Mars Transit Virgo: Efficiently Effective

Mars girlMars will ingress into Virgo on July 10th.  This is a good placement, so long as you’re the one holding the knife!

You may push for efficiency or start a diet or some other other health routine. The mind is quick. If you can maintain control of your mouth; this combination allow you to quickly and accurately parse information.

Not that you should jump to conclusion on impulse, but Virgo tends to be careful about that anyway.  Few enjoy being wrong. This transit is about being right, quickly.

Now I’m sorry but I think we will see cuts in the workplace during this transit.  This is what I mean about “holding the knife”.  If you’ve got the knife, it’s yours to control. I expect cuts to staff or hours or whatever, to be harsh. I mean, come on. How is something like that supposed to be “soft”? But this is what Virgo is about. Work efficiency.

We may see more machines come forward at this time.  AI solving your problems on the phone or via text or chat, with the timer ticking.

On that note, people will be impatient and possibly extra nitpicky. There can be rush to criticize but also an effort to discern.  I’m taking this as a challenge to be smart.

It’s also a good time to clean and fix, anything and everything, juggling as needed. It’s better to drive for something you want, rather than leaving this energy to find it’s own expression.  Bottom line – pick up your knife and do something with it.

The house(s) where this transit takes place indicates your area of operation.  If you can command an army to pull the weeds in your life – fine. If not, then get in there and do it yourself.

Are you looking forward to Mars transiting Virgo?

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    I’m pondering this very interesting post to see what it can teach me about natal Mars at 7 Virgo in the 12th. Haven’t really thought of myself as a knife-wielder, so hmmm.

    “Pick up your knife and do something with it” — I love this! Spiritual warrior, maybe.

    And “being right, quickly” — yep, this resonates for sure, especially in the 12th house of “self-undoing” (people usually don’t tolerate my nitpickery well, nor my anger) but also of hidden things.

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          Another thought, building on yours — A knife can heal (Virgo) by cutting away festering, toxic matter and allowing purity (innocence?) to be revealed.

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      victoria gale

      wow. I have the exact same placement of Mars – 7 degrees Virgo, 12th house. Plus Pluto at 0 degrees Virgo and Mercury at 23 degrees Virgo. Weirdly, I generally have some level of conflict with native Virgos.

      1. ah must be the degrees/aspects. mine is pretty peaceful with suns, but always attract moons and risings. If i do attract suns, they usually have taurus moons leo mars. i saw this twice in a row so it was weird!! with moons, leo or virgo too; also i attract leo or virgo ascendants. Maybe because 7th house is leo/virgo and theirs are pisces/cap/aquarius 7th house of marriage. I have capricorn venus so i added the venus/love for that ^^
        the ascendant really shows alot with 7th house of marriage.& jupiter and venus too!!

        as for the subject of commanding an army to pull the weeds, i did that while i’m here at my elderly parents home, making calls, and organizing with caretakers and junk removals and cleaning services, and wow i do alot of bartering too! and i do alot of my own cleaning up and caretaking, but i’m exhausted at the end of the day. My aunts and uncles saw how much work i was doing and they drove down 2 hours just to take us all out to dinner and brought alot of pantry food supplies. they are always so generous and kind and lovely people. so full of love ^^

      1. Well if you’re not a gifted writer then maybe a psychotherapist would fit the bill. Another thing I have learned about 12th house matters is the old saying “We become who we don’t forgive”.

  2. I’m hoping to sharpen and show a knife I won’t need to use- you said this right, Elsa?! – for when it’s the mars opposite saturn as it falls … virgo suits it, it’s like a last nitpick prod/ flash of the knife and I’m away … or so I hope! lol! I’m not sure I want any retaliation tbh, I just want ‘out’/ finito … but at the same time it’s a final separation and I want a say on the final cut!! Mars falling in 7th/ 8th H.

  3. End of my 12H, going into my 1H at 6 degrees. July is always a busy month and I’m prepping for a meet. And my natal Mars is 27 Virgo. I feel 💃

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    constance walsh

    Severance of a thirty-year friendship, however skillfully the knife wielded could not prevent her Cancerian pain Saw her angry for the very first time. An ending two decades overdue for me and complete surprise for her. Hmmm. I tried & tried & truth would not be tamed. I own my side.
    Your descriptions of energies are exact.
    “I thought I was making decisions and all along I was being carried by a Great Wind.” Chief Red Cloud
    Thank you, Elsa!

  5. Double Virgo: Sun stellium in Virgo-ruled 12th House, Virgo ASC. 30+ degrees of Mars in my Sun sign.

    Mars in 12th, hitting that 4-way conjunction. I see myself actually standing up for myself against the emotionally irresponsible in my family, instead of simply PLANNING to learn boundaries.

    My boundaries and feelings and sensations have been pitifully porous all my life, and sensitive Virgo took it to heart. I took it to the Underworld! Things like insults and slights don’t seem quite so serious these days. But I do have a couple genuine battles to sort ahead of me.

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    Constance Walsh

    Hello Virgo Asc, from a Virgo Asc sister with Neptune in the First in Libra, so kind of Piscean.
    Harder for me is aftermath of guilt. With the friend in question I made many ruptures followed by a U-turn. No U-turn this time – as Elsa remarked, the Saturn clinches it.
    Feelings of guilt linger but I see them as habit more than justified.
    The more I like, trust, befriend and remain loyal to myself and my actions, done as consciously as possible, the less boundaries are needed.

    1. That last sentence is a really useful way to put it. I still struggle with boundaries; evidently this is the something-else-needed I should pay attention to. Thx!

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    constance walsh

    I’m so glad this is what caught your eye.
    Was busting my own boundaries all the time!
    Noticed people in my life who are trusted & respected.
    “This is what I want!” Twelve-Steps for co-dependency and hanging out with self-liking people who respect others naturally.
    Also cut ties with a blood sister who bullied me for decades, cannot or will not explain her anger. Love her, but no.
    Thank you for your communication.

  8. I always get in there and do it myself – Capricorn Asc/Sun! but I do like delegating too…
    interesting as I work in Finance and some clients are looking at workrole cuts and redundancies, doing the calculations now for them…eeep!

  9. Satori wrote about Mars in Virgo, somewhere, snd long along I wrote it onto a post-it note, because my Progressed Mars is in Virgo(having progressed by the Natal conjunction with Saturn in Leo 8th)
    She wrote: Mars in Virgo brings metered and thoughtful action, smart motives. It’s also earthy and skilled in multiple techniques.”
    I try to apply those awarenesses in my life and find them so helpful!!
    The transit collectively ought to be bonus time is conscious 🙌

  10. I’ve been handling Mars in my 4th house lately by slowly tackling major cleaning projects, redecorating, or meticulously chipping paint off 100 year old doors. The last was a project I started in the winter and picked up today with my little razor blade tool and paint removal gel. I think the impending shift here into Virgo will help keep the sustained efforts going.

    Once it hits my 5th house, it wouldn’t surprise me if my cleaning efforts turns towards crafting. My current crafts are using computer aided laser burns on wood, and computer design for cutting vinyl. Seems like a distinctive Mars/Virgo pair.

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