getting to your mail box at all.
    your mail client must have a block option, or an automatic spam delete (specify the FROM option). I did block someone from my IM for a few month. Cleared things out.
    B – the real deal
    Since you’re seem to be so empathic, you feel her energies and then because you feel them you think they’re yours. but they’re hers. remember that they don’t belong to you. Forgetting this create an energy drain. People dont feed on us unless we allow it…which leads me on to: “nourish yourself”, like Amber says: focus on your life, love your life! active appreciation goes a long way!

  3. I took down the chart on this blog because I entered the data wrong. 🙁

    So sorry! Thanks to everyone who has responded.

  4. I agree %110 on the blocking email. I would actually recommend telling her this specifically. If you can, send her an actual letter with your handwriting, explaining this. Something tangible and concrete she can put her hands on.
    Reconnecting later is an option, that is if you are able to and want to, and this Pluto transit leaves you with something to work with.
    I had many friendships altered permanently with my last Pluto transit.
    One thing with a Pluto transit: you can’t really plan for anything. This is hell for a Capricorn…thank you for being conscious of her pain but good for you for taking steps needed to help yourself.

    A note on psychic cleaning: try and remember that all the tools you need are within you all the time. As was already mentioned, your tools are only depleted if you aren’t paying attention.

    And one last thing: one of my closest friends amputated ME during that transit (and honestly, I deserved it. I was a giant pain in the ass and really didn’t respect his boundaries at all). It took about 4 years, but we are better off than we ever were. And I thank him repeatedly for helping me see where I was going wrong.

  5. You have already apologized, but it seems you haven’t forgiven yourself. Otherwise, as others have advised, you would block her emails or you just wouldn’t be that bothered in reading them.
    We can only have an invasion because we see ourselves as defenseless. You can become strong once you’ve sincerely and firmly forgiven yourself for whatever hurt you may have caused your friend.

  6. Gemini, whoa does this sound familiar.

    Maybe it’s a gem thing. Words are our power, but they also have inordinate power against us. For me, just knowing that the words are out there is enough to nearly drive me batty, and I’ve had just the appearance of a certain someone’s name in my inbox reduce me to a wibbling mess. We stay tied to the words we say and the words said to us. I’m struggling with this kind of thing a lot this week.

    If this is a personal email address, my advice is to stop reading email for at least a week. It’s rare that you have an email address that you can’t do without for at least a few days. I’d even give yourself a rest from being online if you can.

    By divorcing yourself from contact with others that depends strictly on words, you force yourself to draw on other energies for awhile. It relinquishes some of the power of those words. Then, when you come back, you’ll be refreshed and deleting or blocking those emails won’t affect you as much.

  7. Blocking email is the way to go, but you really have to mentally wall her out, and reinforce that sucker.

    [‘The magic phrase is, ‘Fuck ‘er!”]

  8. I’m a Gemini and I totally understand what you are going through. People can sometimes just overwhelm you with information. I had a situation where a “friend” was e-mailing me asking me questions so that she could gossip about me behind my back. I actually changed my internet service provider to get rid of her. I will also leave my messages on my answering machine for days and then mass delete if someone is sapping all of my energy.

    There is nothing wrong with guarding yourself against these energy vampires.

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    Gemini psychic dump

    Hey, so many replies! Thanks, everyone.

    To everyone, on blocking email – I’d considered it, and will consider it again! As a Gemini, I always want to hear another opinion. 😛 And also as a Gemini, I think I like to keep communication lines open. I have an entire address book of contact details of people I’ve met in different walks of life, including those met once at a work conference about 10 years ago… Hmm, time to clean out that closet, I think…

    Amber – about letting go. I’m working on letting many things go through a meditation practice. Keeping at it is the key, I guess.

    isabelle – “I wonder about simply telling her what you told us in terms of *I dont think you want to talk and tho I tried communicating and it does not seem to get make a difference for you.* and add: Maybe you could tell me what will. (yeah why not ask her what she really wants.)”

    I did…. This is the response I got: “I don’t know what you mean. [Then a long list of why she is disappointed with me. Followed by:] I don’t know why you think I have been unfair to you. Perhaps if our friendship were stronger, you wouldn’t feel that.”

    !!! Is that passive-aggression or what!!!?

    ewinbee and Tam – about Geminis and information processing. I think you’ve found the words I couldn’t! Geminis have a tendency to process emotions intellectually I think (hence, posting this question!), and sometimes the circuitry overloads…

    ewinbee – “We stay tied to the words we say and the words said to us.” So true. Thank you!

    Tam – about gossip. Yep, what I said back to her (trying to reason) was said to someone else to “compare”. When the other person doesn’t corroborate with her suspicions, she accused this person of siding with me! It’s a right mess. The Pluto transit only helps explain the internal chaos, but we’re all responsible for how we deal with our own problems.

    Thanks again, Elsa, and everybody. I’ll work on it.

  10. the virgo answer of efficiency- pit your energy where it will be most useful to your values. do not allow drains with no positive purpose. cut it off, move on. there’s only so much time and energy given to us.

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    Gemini psychic dump

    wyrdling – I’m not a Virgo, but have Sun, Mercury, and Saturn, in the 6th house, so I can relate to the call for efficiency. Thanks.

  12. Gemini psychic dump — I had this problem with my emotionally draining and vicious ex. I was advised by a counselor to create a separate email address for him– that way I do not cut off the lines of communication, but I have the choice to log into that email account or not. My ruse was to say “oh I’ve changed my email address to:” and it has worked. I safely screen it out and attend to it when I want to.

    I have a Gemini moon… I can relate to not wanting to block the email.

  13. This may sound a bit harsh, but I mean it in love because I have been in your shoes. Check out a websight on Co-dependency. We have to look at our own place in this situation, it is the only thing we have control over. Why do we attract this? What are we doing that let’s this person in? On the codepeency sight you may find(or not) some recognizable themes and some great tips on how to work with this so you can get clear. I’ve got Pluto rising, so I feel one has to go deep to understand the causes, otherwise we attract the same thing with just another face. Namaste.

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    This reminds me of all the individuals, usually from Africa, who populate a newspaper section of ads calling themselves “astrologer”. No they are not astrologers and this matter is not the subject of astrology. If it was Elsa would have had the answer ?

    You yourself called it ‘psychic protection’. It is a psychic “problem”/situation indeed. I would term it a multidimensional issue.

    My spiritual path started with 5 years of full on astrology self-learning and one day I felt I had to go beyond astrology into full on spirituality by getting my first Reiki initiation. Life was never the same again what a life changing experience it was, I had opened the door to the Universe and I never stopped evolving since.

    I like Jivamutki’s answer in the sense it points out the right path. There’s no doubt in my mind it’s Pluto’s Scorpio energy at work, s/he even says so. In my ten years worth of 247365 personal and professional experience I observed a couple of premisses that became rock solid truths to me:
    • Everything that happens to you or happens in your external reality mirrors your internal reality – Hermes Trismegistus stated this as “As Above So Bellow”, which also applies to astrology, in the sense that the macro cosmos and the micro cosmos mirror each other, some express it as “As Within So Without”. People in the so called Law of Attraction business claim this is The Secret they discovered;
    • Everything Starts And Ends Within – Jivamutki also pointed this premise out by staying one’s inner world is the only one one may have control over. In fact, this is a Universal Right/Law which leads us to the next premisse
    • Everything That Happens To You, You’ve Given Permission And Most Probably Asked For – this is where karma, Incarnation Contracts and DNA step in.

    There’s another premise I have learned that is most useful:
    – If what’s going on doesn’t make any sense in this life, if in this life there is no apparent reason for it to happen then it is not of this life.

    Jivamutki also points out co-dependence as you obviously not only feed the situation but are an accomplice in the sense that even now “you will consider blocking this person’s email”. It’s being so nefarious an issue that I’m sure anyone wouldn’t think twice to outright blocking everything. That’s right, I’m saying you have a vested interest in this situation so you perpetuate it.

    This makes it obvious that you both have a Contract – the reason why you can’t block her, she has a legal right to do it. Most likely this Contract comes from Past/Parallel Lives or perhaps from In-Between Lives. Could be that you killed or gravely prejudiced this person in other realities and you have/it has been decided you’d pay this person back in this life – so she’s collecting.

    And when you asked why, she didn’t fail to answer – she wants “a better friendship”. Now this tells me there’s like 99% chance this is one of two cases, or both:
    – Marriage/Family Contract i.e. Eternal Love/Eternal Union Contract – besides the obvious cases, this also occurs between mother and child;
    – Sisterhood Cult Contract – as in Vestal Virgins type thing. This sisterhood – could be brotherhood all the same – thing could mean you have agreed to sustain each other’s energy and support each other, which means outright giving your life, including Vital force but it means literally that.

    There’s a third situation that may accumulate with the a.m. of this person belonging to the same Soul Monad. It’s most likely. In the Monad, all Souls carry this Life Support Contract so when they meet in Incarnation it is activated and it may be so that one leeches the other.

    I’m thinking there’s an ulteria motive for you to be exposing this case in this forum. I’m thinking that you may be walking in the direction of becoming a spiritual healer yourself – which really means going back to what you did in many lifetimes. Whatever the case is, the Soul is constantly striving to go back to its optimal position, to its roots. In modern terms, it’s one’s vocation. The place of existence you’re most happy in. Truly soulful happy.

    Now this astrology can help you ascertain as such things are clearly outlined in one’s star chart – your point of entry in this incarnation is carefully chosen to conform to your Soul’s history. And again, you had to agree and accept your life path prior to incarnating in the guide of your Incarnation Contract.

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    Correction: *you had to agree/accept your life path prior to incarnating in the guise of your Incarnation Contract.

    I forgot to put out the solution to this, what you need to do. And it so happens that the tool you could acquire and become a master of I tend to convey to all Mercurials as a therapy. It’s called Meditation. Some call it going within. Others describe it as emptying the mind. This last one clues you up as why it is medicine for Mercurials.

    – Sit in the Lotus position or simply in a chair with a straight upright back and your hands laying on your legs palm facing upwards – or in this ???? position with thumb upwards;
    – Invoke the Beings of the True Light of Integrity. Never go into Meditation without summoning these beings, they’ll carry and protect you throughout;
    – Set out the intention of solving this issue for the benefit of all and the Greater Good. Yes, you will always want the persons that harm you to be in a better place, happier, well;
    – Grace! Be Graceful and Grateful for everything that brought you to this point. Grace is the plane level where Healing can occur, never forget;
    – Forgiveness – especially when you’re in a tight spot or in a know and you have no clue how to proceed, start with Forgiveness. First ask for forgiveness for all the suffering you caused to this person/others, in all existences, realities, dimensions and universes. Do this first at all times. Then forgive this person/others for all the suffering they caused you in all existences, realities, dimensions and universes. Then forgive yourself full and completely for all the suffering you generated in all experiences you took part in in all existences, realities, dimensions and universes. Doing this transmutation technique helps the energy to start moving and it gives the Beings of True Light of Integrity permission to act.
    – You may also want to expand the Light that is in your Heart (Chakra) gradually until it involves the Earth, the Solar System, this Universe. Just give it a go, you do this by breathing strongly as if you’re filling a balloon with air. You’ll know when to stop. This is very powerful technique that will give you peace and cleanse you all over. It’ll fill you with Life Force as well, bringing countless benefits to your all around health.

    Focus on doing these things, train and better yourself in them. You’ll observe that the answer, sometimes quite detailed, whatever it may be, will pop up in your mind. Uh I mean in your Heart – as in most cases you’ll know without knowing how you do but you have no doubt about it.

    Oh and by the way, this Ball of Light technique is an excellent way to silence your mind – excellent for Mercurials, everybody.

    Your mind, as the power/control freak it is, may try to fill your head with doubts and uncertainties, suspicion, fear. You care not about it and just do it. Think of those voices or thoughts as little people, the dwarves of Snow White. Tell them to shut up and sit in a chair right next to you. You’ll be amazed how well it works ✨?✨

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    In case you haven’t noticed, what the above comment describes is an extremely powerful self-Healing tool y’all have been given for FREE! ?

    It won’t surprise me if it’ll be life changing for those of you who have the Heart to pick it up and go with it.

    Quite in line with the all powerful Pisces New Moon with Solar Eclipse that’s happening the day after tomorrow – Feb 26, 2017!

    Ah, of course, regular lunations effect people 1.5 days before and after. Being 3x times more powerful when an Eclipse happen, then it’s obvious we’re already under its influence, already surfing that wave.

    So this comes in perfect timing for y’all ✨?✨

    May your life become bright and Joy-full as you take decisive steps towards fulfilling your Soul’s designs and mission, thriving in the True Light of Integrity.

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