Astrology and Good Luck: Jupiter and Trines In The Horoscope

“Feeling lucky, punk?”

“Well, yes. Yes, I am,” says Elsa P.

I have a high tolerance for risk and an uncanny ability to absorb and recover from losses, even when the losses are staggering. I chalk this up to the trines from Jupiter in my chart.

I had a consultation with this gal the other day and I was telling her she was not going to have to worry about money. She had Venus in Pisces (exalted) involved in a Grand Trine with Jupiter. Money always seemed to flow to her from somewhere, though she still worried about it. This is one of the ways astrology can really ease things for a person.

I consider trines in a chart to act like an intravenous feed. You don’t have to do anything to make them work. You can be passive and the stuff in that bag is still going to flow into your arm and provide you with a benefit or nutrients of some kind. And it’s enormously helpful if you can identity which areas of your life are covered like this.

How are you gifted? Where is Jupiter in your chart?

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  1. hmm…I am not 100% sure. I believe I have a water grand trine. I think I have good intuition, and I have Sag rising so I am eternally optimistic and have faith in the universe even if I get really horribly depressed (sounds contradictory I guess).

  2. Cancer moon trine Scorpio ascendant, jupiter (pisces) trine saturn (cancer), and saturn trine ascendant. Clearly I must research these because I really dig the IV metaphor and I don’t think I’m feeling gifted, which means I’m not appreciating it ~ and I hate not being appreciative of a gift.

  3. Sun trine Jupiter and Mercury trine Jupiter is about it. I have a TON of sextiles but hardly any trines. Guess I gotta work for it all!

  4. Just a moon trine mercury. I am extremely lucky in jobs. I can think I want a new job and POW! there it lands at my feet. I’ve had many jobs in my short lifetime. Im always looking for one that suits my lifestyle better, not so much the financial angle.

  5. Neptune trine Moon, Mercury, Mars & Jupiter. Sun trine Mars & Jupiter, Pluto trine Venus & MC, and Mercury trine Moon.

    Neptune/Moon/Mercury form a Grand Fire Trine with Merc kiting Pluto in Libra. Merc/Nept/Pluto/Venus also form a mystic retangle with Venus in Gemini. And Neptune and Venus t-square Saturn.

    With all these major aspects overlapping each other it is difficult for me to tell what is influencing what holistically.

    The most interesting thing about all this is that using the information I’ve already given a sharp astrologer can determine what signs and elements most my other natal planets are in.

  6. I have Jupiter trine Mars, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. My whole chart makes one big kite. So basically the only things I really have to worry about are the two opposing parts of that kite. It’s nice. I am really lucky, and I get to focus on just getting that one huge issue worked out, knowing that I have reinforcements.

  7. Water grand trine involving Jupiter, Ascendant and Midheaven.
    Main focus: learn how to handle money.
    Both Jupiter in Scorpio and Cancer rising are good placements for investments. Or so I’ve read.

  8. Since my chart is mainly bundled into three signs (Leo, Virgo, Libra), I only have two trines, and both are in earth. I’m glad I have them, because I’m a high-flying Fire sign with the ruling planet (Mars) conjunct the Sun, an Aries ASC, and a Libra Moon. Mercury in Virgo trine Capricorn Midheaven and Saturn in Taurus trine Pluto in Virgo.

    Jupiter in my chart is in the 7th house, exactly opposite the DSC. Even though it doesn’t trine any planets, it’s in a Galequin (sp?) sector, which makes it pretty prominent. Because it’s an opposition, people have told me I’m generous, pompous, and opinionated. I’ve been pretty lucky my whole life, which I figure is this Jupiter and the Saturn/Pluto trine, which manifests as an iron-fisted determination (more so since this this is an Earth trine) to overcome obstacles.

  9. I don’t know. I’ve been told I have a Fire Grand Trine (MD, Mars, Neptune) and also Kites in my chart. I don’t consider myself lucky so to speak. However, when I was younger I showed great promise in the arts (drawing, music). But I am really good with research and developing unique ideas for reserach. Overall, I have to say that if I become engrossed in a subject and do it not because I was told to, I tend to receive accolades. So if I follow my mental passion, that is usually when things fall into place.

  10. Yup, Grand fire trine in the chart. I like your philosophy that it’s like an IV. I am gifted with people who love me and intuition, and I am gifted with common sense. And I like that I have an ability to bond with old people. I think death is as important as birth, and I wish the elderly weren’t ignored so much in Western cultures.

  11. I’ve got Uranus trine my Cancer Sun/Mercury conjunction. Neptune and Jupiter both trine my Aries ascendant. I’m lucky with my intuition and out of the ordinary ways of achieving my goals. Also a hopeless optimist.

  12. Uranus trines to Sun, Venus, Mars. The only trines in my chart. Gifted with creativity, ideas and intuition. Also with people who encourage this part of me and give me plenty of space and freedom to do it 🙂

  13. Jupiter is kind of jammed up in my chart so I have to work for most of my luck. It doesn’t just flow into my veins. It’s prominently placed so I can’t say I have bad luck necessarily.

    I do have trines in water signs involving Venus and Saturn so there is some flow. It’s just that the squared up planets are louder. (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter etc etc)

  14. One trine in the whole works: Venus(in Sag.11th house) trines Pluto (in Leo 7th house). 7/11 isn’t the the set of numbers that spell luck if you throw them on the first roll?

  15. Elsa and readers, what is your opinion of a venus-jupiter sextile (instead of the trine)

    I learrned with a sextile you still have to work for it but it’s also a good energy flow. Slightly more effort than a trine, but still lucky?

  16. Because it marries complimentary energies. earth with water, fire with air…

    There is really no work involved when it comes to sextiles, it’s like a hand and glove.

    1. That’s so reassuring to read. I’ve discounted sextiles as minor aspect and focused only on major ones in my chart. No trines to Jupiter but there is tight Venus-Jupiter and Mars-Jupiter sextile so I guess it’s good.

  17. my poor jupiter. it’s the ruler of my sun but no trines or sextiles – just 2 quincunxes and 2 squares (and in detriment and the focal of a yod) 🙁

    Unless a trine to Lilith and a sextile to Psyche count. Do they help at all?? I’m never sure quite what to think of aspects to asteroids and other points. Elsa or anyone – what do you think?

  18. But as to how I’m gifted, I guess I have a couple Mercury sextiles and trines, and Saturn grabs a couple as well. Though they are in detriment & fall so though they are strong they don’t get much opportunity to express due to circumstances.

  19. I have a lot of trines and sextiles, and two grand trines if you use Chiron and the north node. Some people do, some don’t. Tightest one is a sextile between my sun/Pluto/ascendant/south node. I have a Sun/Neptune trine and Moon/Mars trine which are nice to have. The Jupiter/Uranus trine Venus thing is also fun.

    I tend to have conjunctions in adjacent signs, which are also interesting and for the most part helpful.

    It figures, though, that I put most of my focus on the challenging aspects and take my gifts for granted, which I suppose is human nature. I’ve got just one square over which I’ve done most of my handwringing.

    I reckon I must have been some kind of jackass in previous lives and cleaned up my act in the process to get by with a relatively easy chart this time around. =)

  20. Vajra, I tend to stick to major aspects and planets — however, chiron for sure and sometimes “the big four” of the asteroids, esp if they are all clustered somewhere or if it just “feels” significant. Kind of a case by case thing but for sure themes are repeated in a chart and I would guess that asteroids reinforce that.

    I don’t know anything about psyche, eros….

    And if you are a Sag sun, I would likely guess you have innate luck or openness or wonderment…

    As for lillith, I think that speaks to your feminine power, esp as a trine

  21. Water Trine: Jupiter in Pisces 6H/Neptune 2H/MC
    … do have real work & income issues! mmm.

    Sun/Pluto/IC earth trine.

  22. Aries Jupiter, tenth house trine second house Sun in Leo. Ninth house Pisces Moon trine Scorpio Neptune in fourth. I feel like my luck arrives at the last minute, and I have an intense need for music and calm surroundings. I laugh alot and am definitely bubbly. Have experienced a lifetime of heartache but I still have alot of optimisim. Sometimes I don’t realize how lucky I am, and I would like to cultivate a more appreciative attitude toward life.

  23. Sherry, cultivating appreciation really does wonders for me, especially so when I feel I’ve ‘derailed’. Tho at times I forget about it, like during the peaks of Pluto going over my natal Moon… which is in sag too and trining Uranus.
    It’s become important to me to make appreciation a habit. It’s an ongoing process, you know, as with ‘choosing’ what your thoughts are, what you eat, who you surround yourself with and so on.

  24. Jupiter in Taurus in the 9H! Exact trine to Pluto in my first. It also trines Uranus and moon. My moon Pluto Uranus conjunct can be an emotional roller coaster but I feel like I bounce back pretty quickly with its trine to Jupiter.

  25. 2nd house Jupiter/Sun trine Pluto and sextile Saturn. Pretty sure that takes ALL the rough edges off of those 2 rather intense planets ?? I think I don’t have as hard of a time as most people can have with them. I also find that money pretty much always comes through when I need it, even if at the very last moment.

  26. anonymoushermit

    Sun in Pisces in aspect to my Jupiter in Scorpio. It’s not enough to be called a trine, it’s over 10 degrees. But it’s a nice pillow, soft and bouncy.

  27. Jupiter in Aries in the 6th house trines my Leo Midheaven. It helps career, work-wise. Lucky to find employment.

    Currently had transiting Jupiter trining my Sun in Pisces – wow, that feels amazing. Till now I haven’t heard myself say, ‘I wish I had that aspect’ yet recently, when transiting Jupiter begun to separate from the exact trine aspect to my sun, I thought: ‘Gosh, people who have this aspect are sooo lucky. They get to feel this way consistently!’

    I also gave a thought to those who have jupiter moon aspects – lucky!

    My Jupiter has three sextiles to venus, mars and mercury. It helps…can’t complain much about my jupiter but I do experience some envy towards regarding to the luminaries…I’m just that greedy sometimes!

  28. I have tons of trines in my natal chart and horrible luck. Jupiter in the 3rd house trines Neptune in the 6th house and Saturn and Chiron in the 11th.

  29. Leo Jupiter in the 11th trines Scorp Mercury in the 3rd and Pisces Saturn in the 7th. So what don’t I have to worry about? I love that Jupiter but not sure what I should feel easy about.

  30. yes feeling lucky too 🙂 l really recognize the bouncing bck fast from troubles and set backs and the all positive attitude in life! l feel blessed! l have Jupiter conjunct Sun, sextile Saturn, opposing Neptune, trine Pluto.

  31. Dear Elsa
    My Jupiter is conjunct the Moon and the South Node in Taurus in 3rd House.
    What does it mean to have these planets conjunct the South Node.?

  32. Jupiter trine Asc.
    Jupiter trine Uranus.
    Jupiter trine Saturn.
    Jupiter opposite the Mars and Mecury conjunction.
    Jupiter opposite MC.
    Jupiter conjunct IC (0 degrees Aries).
    I have tons of luck. ?

  33. I do believe I’m generally lucky, although I’m not yet conscious of the gift this grand trine gives me:
    Jupiter trine to Saturn and Mars (exact)

    I am consistent with what I am, feel, appear to be (at least I think so):
    Sun trine Ascendant (exact) <— I look a lot like my dad
    Sun trine Moon (4 degree orb)

    Mercury trine Neptune (6 degree orb) <— I don’t identify at all with the descriptions of this aspect (although I would have loved to have a harmonious aspect between Neptune and a personal planet).

  34. First I thought when this is about good luck, then I must be excluded, but I found some quite exact trines in my natal chart:
    Saturn trine ex-planet Pallas;
    Moon trine dwarf-planet Ceres;
    Orcus trine Lilith;
    Rising trine South Node.

  35. Venus in Scorpio 4th trine Chiron in Pisces 9th trine North Node Cancer 12th. There’s some potential healer energy. Feels like a divining rod at times.

  36. Jupiter in Scorpio in the 9th trine Mercury in Cancer in the 5th, inconjunct Gemini Sun in the 4th. Without humour and taking a larger perspective on life I wouldn’t have made it this far! Petty people and lack of consideration for others drive me bonkers.

  37. Jupiter doesn’t aspect a thing. besides a conjunction with my MC. Which is probably something.
    i do have some nice trines with venus. which help offset all the angsty things aspecting venus.

  38. My 9H Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Scorpio semi-squares my 7H Virgo Venus. The money (Venus) is there (Jupiter; although Neptune worries about it!) as long as I keep (10H Sag Saturn squares my Venus) to my budget (Virgo).

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