Taking A Couple Days Off (and here’s a story)

ink blotWe have family coming in, Friday and Saturday.  I’m usually fast to respond but this won’t necessarily be the case over the next few days, as we’ve got plans to be out and about.  I don’t expect to get any newsletters done, either. Sorry!

I wanted to put something up here to read. I got an email today, about this story. I took the time to read it and I like it a lot.

It hit me in that is covers things we’ve been talking about, lately. Jupiter Uranus and Pluto or 8th house stuff in the intensity of this story.

I haven’t read it for a long time. I was struck, reading and recalling what was said about me, behind my back, utterly unbeknownst to me. I have also have some good friends in this and good strangers as well.

I was struck because the way it is now, is the way it was then.  I can’t say whether this is good or bad, but it’s a phenomena. You may very well have a similar phenomena in your life, which is why I mention it.  But it’s also the ink-blot factor.

That’s what someone called me, a good number of years ago. The person said I was like an ink-blot. Different people see different thing. It’s damned interesting, really. All I’m doing in this story,  is working with purpose. Same thing I do now.

Anyway, this story is true and verifiable and you won’t read anything like it anywhere else.

Vintage Astrology Blogging: Red Hand Truck: Part 1 – The Collision

Anyway… see you on the flip. I hope everyone has a nice weekend and a happy Easter.  I’ll be in and out.  I just won’t be able to do no-wait consults and reports and email consults will be slower than normal.

7 thoughts on “Taking A Couple Days Off (and here’s a story)”

  1. Permission granted (LOL). Really really enjoy your time off with your family. Thanks for all you do on a regular basis.
    Happy Easter

  2. Happy Easter. Both my kids birthdays fall in this eclipse corridor: Mar. 31 and Apr. 9 they are 10 years apart. The oldest b-day was on Easter last year and this year the younger one falls on Easter. Seems like a funny stat. They are 19 and soon 29.

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