Pluto In Aquarius – Down With People!

I try to get something out of every experience. This hacking episode is no exception. The last few weeks have been been interesting on a number of levels.

One thing I’ve been aware of is the whole situation is dehumanizing.  It’s machine against machine. Even if the attack is personal, it’s not personal. You’re attacked by a machine and you defend or fight back with a machine of your own. It’s not like there is any heart or soul involved. It’s all, this port, that port. This vulnerability, that solution. There are no feelings involved right up until someone tells you they have your nude photos and you’re to cough up some kind of payment.

We all know, Pluto is headed into Aquarius.  Personally,  I expect this transit to be ghastly. This may be due to my natal Venus in Leo.The bubble gum sentiment of UP WITH PEOPLE appeals to me.  I see Pluto in Aquarius to be a cold, dark figure.

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What do you think and feel about Pluto’s upcoming transit through Aquarius?


36 thoughts on “Pluto In Aquarius – Down With People!”

  1. I have Venus in Leo and I too have similar feelings about Pluto transiting Aquarius both in regards to how it will affect my life (Aquarius IC) and the world around me. I said a few years ago in this forum I thought that AI would surge, and people will prefer sex robots over ‘real’ living human beings, among other things. The way Pluto in Cap has gone, systematically dismantling and toppling old systems, Pluto in Aquarius will come along and revolutionize these new groups, some for good, some for worse. But I also think a lot of scientific advances will occur with this transit, which should be beneficial for the collective. Ahh…I can armchair astrologize all I want, I’ll only know when it actually happens! But I am expecting some not so good things happening in my personal life.

  2. I’m not really looking forward to it. As soon as it enters Aquarius it will oppose my Moon/Jupiter conjunction. And eventually will cross over my Mars, Mercury and Sun. Really NOT looking forward to it.

  3. I think it will be harsh. It will oppose my stellium in the 8th. I could lose a lot. I expect this transit to be painful. Innovate as much as I can now and deal with whatever happens when it happens.

  4. It will conjunct my moon which makes aspects to most of all personal and outer planets. I don’t even want to think about it because it’s scary.

    Collectively I think people will get sick of social media and electronics and go back to more personal interactions.

    1. Same here, Ann! I have a heavily aspected Moon @ 16 Taurus (though Chiron in Taurus will get dinged first @ 4 degrees–OUCH). Last Pluto/Moon transit was horrible. Beyond words.
      Praying this time will be a little easier.

  5. Well considering government being trashed with Pluto in Capricorn. Does that mean technology will be trashed with Pluto in Aquarius? Or any and all scientific basis. Hail the dictator. Screw reality. I don’t know. Another reason to keep the logic screwed in tight.

    Uranus will be where and the co-ruler Saturn will be where?

    I can’t imagine nor do I want to imagine anything being worse than what I was thru. Maybe Pluto will drag us down into the next ice age.

  6. I’ve always noticed the effects of Pluto transits when it comes in contact with their Sun sign. I remember all the visible moments in their lives (friends) that have changed them.

    I personally have survived Pluto in Sagittarius squaring my Virgo Sun sign. Not all bad, some good and fun times. All learnt.

    All my other planets, basically every single one (except Neptune) is in a fixed sign.

    So I’m curious to see how this plays out in my personal life. Frankly, I need it. I need the transformation. I just need to learn how to play my best hand when I come out of the other side.

  7. I think it will mean the anti-fa (progressive anti-fascists) will be running wild and lunging and punching anyone who disagrees with them. Think disruptors at a Trump rally and raise it to the 10th degree. I am alarmed because I see this wing of the left as very self-righteous and without respect for differing opinions. Remember, Aquarius is the sign that loves humanity – it’s just individual people they can’t stand. (I should know – I’m an Aquarian living with another Aquarian.)

    Then again, if you liked the chaos of the 60s this might just be your cup of tea.

    1. I have always considered Aquarius to ve love humanity, hate people energy. In its own way it will be a challenge but when my techno stuff breaks I try to have a well time to get real so perhaps there is room for healthy disruption in all of this Pluto business.

  8. That’s my 8th house and natal chiron in Aquarius there also. Ouch. I’m 61 and have older brother ,dad,and sister. I can imagine there will be a lot of deaths. Cant stop time except in your mind.

  9. Pluto doesn’t enter Aquarius permanently until 2024, so not going to worry about it…The wreckage from Pluto’s transit through Capricorn will be distracting enough.

  10. I was just looking at 2029 when Pluto is well into Aquarius and noticed that uranus will be in gemini trining Pluto. This aspect will just be one little part of the picture, but at least I see it as some kind of blessing. Think its gonna be a nonpersonal, detached energy with a lot of wild ideas to be shared. But I think it will get more hairy towards 2039-40 where uranus in leo will square neptune in taurus. Wauw, this is like the 1780-90s where Pluto went through Aquarius and uranus went through cancer with square to Neptun in libra. Revolution? Perhaps in fixed signs it will be more of a earth changing thing? Personally Pluto in Aquarius will conjunct my Moon and I don’t Think I will be the same after that.

  11. Well I’m not looking forward to this. Makes me think of dehumanising and oppressing large groups of people in a fascist and nationalist way. Down with individualism.

  12. This does not sound warm and fuzzy☹️. I worry because Pluto crossed my Venus in Capricorn opp my 8th House (which in my chart is ruled by the Moon-and I have Moon/Pluto conj. natally. I lost both my parents during this time. Then, Pluto once in Aquarius, will traverse over Chiron in my Third House opp. Leo in Uranus in my Ninth House. I hope I don’t lose myself in the process. Could mean, though, getting higher education in Tecnology or feeling even more I don’t fit in with that and finding others like me to join my tribe, if not feeling down right disillusioned with it all.

  13. Aquarius rules career networking, social cause groups and shocking views. These will be restructured under Saturn and we will play by new rules. People who wish to remain true to themselves (Leo fashion)could decide to isolate themselves from larger society while groups will create very firm rules for their members to follow, or else! Maybe tech and BigPharma will be used to keep them in line for the survival of their cause?

  14. Aquarius deals with individuality and truth. In Pluto we will be transformed to be more more of who we are from a soul level. The ego may not like this. It we have soft aspects to the transit from our birth chart it will go more easily than if we have hard aspects. It will make for a time of growth Aquarian style. Could seem impersonal to some. I think all the lies we see publicly will become more obvious and humanity will respond in away that doesn’t want to be taken advantage. Growth in Pluto can feel the tornado has arrived. What is real will be left standing.

  15. This fits in nicely with my Aquarius view, love humanity, hate people. No tolerance for the small, mundane, or in anyway personally fulfilling. Perhaps Pluto will help this coldness

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    James Slattery

    Aquarius can be a New Eden or an antiseptic space ship with automatic/sensored everything! Airy but fixed, not heart centered like Leo. Will we see a more jointly shared economy and less materialism? Maybe. Will less individualism lead to more sameness and less diversity in people?

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    Kelly Thompson

    After surviving Pluto in Cap across my first and opposite a cancer stellium I realized Pluto will not release me this rest of this lifetime. I have 3 Scorpio Saturn and 17 and 22 Leo Pluto moon. So Pluto still grinding my Chiron at 28 cap won’t let go. What is the orb for its influence?
    I’m bummed tbh.

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        Kelly Thompson

        🙏🏻I thought that might be the case. Thank you. Good to know. I’m looking forward to those 10 years of j get there 😂
        A little nervous about the Jupiter Saturn conjunction hitting my Pluto moon stuff while in a nodal square. 😵‍💫

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    James Slattery

    If Aquarius rules the heavenly realms with angels but also alien life., will we have a Holy War in space or Ronald Reagan’s & Trump’s proposed Star Wars and a new Space Force? Will we have a Pluto like destroyer coming from space or more alien contact? Will AI drive people insane as they can’t access human communication while their lives are rearranged by non-reactionary robotics? Human surveillance will be constant and inescapable no matter where you go!

  19. Aquarius is the detached Humanitarian, Pluto knows what is best for humans and can throw us unto a crisis if that brings about the change we might be resisting. I suspect that AI will control things more and more as it gets its act together. Will robots care about human rights? Meanwhile, a hotel in Japan hired 243 robots to fill positions ranging from Concierge to Porters. The check-in robots had trouble answering guests’ questions and photocopying passports, one in-room assistant sprang to attention every time a guest snored saying “Sorry I couldn’t hear that. Could you repeat your request?” Not long after the experiment, the hotel fired half the robots. Whew!

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