Gemini & Virgo – Get Outa Their Way!

Mercury will leave Leo for Virgo this weekend, joining Mars in the sign. These planets will remain conjunct for about two weeks. Expect minds to race and Gemini and Virgo to be assertive if not downright pushy.

This will also speed things up. Efficiency is in. Lollygagging, not so much.

Think quick but watch the knives that might fly from your mouth. You also want to react quickly to dodge the knives of others.

Watch for written attacks, mental abuse (which can be self-inflicted in the form of worry).

On the other hand, Mars conjunct Mercury signifies a neighborhood hero. Someone who helps you out. A Gemini, a Virgo, or a man?

I just want to point (Mars) this out. Other astrologers see Mercury as a minor DETAIL. I am well aware the phenomenal importance of this so often overlooked planet shown in our charts and it’s impact on our lives.

Got plans for the weekend?

4 thoughts on “Gemini & Virgo – Get Outa Their Way!”

  1. Neighborhood hero you say?

    Funnily enough today I sought out some therapist to help me get over my lingering anger about my ex. The one that popped out and I picked turned out to be located in the very near of my neighborhood. Strange coincidence or not?!
    I think not!

    Mars and Mercury is touring my 7th house, I have 2,5 of them, and right now they are visiting the intercepted part of them…. Virgo. There will probably be a good deal of pent up passive aggression coming out during my session I guess At least I look forward to release them (and him) – the things my brain can’t seem to let go of!
    Classic natal Mercury in Scorpio I guess. Fixed so hard on any topic I become obsessed (8th house no less). I need proffessionel help to release and let go mentally of someone, even if my heart let go quite some time ago.

  2. Funny Anette, I have Mars Mercury also touring my 7th house (Leo, Virgo and a little bit of Libra) but Virgo is also intercepted in my chart.
    Now I have a question… I can see around 17th of Sept Mars Mercury conjunct at 8 degrees Virgo. This is exactly on my Vertex. What can I expect with this? A very important conversation or action, or an important meeting?

  3. This transit of Mercury& Mars conjuncts my natal Pluto in 1st house. Pluto is natally square Mercury & Sun. Better watch what I say and control the power surge in service of the greater good of all. Don’t want to fan the flames of conflict that are already present on the job. Some hot spots already there.

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