Get To The Core Of Things!

starfish on rockDearest Elsa,

I recently purchased your Saturn 12H workshop and I am so glad I did. I want to cry because I have so much clarity now.

I love (Venus) how you get to the core (Scorpio) of things. That’s my type of astrologer lol. The use of parentheses in your work is amazing because it shows me how you break things down. I love how you helped me to undo myself in many areas. Most of the time I think negatively of everything but seeing how you put things together to reframe my thoughts about the situation I’m in, truly helps.

Sincerely, S.

Thank you!

If you have Saturn in the 12th by natally or by transit, check out the workshop here: How to stay Stable as Reality Morphs!

2 thoughts on “Get To The Core Of Things!”

  1. I can also whole heartedly endorse this report. It was a life saver for me when I had saturn conjunct my neptune in the 12th house. I’d read everything I could on this but it was only Elsa who really described what I was going through. Giving a name to my “hologram fear” was the first step in getting through it.

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