Saturn In Pisces & Illusion

illusion of controlThe phrase, “fateful decision” ran through my mind. It’s a dramatic way of framing something, that’s not necessarily attached to reality.  How much control do we have over our fate, anyway?  It’s a lot less than I used to think.

The illusion of control has been strong for a long time.   As one example of an endless number, consider how apps and the internet in general is designed. You sit in a fake seat of power, dialing thing up and down, voting people up and down, making kind or unkind, helpful or unhelpful comments.  That’s fine, but the actual entity in control can also your comment to be seen or not seen. A person can be voted up or down a million times. The display of these votes may or may not reflect reality.

What about investing? At this point in time, most feel the markets are not controlled and manipulated.  You did your “due diligence”; it gives you the illusion of safety.

The illusion of status is another big one.  Legend in your own mind, type deal.

What about the illusion of safety?  I thought I was safe in my car, until a gravel truck hit me, going 65 mph.

The illusion of security is another one.   Job loss, illness, various catastrophes that are out of your hands.

What about the illusion of support? 

When Saturn went into Pisces, I said the veil would drop on this. I feel it has and I wonder if you agree.

I also wonder how you’re acclimating to reality.

22 thoughts on “Saturn In Pisces & Illusion”

  1. saturn hit my desc. neptune a few years back, when i got sick and every one i know disapeared. now saturn and neptune is in my solar seventh and i disapeared from people. i realized i was always on my own, family and community was an illusion. its both comforting to know i can handle everything on my own but also sad. is that how most people usually feel? separate and selfish? honestly i miss my neptunian delusions. this is a bit bleak. at least in my fog i dreamt most people are loving and connected.

    1. I miss it too! And the thing is, you (and I) can handle it on our own, until we can’t.

      Not that we should all be done in by fear! I’m writing this because it has to be grappled with.

      1. I called on God and no one answered, so I feel like I have no choice but to handle it on my own for now. Maybe saturn in pisces is gonna be about choosing faith and working on real connections. Not complaining, it is what it is and im not afraid of hard work.

    2. I think people need equal doses of neptune and saturn. Too much of either creates a problem, then the individual has to find the solution, alter consciousness, learn something. Saturn has been sitting on my sun for a while now. It’s getting to be too much responsibility and just a hard, cold view of reality.

  2. I can speak to similar observations. I’m noticing 3 letter agencies are there to confound safety and security. FDA, FCC, EPA, WHO, WEF, NIH,CIA for sure. I read how vaccines, herbicides and food additives cause disease and death. From DDT causing polio symptoms to aspartame,fluoridation and mercury to synthetic radiation (ionizing and non ionizing) sudden death- they are sold to us to improve health and literally weaken society. Crazy and the more I learn, the less people want to talk to me.

    1. world pop. went down for the first time in 700 years. all the interventions are working! (insert nihilistic shrug emoji here)

  3. Hah!
    If Saturn returns to Pisces every 29.5 years I’m living the results of my choses and the universe’s nods, nudges and tidal changes.

    The last time Saturn transited my natal houses of Pisces my first marriage and my corporate career ended. Endings behave differently for each of us; I tend to hold on past the expiration date but then there’s my Uranus in quirky Gemini tapping my Mars-Saturn pair up and in flew a tall lean unexpected stranger who would change things up and sideways.

    The Pisces effects on Saturn for me is a softening of my being. Mostly I’m “fixed” but not totally. The illusion returned when I called it up and found “there’s no there there.” What I am living now is closer by far then it was on Pisces’s last transit, and I know …
    The tides go in and out do a good practice I’ve found? Pack your magic and check the fluids 😘✌️

    1. Yes, sometimes we are chosen and perhaps the illusion is believing we did the choosing. There is a phrase in Hawaiian, “koho’ia” meaning “You’re it!”

  4. How a person reacts/responds is where the control is –

    There is also the illusion of religion, the illusion of faith, the illusion of prayer, the illusion of hope, the illusion of coping mechanisms…illusions are in everything… but how one reacts is not an illusion it is an action.
    You may be able to fool yourself but opportunity of choice on how to react and respond is still at the base.

  5. Well written. I read this yesterday too. I feel the disillusionment. Greatly. How we keep ourselves so alone, using social media as an illusion of closeness. Imagine without social media how truly alone we are, as we would be pre-90’s before the internet happened. When we had to call people, or visit people in person. How I kept a handwritten address book with addresses to write letters and cards to people. And those people were close to me. As opposed to the true disillusioned isolation of an internet based social life.

    Real magick is supposed to break through the veil of illusion humans perpetuate.

  6. I have heard saturn in pisces described as the frog in the boiling water transit. I’m trying hard to stay awake and aware and not drift too far off into No Man’s Land. It’s in my 2nd house, no obvious effects yet. My mars in cap is conjunct neptune in sag. That natal placement has made me very careful with my body and finances over the years ha. Fingers crossed.

  7. Saturn hit me harrrrd. 7th/6th house work and loneliness 4th house activation a painful illusion to drop for me was family. It was never really there and what do i have to show for it?

  8. i honestly believe that God does help change our path, by bringing people who need and we help them in return. Angels in this world are people around us, that’s the connection.
    my husband has dreams of his father when he has had hard time in life, through either circumstances that are out of our control and we need prayers and love, and help from others, even spiritually. When going through hard times, his father comes into his dreams and tells him he will ask people around and help him. In spirit, i think he meant asking the spirit world to intervene. Our loved ones, we need to ask them for help, they’re the connection to whats behind the veil.
    i used to dream alot of my grandparents when i was going through troubles when i was a teenager and in my 20s. Then the last i dreamt of my grandfather he said to me, i’m tired now, and smiled, and went to somewhere quietly. In my most deepest of dreams (12th house) i was told by God, just ask when i’m in trouble, and God will be there. I have to see that they’re in the form of people. who are there, to help. they come to you when least expect it. And the spirit world, that is another realm. So far support has been coming because i opened my eyes and saw the goodness in people.

  9. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    row, row, row your boat (SATURN AND MARS)
    gently down the stream (PISCES)
    merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily (JUPITER SEXTILE)
    life is but a dream (NEPTUNE)


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