Full Moon In Capricorn July 3, 2023 – Snap Under Pressure

Capricorn darkThe full moon in Capricorn takes place tomorrow, early in the  morning.  I expect it to be eventful and I hope I’m right!

The chart is elegant where “elegant” is defined as “pleasingly ingenious and simple”. You can see it here.

There are two points of stress to consider. First, the moon opposes the sun and Mercury in Cancer. This looks like some kind of family news that may be harsh or depressing.  But it may also just bring clarity to a situation.

Let’s say you don’t know what to do or what’s going to happen.  The full moon should throw some light on the subject. With all the confusion out there, it should be helpful.

Simultaneously, Venus and Mars will square Uranus.  This potentially dangerous energy can be used productively but what strikes me is that one aspect is controlled / Cardinal where the other discordant and shocking. It’s this combination of energies that strongly suggests a significant occurrence will take place.

It’s impossible to guess how this may play in the collective but these energies can be harnessed by the individual.  It’s a matter of breaking out creatively while still “doing the right thing”.  It’s a tight spot, but so is a womb and look what’s created in that space!

If you feel pressure at this time, you can try to find a creative outlet, but be aware, the pressure may see people or things, snap…violently.

Personally, I’m looking forward to this. I think it may take us beyond our current constipated state.

23 thoughts on “Full Moon In Capricorn July 3, 2023 – Snap Under Pressure”

  1. Elsa, this gave me tingles to read. It sounds so suspenseful, but exhilarating (for me, at least)! Thank you for the post 🙂

  2. I’m beginning to think it’ll be humid, sticky sweaty, and I’m gonna wear a T-shirt that says no crybabies. I’ll keep you informed as to my interactions our a little island is overrun. It has become wildly popular the richer here r getting richer, buying everything up the poor are getting poorer, I was told a little ferry left five minutes early last night stranding 200 people these folks come across to make money and not spend it on $500 a night rooms. It’s outrageous back in the day ,I think with my children I used to rent condos for 500 a week in the Caribbean And we ate cheaper there than normal ;here you count by tens and it still comes of short .so summer is here &the heat is on.

    1. I feel for you sistah our island, not as tiny as yours has been found to; and I was born on other islands where counting by 20’s ain’t enough
      But our son and grandson come for a visit during that Cappy full moon, my husband has a birthday and I think we all need one of your tee shirts

  3. I am going to go for Russia/Putin getting his comeuppance at last.
    It kind afits the energy. Otherwise h Putin escaping with a heairsbreath of his lofe, but being wiped out in every other way….

    We shall see how this progress!

    *Going for popcorn*

    1. i am so hopeful. it’s a civil war in russia. I’m praying for the good guys and for justice. pluto capricorn getting it’s last call (authority misused and abused, pluto destroys) before pluto aq goes in for long while.

      1. Couldn’t agree more.

        I am seeing myself going to stop undoing my boundaries all the time, and in some areas of my life stopping to pay any bull in regards to what others think I need to do or should think to be doing.
        Sick of it on a next level plane!

        Since Cap is my 12th house and my Ascendant is 2 degrees Aquarius, I suspect (hope, rather) I can soon see the end of giving away my power for others to use it and me, primarily because I need to quit this thing and take responsibility for the things I did to and against my own boundaries.

        I can only hope that it gets easier with time. Gotta work on that root chakra energy…. !

    2. my 8th house got suspicious though, it seems too good to be true, and yup i read the CIA is investigating and it might be a ruse to show the world Putin is weakening to get us where it counts. Gross. I listen to the suspiciousness of too good to be true things. we’ll see. I’m still hoping & wishing. hope you are well and keep up with your chakra energy ^^

      that full moon in capricorn is just right before the 4th, fireworks and all.

  4. When the news of the Ukraine’s war was announced, I forget who did the writing, but there was an article I found and spoke of how the heavens were hosting the same planets as back in some point in time 1800s perhaps where Russia had a war and they lost it And the writer of this piece suggested if all follows true to the first set of history and stars he would lose so in my heart, I thought, and I am thinking he will have some other item in his life and world, like family, children and granddaughters or whatever he has will be the main screen and you know how control of the masses goes it switches from hand to hand it must get boring to control the world I mean I just like my little backyard the most I pray everybody gets a little backyard day or just the birds bugging them OK hang on Snoopy!
    Remember that one that’s the point in time where I used to be in love with ever drummer, I heard
    OK Moki I hope you get to hold the baby the whole time even when you’re supposed to be sleeping I hope you’re up looking at the moon

  5. Constipated! Exactly how it seems. Heavy stuff going down all round behind the scenes (Hunter, pys op of the sub, Wagner attempted coup, that perv Zsky claiming Russias going to hit the nuke plant, our economy spiraling downwards, on & on it goes with no pressure release event!) – remember when JFK Jr’s plane went down? Around the 4th. Terrible vibes whole time. We’re supposed to relax, go crazy with fireworks and have good family fun. Can we just have normal conditions again?! Sorry for the vent, but hope we get what we need. Looking forward to reading your new story; if you’re putting them out in book form it’s going to be a best seller! So from the heart, and so just American. Best regards for a lovely summer solstice evening.

    1. Hmm. This will be directly opposite my Cancer Moon conjunct my Cancer AC. Also ten years to the day since a loved one died. I think I will plant some seeds on that day in their memory…a creative outlet.

    2. JFK, Jr. died 7-16-99.
      Sorry to hear Zsky is a perv and claiming Russia’s going to hit the nuke plant. I heard he was the good guy in this war, but what do I know?

  6. This full moon is conjunct my vertex, in the fifth house. Venus and Mars will be in my 12, and Uranus in the 10th. Any thoughts on how that might play out for me?

  7. I think I *might* have hit this tight womb space today. Something suddenly came to my mind and it feels like the whole rug under which it has been buried, is now unraveling in like a SNAP – creating new room and giving an opportunity to look at things from another perspective.

    Cancer is my 5th/6th house, and the trauma from the past was finally able to come forward in regards to a lot of intimate things.

  8. My natal moon is at 11 degrees Capricorn, tenth house. This full moon is going to hit at exactly that same degree. Anything from winning the lotto to a baby hippo being delivered by Amazon is expected.

  9. Avatar
    Debby in Kansas

    I had good news on the FM! In my mailbox I received a refund from my eye doctor. I had paid 2 copays at her office, which they reimbursed me for. $90. Yahoo!

  10. Well, our big screen tv quit today. Just up and quit. But our daughter and SIL returned safely from a magical weekend in Riviera Maya, and brought me back two water bottles of clean, clear water from the Caribbean 🌟 Funny story…I was doing my full moon meditation last night around 2:30 am outside. I was at a really powerful moment of focus, sitting quietly, so peaceful, and my plastic lawn chair completely collapsed and broke into multiple pieces. It was so funny. I guess I hit max lunar download

  11. My son got offered a job yesterday. He called the agency last week, but they had no vacancies, and they called him yest. afternoon and he started this morning! The cap moon fell in his 6th house!

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