Men, Women And Unrequited Love

Unrequited love is a fairly common story.  What’s unusual is that it seems to dog men and women fairly equally. There not many things that fit this bill.

As far as a marker in a chart goes, pining is a Neptune phenomena. Neptune tied up with Venus  in any form, would be the thing to look for both in the chart of the person pining or being pined for.

These situations can be incredibly intoxicating.  The pining can last for years. It’s not uncommon to see something like this last for a decade or more. The person pining often keeps their fantasy a secret.

I have Venus square Neptune in my chart. I can easily understand how these situations constellate as well as how and why they are sustained .

What are you experiences with unrequited love?

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  1. I got Neptune in the 7th. As I write this there is a woman on my mind. We started off well then it broke, and soon afterwards she found “her perfect man”. I, on the other hand, have been unable to get off the hook, biting more and more as time passed. So now I’m in this weird state of … being occupied with her… and not really being free, or available. I’m kind of waiting for her to leave the country. Six more weeks. What I want to know is why… what is Neptune teaching me, selfless love? What is this flow I’m going with? I don’t really have my own mind anymore. Only a canoe that I ride down the rapids of life. If someone could write about 7th house Neprune I’d appreciate it.

  2. i agree this is a venus-neptune issue. i never understood where this came from, on my part, as venus and neptune do not appear to touch other in my chart…however, by declination, they do. i have a venus/neptune contraparallel, which is basically like a venus/neptune opposition. it completely sucks from a relationship/romantic standpoint, but i do believe it helps me with art and music.

  3. Venus conjunct Neptune in sag 11th house… only had it real bad once when his sun sat on top of my conjunction. *sigh* otherwise my delusional choices are with friends and spending.

  4. Is this energy playing out in the collective right now? …because I am Piiiiiining capital P like there is no tomorrow. Every idle second, I have to fight to come back from the clouds. Sometimes, I oblige and follow the fantasy. I broke off a three month relationship and I stick with my decision but hot damn. I have this in my natal chart and I’m well aware of what I’m doing to myself. ….but we have a yod in our composite, too, and I wonder if I’m dealing with more than just my own chart. Shrug. Neptune. I know… but I don’t know.

  5. UGH my Venus in Scorpio is conjunct with my Venus in Neptune. Luckily My Taurus moon opposes both so I can step back if needed. My Venus and Neptune in the 2nd house (yuk!) and my Taurus moon in the 8th.
    It kinda works funny. I pine and pine over someone. Feel disappointed and let it go, create a hard shell and become friends. It always seems that they then fall for me. At that point it would be like kissing my brother. sigh

  6. After 13-14 years pining over the same person, the realization that I was manifesting absolutely none of my dream, jaded me with the same measure of unconditional love I used to feel. Dissilusionment still permeates my soul. I’m still trying to fill up this seemingly bottomless hole.

    I still can’t say what it taught me with any certainty, Saturn stuff I’m sure….

  7. Venus/Moon conjunction in Aqaurius/5th house square Neptune in Scorpio/2nd House. Oh, yeah. Married men, gay men, celebrity men. My 2 worst obsessive pinings each lasted more than 10 years. A psychic looked at my palm and said, “I see two husbands” – and I had to laugh, because, yes indeed, true, but they were both somebody else’s! And nothing happened in reality, although in my imagination we were soul mates united forever. Like somebody said up above, I don’t know how I would react if somebody I was deeply attracted to loved me back. I guess the Venus in Aquarius makes friendship nicer.

  8. I have Venus and many planets in 12th House. Unrequited love is the story of my life. More like Secret love because I can’t for the life of me tell anyone I like them.

  9. Venus square Neptune here. I’m very prone to work crushes and it hasn’t changed the older I get. It’s usually a mental more than physical attraction as I don’t have a “type” look wise. Every time I label our meeting as fated I hear a bell ring to remind me not to go there. Having a Pisces Asc doesn’t help with both the rulers in the 8th either! Venus in the 6th too.

  10. My 7th house lord is Neptune.
    My Venus in 8th house is square Neptune. Unrequired love is something I had been through ever since I was 11 years old and started to have feelings for the other sex.

    How about Neptune onj Mars? Is it the same kind of energy?

  11. Unaspected Venus in Scorpio here but also Moon square Pluto. Intense, compulsive desires have been my trademark and downfall. I always got wrapped around the axle over relationships. There would be the inevitable breakup, probably because I was too committed or available, followed by years of regret and soul searching. Talk about being one’s own worst enemy! Dating was a quest, not fun. I wish I could go back and do it right.

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