Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: March 25, 2024 – Eyes On Libra

Libra pretty scaleThe lunar eclipse in Libra will take place in the wee hours of the morning on Monday, March 25th. I didn’t like this chart, on sight.  My emotional reaction indicates to me, the chart is triggering me to some extent.  Keep this in mind as you read. I may be projecting!

My thought, when I saw this chart, is that I’d not want to be the moon in Libra. Standing all alone, against the mob?

This reveals something rarely mentioned about Libra. It’s the sign most likely to do such a thing – stand against the crowd. It’s because Libra has to balance things. In the case of the moon, make that, needs to balance.

As an example, if I (having Libra), am in a group of people who are bashing someone, I will always, always stand up to counter the movement. “He/She speaks highly of you,” is one of my favorite remarks to make, assuming it’s true, and it often is.

These extreme situations come into being due to the lack of a counter and/or because the group only accesses one side of a story. It reminds me of a remark I heard last week, which I first heard in 1988, among a group of electrical engineers. “Let’s not such each other’s d’s just yet.”

I’m sorry but that says it all.  You want to wait for the counter argument, unless you like a lot egg on your face.

Lunar eclipse in Libra 2024
This is tense

I’m not going to try to predict this, though I don’t like that it takes place on a Monday morning.  That’s the news cycle, see?

We wake to new on Monday morning.  War? Hologram war (Mars in Pisces)? I have no idea.

What do you seen in this chart?


44 thoughts on “Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: March 25, 2024 – Eyes On Libra”

  1. 3rd house of information (Pisces, feminine) vs 4th house of Family, home and privacy (Aries, masculine), countering the singled out Moon Libra 10th.

    So I think “sensitive information that triggers emotions from the collective (Pluto Aquarius) that will personally affect the masses. Some may have psychological upsets.

    I think Two pieces of news will cause a jarring upset:

    1) Tik Tok may be banned in the US, which will affect millions of young users and collaborators whose incomes derived from that platform. Causing chaos.

    2) We might get upsetting news about an prominent celebrity/ OR politician. Might be a Woman, but honestly, I don’t know.

  2. Looking at the chart again, I really think this will be about the Tik Tok platform. There maybe protests on Monday. The 5th house has Uranus and Jupiter, 5th house of youth, fun and games, gambling.

    So many of the nations youth are on Tik Tok. Most of them make income off the views. Sure they can go to YouTube, but YouTube has a STRICTER Rule system.

    So maybe, a cultural war played out in real time..

  3. This is a few minutes before my lunar return and the same day as my daughter’s solar return. I’m nervous, even more so now that you don’t like the chart. I also have Saturn going over my 10 degree Pisces sun and 12 degree Pisces IC. Uranus is transiting my daughter’s ascendant exact as well. Pluto transiting my ceres. I’m stressing out!!

      1. I just realized it may have already started, and I quickly pivoted to make the best out of the situation. I had a birthday party booked but someone sent out invites before I did and they had the exact same time but different location. I just changed to the next day, the 24th. I didn’t want a classroom being torn between two parties. It would have been heart breaking for these little girls. Not sure what else will be in store for this lunar eclipse but you are right, Elsa. I will adapt. Uranus is squaring my 20 degree Aquarius mercury as well, which when exact last year revealed a cavernous malformation in my brain with some other complications. Had to see a neurosurgeon last year and was so scared. I always assumed I would live a long life and get to know my grandchildren but it was the first time in my life I thought I could actually die much sooner. Scared the shit out of me. I guess everything is fine until it isn’t kinda thing.

          1. It’s on the left side so it’s messing with the right side of my body. Headaches for days on end with my right eye getting foggy. I can’t look at my phone for the bad days…which is why this response is so late. It’s just depressing right now. Saturn maybe.

            Uranus is going over Princess Kate’s Chiron and soon it will go over mine at 23 degrees. Just an observation

            1. My solar return is the 25th. I’ve looked at this from every angle. By the time of my return that evening I’ll have moon conjunct south node conjunct my Asc. And then I saw the finger of God. Venus in pisces sextile jupiter in taurus all around 16°. This may be the saving grace in this day’s chart. I’ve felt uneasy for weeks until I saw this yod. Fingers pointing right at me doesn’t make me feel good. God helping me out would be nice.

              1. Toni, my daughter is having her return about the same time as you with ascendant, moon, and south node all conjunct. She is turning 6 and also has Jupiter and Uranus about to go over her natal ascendant. I figured she would have a glow up. I’m just hoping I stay healthy’ish for her. She is attached to me with a 0degree Leo moon conjunct her 0 degree Leo IC.

  4. No not scared at all. Last night l took action and went ahead with what l planned. I spoke directly to the issue and my feelings. This time l felt heard and received ‘real support’ back. There is a ripple effect…a few things fell into place. I look for this…now. This is changing patterns for me…she is my best friend and she will fly out tmz. I risked but did not destroy.

    I am alone. But am l? I feel a little relief. I am not sure why. I feel a litte freer. An opportunity to meet new people presented. I took it. I need new structures. I will build them. But first deconstruction.

    The next bit is about Him. That Mars will aspect my Pluto conj. dsc from the 12th. Node will play a role and there is that Saturn too and my Venus is at 5 Cancer. I should add His Sun is opp. Saturn atm exact… first a little payback ( because l am not that good) and bcs he acted like a smug arsehole. A clever dick.

    Can you guess what l am going to do? Absolutely nothing. I know his next move. That is one of the benefits of patterns.

  5. I like that both rulers of the lunation, Venus (for the Libra Moon) and Mars (for the Aries Sun) are both in the same sign, Pisces. Venus is exulted in Pisces and it’s a much gentler placement for both these planets than the recent Aquarius transits (where Mars is still struggling through the trauma landscape which I equate with Aquarius, sad to say, but it’s always noticeable what gets brought up). This is the relationship axis Aries-Libra and with the nodes also in those signs, I can’t see how this can avoid being about one-to-one relationships, internal dynamics of self and other, but most likely will play out externally. Hoping the Pisces energy weaves it’s more positive energy with whatever occurs, compassion, empathy, etc.

  6. I didn’t like the look of the chart either! As Sophiab mentions, both the ruler of the South Node (and the Eclipse moon itself) and the ruler of the North Node are in Pisces.

    Mars doesn’t sit too well in Pisces, it’s action in non-action, or even active avoidance. Venus is exalted, but restrained by Saturn in Pisces. And also Neptune in Pisces, widely opposite the Moon.

    This to me suggests projection indeed, with Mars there could be blame shifting, and with Venus/Saturn a cooling of a connection, via being evasive. The need to take accountability for past deeds we want to avoid facing. Shutting down others by misplaced projection, excessively blaming others or even yourself, or even outright playing the victim/martyr. Taking the line of least resistance may be the default reaction, instead of tackling the conflicts that need resolving.

    Libra will certainly have a hard job of weighing up viewpoints, maintaining a neutral stance, taking an objective view, and reaching a compromise that everyone will be happy with! Making amends is possible, but with great difficulty.

    Venus does sextile Jupiter though, providing some much needed guidance, which could be from a mentor, or even better, a skilled and non-biased mediator.

    1. Mars in Pisces is flow, finding and riding the energy stream, dropping out of ego to find and follow that other vibration, trusting there’s support. Could be life affirming experience.

    2. mars pisces = active avoidance. that’s perfect way to put it. my sister has this mars and so did my ex, they avoided and ran away from conflict or situations that are too difficult. the other day my sister said to me, just run away and sit in your car don’t engage, run!! hmm these are more in situations that are too difficult for them to confront. Otherwise easy to handle things they know of and how to.

      i hope the libra moon isn’t too difficult coming up; i hope there’s alot of support.i felt the last libra moon was difficult, there was me against the world situation going earlier in the month, so that was the scenerio already with someone with libra. someone had to be on their side to see their perspective. The pluto aquarius didnt really help much, but air is hard to grasp and it’s solid like earth and touchable, healing like water. yet we need to breathe the air to live. i think thats why air always needs support. libra needs their partners, the other and gemini needs someone to bounce their ideas, communicate, always someone there, supporting. and aquarius needs their groups and associations, the larger overall community. without it, it’s lost and dissapates.

      1. *i meant it’s not like earth, solid. a strength to stand on. Or easy to touch like water.
        and when my sister said run!! she was saying that about my mother who has dementia and has borderline personality tendancies, so dont engage when she abuses, just run. I usually try to deflect or ignore but it’s hard. She started being abusive in front of the caregiver, not to her but to my father. and he’s no better. the caregiver had to diffuse the situation.

      2. This is a general comment. Aquarius Sun , Moon, Venus, Aries rising, have never needed groups and associations, – in fact I don’t like them much -always seems like a bunch of sheep following some self appointed leader who has the gift of the gab. Maybe I have had some bad experiences with groups, ie – there is always someone who singles me out, for whatever reason. I know I appear to be rather individualistic, which I am, and many groups don’t like it.
        Another puzzle – many athletes have Mars in Pisces – curious eh? My daughter won every race, sporting event she ever tried, but was quite unimpressed by it all. Although now as an adult she loves to run for miles, cycles for sport and clocks up her distance. She has Mars in Pisces – looks like a delicate fairy but is strong as an Ox ( Taurus rising ) Can anyone shed light on this?

  7. I rarely pay attention to eclipses but I do have Mars-sun in Libra 5 degrees. I’m kinda freaking out about this. Anyone here ever had these exact conjunctions on Lunar Eclipses?

  8. To me it looks like, “talk to the hand b*tch”.
    Ya’ll gossip over there, I’m staying here with the cool kids making art in school.

    And do NOT give money to strangers or take any calls from my parents.

    That is all.

    1. The Pluo trine is nice. I still don’t want to be the moon in this drama. I also don’t want to be in the group. If I was, I’d have to run over and stand with the her.

      This on twists my head and I admit it.

  9. My nodal return is in June or July. My libra SN is in 9 degrees across the 1-7th houses.

    I’m kinda scared about this. I have my dental surgery that day. Hopefully everything will be okay.

  10. There is so much going on here, not just this but stretching into May, that I can’t really focus on individual pieces of the puzzle. Or identify where I got any particular thing. I just have to kind of wing it.

    There are a lot of very specific points on my own chart these aspects are hitting. Or people I know that are probably related to the story. Mercury retrogrades in my first house from 2 degrees off the placement that is there, back to the ascendant. Which means they way that I am presented to the world is suddenly changed. Which perhaps means that all the crazy stuff I have always talked about suddenly becomes a bit more respectable.

    I think something is going to shake loose and bring some sort of impact to the society that is at the moment so stagnant. There has recently been the reapparance of a monolith. That I do not believe is entirely due to individual artists as stated by the media, for various reasons. The monoliths appeared last time just before lockdown and I think is some sort of observation to keep tabs happening when there are moments of change coming. The last time I believe it was a month before a big eclipse as well.

    But what I think will happen will be some event that is a shock to people. and seems to last for about a month. A news item perhaps? A declaration of war? An economic crash? Legal action on dodgy medical practices? Or perhaps something as simple as an election. The monolith appeared in Wales which is in the UK. The UK is talking about a potential election in May 2024.

    This event will also speak to faith and fate I believe. It will partly punish people that are either too easily taken in by new age charlatans or overly skeptical. That is already beginning I believe. Things are now very weird and skeptics have no tools to process this.

    On a basic level there are a lot of elements of the Israeli/ Palestine and the rest of the Muslim world that are being generally avoided. Per the Spectator that had journalists in Israel for a while. It helps neither Israel, nor Iran/ Hezbollah to talk about Israels Southern border. So the provocations continue outside of mainstream media spectacle.

    What’s even going on in Ukraine as well? How would Western media communicate a loss there, it would seem to go against their narcissism!

    I think whatever this event is, it will go some way towards temporarily dissolving political divides. But then, as the months travel on, it will become obvious that on a deeper level there are still moral divides that are not so easily dismissed. There is also the relevance with this that society will start to suddenly realise it has been ostracising it’s eccentrics and will reflect on this a bit (Jupiter – Uranus)

    Whatever it is though, will seem big at the time but then it will disappear with Pluto’s retrograde. The shock will wear off and people will try to convince themselves, like they did for lockdown, that society will go back to “normal”. Society is never going back to normal.

    Then with Trumps victory and whatever else is happening. January 2025 onwards will be “the big one”. April 2024 is an appetiser, a sharp warning to get your house in order. A warning that people resisting change by being stubborn are not in a good position. But, by 2025 people not ready for change will be traumatised. It’s just the way it is. Warnings are important. Things get hard for people that ignored warnings. When the axe comes down and they realise that this one is not a potential negotiation like last time.

    1. To your point about Trump winning. Sorry I must strongly disagree, You are not correct in your assumption. A mental case will never run our country again 🙏

      1. Care to expand on that? Do you support Biden and think he will be winning the 2024 election? Do you support Biden and his policies? Are you making a factual or emotional claim? I.e. are you stating that Trump will not win based on your belief as to what will happen or your preference?

        I would like to clarify do you support Biden though, rather than do you hate Trump. Since I do not think hatred of a candidate is enough to get the other one through. Obama had a landslide victory because they liked Obama, not that they hated Bush.

        It seems to me Democrats trying to take Trump off the ballot indicates they believe he has a good chance of winning.

        1. I ask both of you to NOT fight about politics here. It causes far more problems than I care to deal with.
          Both stop now.
          Thank you!!!!

  11. Hmmm, the Moon trine Pluto definitely shows a punch of airy energy. How does air punch? Words, gossip, news, or truths (Libra) coming to light (Pluto). The inconjunct with Mars weakened in Pisces may show a loss of the gas, or there’s confusion that misdirects this energy. Does a big reveal get thwarted, or maybe its steam diminished?

    The planets, points, and Chiron stand from 12 – 23 degrees from Pisces to Taurus and is an intriguing mix, especially because they surround the 4th house and are at the bottom of the chart, while the Moon floats alone above it all. Maybe it brings words that hurt (Chiron and North Node) for some?

    The Taurus and Pisces planets also intermix. The Pisces are in the 3rd house, so that’s more communication (Venus and Saturn) while Taurus has Jupiter and Uranus… Hmmm, expect some unexpected (Uranus) that needed to happen, if not spill over (Jupiter)? My read so far is a lot of barking goes on but less biting, even with the Sun in Aries. Let’s see how this plays off!

  12. someone close to has has ascendant & moon right on the eclipse degree and they have been loosing it lately Iam concerned even with out the eclipse

  13. When you dont want a bush fire–first reduce the fuel.

    Nothing too see here (she says) from the 12th….

    Some people handle ‘aloneness’ better than others. ( l like Mars transiting in Pisces my 12th). Active avoidance…riding the stream…yes.
    Thanks to those above. I certainly agree with those points.

    I will do my best to give ‘internal’ expression to this fullmoon eclipse time)

    No more meaningless circular talk that says nothing new.

    Im drawing again, everything bubbling up.

    Saying ‘No not interested’ no comment to people not used to hearing it is very satisfying. ( Knowing a pattern is the first stage of breaking it)

    He did exactly what l thought he would:
    an invite to go with him to judge the biggest marrow LOL..the symbolism is not missed and on the day before the eclipse. No!!! He can appauld his own marrow. What a wanker!

    Ps No marrows will be harmed in this experiment)

    1. Dont feel too sorry for him. He has just realised his wife is away for 3 months and he has to ‘do’ for himself (Saturn in Taurus)

    2. Read: Trs. Venus in Pisces 12th. Trs. Mars Aqu 12th coming up to conj. Chiron sq Sun.
      I am putting this phone in a locked box.

    3. That last paragraph about the man and his, ahem, big marrow made me almost choke on my coffee from laughing!

      On a serious note though, glad you are setting strong boundaries on people and saying no when it’s needed, it’s ever so important especially with Saturn transiting Pisces.

      1. Thanks Mermaid. It is actually a cucuzza, an Italian summer squash…he also has a fondness for very tall cactii …one grows outside the kitchen window –center stage.
        He has a lot in Taurus and a Mars in Aq conj. Node. His mother was a religious fanatic who endless repeated scripture, suffered from mental illness…and did not listen. He is rude endlessly repeats and ‘does not listen’. He also does not help me in any practical way but is a good ‘taker’. I have to resist my own compulsions with all of this…
        I will deal with him but not face-to-face (He dominates, undermines and gaslights) I definitely wont do anything now. (Trans Mars 12th squ sun … and the rest)
        . He has no water. He prods until other more water laiden people (like me) responds…so he can appear free of blame ‘Who me…?he says.
        And now l have written this down l must ask myself why am l bothering? Am l trying to fix a past issue that can never be changed …he does remind me of my father.

        And there it is.

  14. On the societal level I get the vibe that the Moon/ Libra in the current climate may be about a polarizing legal issue coming to an end that may trigger strong emotions. Neptune / Saturn in Pisces. Pluto leaving Cap and dipping his toes into Aquarius…

    Personal it hits my 12th house smack dab on my natal true node across from all those planets in my 5th and 6th. Pluto’s still sitting on my IC and Jupiter and Uranus are dancing the watusi in my 7th.

    The kicker is my hubby had an updated pacemaker put in Dec 22 and he has his first device checkup on March 25th. Hmmmm connected?

    12 / 6 house lunar eclipse, endings. Focus on psychology, health, partner, transformation. I just pray that it’s all for the good!

  15. My parents used to call me ‘contrary’ when I was young. It makes sense how you’ve explained it. These days they call it ‘demand avoidant’ – being ND doesn’t help.

    4th/10th Aries/Libra. ATM I find myself standing in opposition of a man, a home builder, who I am suing. I’m an analyst and program manager by trade (10th) and I have alllll of the receipts, so to speak. Every communication, every text, and all of the research and investigation I’ve done on his shady business practices. I’ve uncovered a lot for the lawyer to use – 8th house Venus in Virgo.

  16. I feel this is pointless to post at this time, but I see the tech world (tiktok?) getting a boost from protests.
    With Sun and Neptune involved – whats the truth? Who is exposing what? And still theres the Saturn Jupiter sextile providing some very determined and expansive groundedness.
    I believe what occurs will be for the best, though I am very very uncomfortable with air energy dominating like this. Must be why Im ready to get rid of tech and go back to landlines and fax machines. Ive had it.

  17. It didn’t take long to find out how the lunar eclipse affected my life . It was in my Libra 12th / Aries 6th.

    My friend/neighbor who has been fighting cancer died.

    My co-worker who is my backup has been going through something and totally let me down when I really needed help. She was totally in La-la land.

    My hubby had his checkup with his pacemaker and they put him on another drug an told him that he’d had some kind of episode in Feb. Hubby also stopped by the social security office to check on retirement since he turns 65 this year.

    We also had a good argument because he misunderstood what I was asking about what he found out at the social security office, and I was so upset with my co worker letting me down, I was frustrated.

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