Saturn Square Pluto: Step Away From The Corpse Redux

Almost everyone everywhere had something die this week and may have very well seen something else become resurrected even if it’s just a germ of an idea or attitude.

I am seeing that teacher’s pets and others who want to optimize results are well advise to step away from the corpse and start dealing cards that support your future ambition.

The reason is because if dead thing IS going to come back, it’s going to happen after you’ve turned your back and left it for dead.

I realize this is cold but there is nothing warm about Saturn and Pluto in hard aspect.

There is however, a fantastic opportunity for people who want to channel intense energy into achievement so this post is for that faction.


38 thoughts on “Saturn Square Pluto: Step Away From The Corpse Redux”

  1. Rereading this after speaking with someone who lost a family member, it seems insensitive but it was not meant that way.

    I am trying to help people. This Saturn Pluto thing is FINAL and there are definitely things people have got to do.

    What I mean to be saying here it there is a road ahead and standing around shocked is probably a luxury in some cases and it may help to know it’s ok to let go.

    For others, they risk being hit by a truck as they stand over the dead thing. I am sorry but it’s just the current climate out there so the idea is to do something with the energy and it may as well be something productive that will benefit yourself and others.

  2. Time to chime in again to say my 2 cents of encouragement to you, Elsa, to keep saying the hard stuff. I for one really appreciate and try to USE it (even if I’m uncomfortable hearing it.). So, thanks!

  3. Have to do a serious WP upgrade this week and that means “killing” the old version. Just hope it works to resurrect the new from the ashes of the old. We’ll see . . .

  4. Elsa I remember when you started writing eye on the sky posts. I remember it being something you worked and adapted to do well because people kept asking for it. I just wanted you to know that I see the sustained effort and greatly appreciate it. I’ve sent several people over to check the transit watch lately. It’s an amazing resource. Thank you.

  5. Thanks, Lupa, yeah I didn’t want to do this at all. I said, fuck no for 3 years! 🙂

    Now I have this, a transit watch and am going to have another service for clients.


    Thanks for the kudos, it takes a real effort to stay on top things and that’s a fact.

  6. Just wondering, “IF the dead thing comes back” is it going to come back in April, when Saturn comes back for 14 weeks? And is that when he will tell us if “turning our back on the dead thing” was the right thing to do?

  7. daisy, no, I would not see it that way.

    I would see the dead thing as dead and there be a necessity to leave it behind. If the thing comes back it will do so on it’s own steam… you’re busy.

  8. It’s a bit like the Monkey’s Paw story and Pet Sematary isn’t it? You can keep pumping life into the dead thing and it lingers but in a perverted form. In order to let it die and rest you have to stop wondering whether it will come back. The dead things are dead and the living should live.

    Speaking from far too much personal experience with feeding zombies.

  9. Funny you should post this.
    At funerals a clergy or funeral director will always tell you to call the family to help.

    The family has no desire to speak with you.
    The friendship you had is in the ground with the coffin.

    Talking with the family only brings them pain and anger and jealousy because they don’t have the same memories you do. Once the funeral is over the family sends you a Thank You and then its
    over with. There done.

    So its not cold its just the truth.

  10. Oh Elsa, Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. I have been standing over the dead thing way too long. Saturn currently transiting my 7th, thus far this year my marriage ended, the business we built together just sold. My venus, mercury, sun now in 8th (more death, year end taxes) DUH what was I thinking. Pluto in my 10th, yeah my destiny, you bet I have been busy. But : ) not as busy as I am going to get when I call the lawyer this week. Then I can qualify for financial aid and stay in school, yeah more destiny stuff, just from walking away from the dead thing. Please, keep me thinking, and busy. I guess its just my Sag optimism peaking through!

  11. Merc’s hitting my chart good these past couple days and I had a dream last night that will go a long way for holding me up through the crush.

  12. My career died earlier this year. I’m having a hard time letting it go, but that’s the door that keeps slamming. I had a friend of a friend invite me today to partner in a catering company she’s had for 5 years. I’ve been helping her over the past few months. I’m a good cook and a hard worker, and it’s always been some far-fetched dream to be in catering, but this one throws me for a loop. My background is in science, and I’ve been working as a project manager.

    Wow, Elsa, this post has hit a part of my brain I keep pushing away. Thanks.

    I also have transiting Uranus on the ascendant/sun. Earlier in the year I kept thinking, how on earth could my life change? Haha on me!

  13. Thankfully my dead thing is only popping up in dreams. Wakeful rumination is at an all-time low, it’s more of a slap to the face and I can ignore that.

    Interestingly, my dreams the past two weeks have had strongly undead overtones: literal zombies as well as figurative ones and vampires galore! *nodnodnod*

  14. wow Elsa – my nieghbour died on Monday morning – the house next door was aching and wailing…the most seriously beautiful sunset that night. Then yesterday I put something from 2 years ago together with something from last year and there was this enormous kapow!!! like why hadn’t I seen it before and so I stepped out of dormancy and it feels really good.

  15. I think what’s died for me is a strong sense of direction. Well it’s the past really. The last 10 years. I’m home and back in the country and it’s deeply fulfilling.. but what the heck am I supposed to do career wise? When I try to do what I did when Saturn was in Aries – ie get a regular job – I feel great resistance and confusion. I have job leads in my career area but for contract work and there’s nothing immediate. Feel like sitting it out to be frank. Yet pressure to get work since i haven’t had solid work for 16 months now. Don’t feel depressed about it. Just guilty for living off my folks. And discouraged since it used to be much easier for me to get work and figure out what i wanted as i went along. Now I want to sit on my ass and wait until the confusion passes and things become clear.
    Probably won’t do that.. but that’s what i’m wanting to do.

  16. i’ve moved my face on out from classroom teaching. with some relief. i am sure i will teach again. but probably not ever in a public school setting.
    i just clicked to that today. that element of my identity is done.

    and something else. but more future recognition than a now one.

  17. The “dead thing” analogy is, dare I say it, “dead on”. I have been watching something die for awhile now and only in the last week or so realize that it’s time for a whole new change in direction. Also seeing it effect relationships too, or the need to acknowledge that they don’t serve a purpose anymore.

  18. My current job is definitely “dying” in a couple of weeks. We still don’t know exactly when, but it hasn’t kept me from looking after other opportunities already. A bit surpricingly given the economic situation, I’ve spotted a few I waited for in vain during the Virgo Saturn already.

  19. My dead thing is big and close, family close. And walking away feels like such a betrayal and like giving up. But lately I had accepted exactly that, that I must walk away as though it were dead. When I mentally/emotionally veered back to the body, I was hit by a truck. And I got it immediately. Thanks for the confirmation and for the directness. Please never stop telling it as it is. The world is overflowing with people who tell it as it isn’t. And even more who want to hear it. Your truth is valuable and rare. And awake. What a relief.

  20. All around me are women getting divorced. But they are strong, sad, but moving on with it. I have a pending move that would take me out of an area I have lived for 20 years, not too far away — about an hour away, but it would mean leaving the city where my 1st husband and I lived, and where he passed away. Just realized that when I wrote it just now.

  21. Neith- If you run into trouble, give me a holler. Message me on the boards and I’ll give you my cell if you like. I’m very handy with WordPress…

  22. My old self-concept of myself died today, along with an enormous social stigma that I had to keep secret for over 20 years.

    Feel a bit at sea now — it’s different on the other side of the fence, and yet not.

    Things didn’t go exactly as I would have wished, but it was a necessary change, a desperately wanted change, and it was reasonably pleasant for a complete revision of what I think I’m worth, and more importantly, who I am in relation to others and how they value me.

  23. I have been dealing with this energy all year long since it is in this years solar return. I have never had more pain in my life- like burning from the inside. surviving this and waiting for my next solar return for the energy shift.. thank you Elsa for all your advice and posts in this blog about pluto square saturn.
    I canot explain how they saved me. Bless you- my best prays and wishes for your health <3

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