Jupiter In Pisces: The Philosophy of Compassion

les and jonny“I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves.”
–Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game

Loving someone as they love themselves does not mean liking them. Even if I can only manage to do it for a moment, it is so liberating to really see someone for who they are and just take it in.

I’m someone who can get extremely worked up about the minutiae of life. It doesn’t last long but I can be severely irked for short periods over relatively nothing. But this week, not so much. Β While it’s not been a conscious thing, I’ve been giving people free passes on their foibles and I’ve noticed I’ve gotten them from others as well.

Could this be Jupiter in Pisces?

So many people have been pummeled recently with these serious configurations in the sky. I’m wondering if some haven’t happened upon an out, Jupiter into Pisces: Big Doobie in the Sky. There’s a lot of serious (Saturn) pain (square Pluto) out there and I’m not making light of it or saying I have the answer. Perhaps it’s just a placebo effect or even the extra oxygen but it certainly won’t hurt to take a deep breath and chill, babies.

Have you noticed a difference since Jupiter went into Pisces?

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  1. The distinction between loving someone and liking them is an important one, and one I understand better than I’d like, although I’m probably projecting all over you. It’s my Pisces in the 7th, I’d reckon.

    But for me, I definitely see a liberating effect from the “let go and observe” orientation.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking post, Satori!

  2. oh, okay cool. She is going to write from now on and will have her sig at the bottom link Annalisa and I do, soon. πŸ™‚

  3. Loving someone and not liking them is the only way to be a successful preschool teacher. This is why I did not apply to grad school as an Elementary School teacher

  4. Hummmmm! Hard topic for me. I have an attitude, I remember wondering over and over again how I could have walked with that professor of philosophy in a psychiatric clinic (an inpatient), knowing that he is a pedophile. Chatting about nazzis, the symbols of discrimination and so on. I don`t know, that is attitude to me. However acceptance is another thing. Believe me I have prayed the even to give me acceptance. Only I feel very sensitive with this Jupiter… May be I am prone to acceptance now.

  5. <3 Welcome to Satori as one of the blog writers! Love having your perspective up here all official. πŸ™‚

    I think I am liking Jupiter in Pisces. I have Pisces in the 4th house anchoring a grand trine (if you allow for huge orbs) AND my mutable t-square. Having some pain issues the last few days and at the same time I’m feeling happy and optimistic.

  6. Definitely! I’m soaking my Cappy bones in the balmy waters. But it moves sooo quickly. Blazes into Aries in June. Wondering what beliefs get dissolved/released. Opposes Saturn in Virgo before it leaves…be sure to practice what I preach?

  7. Yes yes yes! What a respite, wait it’s better than that, it’s soothing with hopeful joy and I’m loving every bit of feeling good or great.

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    Le Ciel du Scorpion

    Strange. I feel like the exact opposite has been true for me. I’ve spent the last year being compassionate, smoking the Great Dubbage in the Sky. Giving people the space to express themselves as they need to, without fear of judgement from me.

    This week, though…this week. I want to kick this week. Hard. And this is the week that I want to curl up in bed with a pint of ice cream and a Reese Witherspoon movie, with a voicemail greeting that says, “I’m not able to answer my phone because I accidentally bathed it in tears and it short-circuited. I’ll get back to when and if I feel like it. If you think that’s harsh, I’ve been coddling you for far too long. If you don’t think that’s harsh, go ahead and leave a message.”


  9. Jilly – is this why ive been feeling like utter shit…? Ive been so down, so miserable for no particular reason. I mean, nothing sudden has happened, this week i just realized i should have TONS of reasons for being miserable. . . all i want is a new place, a fresh start and to just be in a new skin. This week has been scary.

    its funny cause i have friends who have had a blast this week, and i have one particular Pisces friend who is feeling like me, if not worse. What could this be? I have her chart as well, where can i trace this in both our charts?

    thanks in advance

  10. btw, Le Ciel Du Scorpion, could this be a taurus thing? i remember you being the oppsite of me kinda; im a taurus with a scorpio moon. My friend whos also depressed is pisces with a taurus moon.

    :/ i tried to see if it could be saturn in capricorn, but no, all my best friends have saturn in capricorn, and this is only affecting the two of us.

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    Le Ciel du Scorpion

    @McS: You know, it’s not so much a feeling of depression as it is, “Ugh. Everyone fend for yourselves for a mo.” Like I couldn’t be bothered to care about anything other than immediate needs. Suddenly, I’ve just had it.

    But…I HAVE noticed that my week has been almost exactly good news, followed by bad news over and over.

    Right now, this very moment, Jupiter is sitting right smack dab on the imaginary line between my 11th and 12th houses? (Bursts into tears, blows nose) I want to be with my friends and also hide myself away at the same time. Jupiter’s making great aspects to my moon, sun, mars…oooooooh. Jupiter square Neptune. Maybe I’m feeling overwhelmed by being compassionate indiscriminately? I should think before I offer support to everyone and their brother. (Sniffle)

  12. Avatar
    Le Ciel du Scorpion

    Wait! No! I wrote/read that wrong. Jupiter is on my 10/11. WTF? This is all supposed to be good. Why do I feel so overwhemled? (Turns basement light back on, trudges back down stairs…)

  13. In my life, I’ve noticed I’ve been picking up on “psychic” stuff more and more. Things being threaded together throughout the day, lessons from the universe, vivid dreams and I’ve had a couple of ghostly experiences believe it or not. I’m going through a Jupiter return too. Definitely feeling more benevolent and holistic these days even though things are very tough in other respects.

  14. I forgot to add this:
    “Loving someone as they love themselves does not mean liking them.”

    What about loving someone as they are even when they don’t love OR like themselves?
    That was my original thought. *laughs* Boggling, ‘t’is.

  15. shifting Jupiter from Aquarius to Pisces feels like the angst and trauma was a drama that is not really that serious. In the midst of really tough stuff and really deeply painful emotional spaces there is a hint that none of it matters. So sure, Satori, people with whom there has been BIG lesson issues, you suddenly realise that you love them and have always loved them…..but boyoboy, are they so full of idiocy for the longest time.
    There is a base layer of serenity with Jupiter in the sea – everything is actually ok.

  16. That’s me up there, in the process of leaving Kris (who is the miserable transplant from Colorado to Wisconsin) behind and embracing Kristine, who I really am. The last name…probably not necessary, but the computer did it. Really! I think the computer is enjoying the Big Doobie too. πŸ˜‰

  17. Woohooo too Satori!!! Im loving that Elsa is having you write and Annalisa. Its becoming a wonderful delicious fruit salad here with new writers.

    There has been heaps of strife in the sky and it has hit me hard but I have felt the ease of Jupiter in Pisces as a little relief. I have Pisces rising and althoug it hasnt hit my ASC exactly yet its there and its trining my stellium and Scorp Sun. I havent felt the ease so much in this week compared to last week but as more as certain hours of the da during a week. Like today was pretty heavy and I was dealing with some really heavy stuff but then I came home and chatted to wonderful person. I was just soooo happy to talk to them because they were just being them vices, warts and all and yet felt bouyant by them coz their vices were endearing in sense. I thank high heaven for that person today <3

  18. Hi Kristine, formerly known as Kris. *waves*

    satori, I am so incredibly psyched about this! I love your writing.

    No doobage in the sky for me yet, with Saturn and Pluto exactly on my angles it feels like metal grinding on metal, but when Jupiter finally gets to my MC I think I’ll feel relief. I also will probably lose my job, but that might be really merciful.

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