What’s It Like To Be Divorced At 50 Years Old?

I know a fifty-year-old man who is getting divorced. His career has peaked along with his attractiveness.

He cheated on his wife for more than a decade. He has no kids. He forgot to think of others at any point in life. He just never learned how.

People feel sorry for this guy, I know I do. Not sorry enough to go nurse him, though. Besides, what can you do to help a person who has driven their life to this point, at this age? How can you possibly stop them from feeling pain and/or suffering the consequences of their own actions?

The man is an Aries with a Saturn transit. They say they that Saturn transits will bring you to your knees. In this case, it has.

I know a lot of people in this condition or headed there. You?

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    Vivienne Grainger

    It took a Saturn/Midheaven transit combined with Pluto/Ascendant to do that in my own life, but I did my best to become aware of the lessons I was being asked to learn. It changed me in profoundly rewarding ways.

    Still, it was a grueling experience, and while I’m glad it’s behind me, I’m also glad that Pluto transits are once in a lifetime!

  2. julian, I agree. I have had my ass kicked so many times for trying to *as gently as possible*, tell a person this is where they’re headed, but they just have no clue how devastating life is and I compete with online psychics who tell them that a lotto win is right around the corner.

    When did people start believing there was such a thing as a free lunch, anyway?

  3. I”m with Korellyn except switch dad to mom.

    I however, don’t feel sorry for these types. My mother got enough second chances and red flags. Ignored them all and now everyone is gone from her life – and in her mind she has no culpability. Its everyone else’s fault.

  4. What you sow you reap, and what you don’t bother to sow, you won’t reap at all.

    This guy has nothing. You’d think there are enough examples of how to have a good life and how not to screw it up, but I guess not.

  5. I know at least two men who are in this place or headed there. One is my ex-brother-n-law he is just careening head long down the mountain to a crashing end. Even if I liked him as a person I don’t know what I or anyone for that matter can do or even could do to stop this from happening.

    The other person is one of my own son’s. He is

  6. You said it all in that statement Elsa. What can ya do except warn them and hope something strikes a cord with them. Wait for the train wreck and pick up the pieces is about all I know to do.

  7. My mother died at 50 because of being into self-centerness and also a victim. She abused her body and mind in the worst way and finally it couldn’t take it anymore. In a way, I’m glad she’s not suffering anymore but I think she wasted her life in drowning her sorrows away. My father and I tried to her help but she wouldn’t have any of it. Oh well… She was a Cancer with a Moon-Mars conjunction in Gemini. Her Sun was conjunct Uranus… very rebellious she was!

  8. @julianwinter — WORD !

    The man you describe Elsa, is the polar opposite of me. I hope that I never meet such a person, and that all my giving lends me security (at least emotional security) when I’m old. I feel that my life would be worthless without my kids and my relationship with them.

  9. “It is one hell of a day when you wake up and realize that you’re not all that.”

    You can say that again! I had that experience a few years ago and it has fundamentally changed my life since. I see my current (soon to be former) man headed down that road, but of course I can’t do a thing to change it. I just hope he can get as much out of the experience as possible.

  10. This feeling of hitting rock bottom just might be my mother in about 3 years. Her second Saturn return is right around the corner. The past decade and some odd years haven’t been kind to us as a family, through her.

  11. Yes. Sadly he is the love of my life. He’s an Aries too. One day he’s you g to wake up and realize he’s all alone.

  12. The Man is heading into his second Saturn Return in a year or so – he’s 56 this year. He’s losing his looks – overweight and going bald – but still has immense charm. He’s a Saturn in Scorp and has Sun tightly conjunct Uranus

    I forsee him suffering, but not that much. he has enough money and glamour to fend off the consequences of his selfishness for quite a few years yet – and that’s kinda sad. Anyway, if he does get eviscerated by Saturn, I ain’t going to be there to pick up the pieces 😉

  13. “he has enough money and glamour to fend off the consequences”
    @BP…This is true. Especially if a man has $$$.. they can always find a young attractive woman to hang with. I think it’s kinda sad too.

  14. I too agree with Julian! You can’t try to warn these types either, in one ear and out the other. No regard for others until they hit the wall, then woe is me,lol.

  15. A decade? I feel sorry for his wife. That’s how I don’t want to wake up. Living your day-to-day thinking everything is ok, then you find out the last 10 years of your life were a lie. Maybe I’m a judgemental, projecting, bitch..but I have very little empathy for this man. If any.

  16. There is such a thing as a free lunch but only if you are nice. After all with honey you catch more flies than with vinegar.
    And what goes around comes around.

    Maybe this man doesn’t believe you now, Elsa. But when he learns it was all true he’ll soon be back to hear more of what you have to say.

  17. I am not in contact with this man. I just know of him and have seen it come to this over the last two or three years. You see where a person is headed and then they get there.

  18. What a great entry, Elsa!

    I’m currently “talking to AND somewhat” seeing a man who’s is probably the most passive-agressive-selfish person I’ve ever met. He’s 50 (gasp), well-established, handsome, and very smart; we get along great and yes, there is connection. All was going well in the dating area until he sprung it on me after two weeks of having fun and getting to know each other that he’s going on a two week vacation. The first thing that came to my mind was how many god damn houses and aspects he must have in Aries. The way he so non-chalantly chatted away about going to this place and that place almost made my bull in china shop taurus side come out. Oddly enough, he called me before boarded the plane just to “hear my sweet voice” and that we should “keep up communication”. Granted, he’s a libra, but I must say, I have NEVER met a libra as self centered as he is.


  19. The pluto/Saturn moon transits definitely demonstrated that I am much more selfish than I possibly thought I could be. This is def a check yourself before you wreck yourself warning. A welcome one too. Thanks Elsa! 🙂

  20. Mind boggling what those born before 1933 have Outer planet placement. Really strange. Yes an Aries moon like an estranged younger sister I have. She got that from my late Grandmothers sun and Dad’s Neptune or Pluto post 1933.
    I believe it’s inherited. Oh it’s murder on me. Very sad.

  21. this tale reminds me of how i felt really sad of arnold schwarzenneger. and yes i do know of someone via another family member who has had a mistress for years, decades, and lives with the mistress part time; also has grown children. what does the family do? nothing really. both sides of the family need him. he’s actually a good father, so his children love him. so the tale above is much sadder as he doesn’t have anyone.

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