Smoking and Body Language

“Well you can tell a lot via body language,” I said to a Pisces pal. “For example, when people smoke?”


“Well if they blow their smoke up… you know, in an upstream? That shows they are feeling good and positive about what you are saying to them. But if they turn their head and blow it down… not feeling so good.”

“I blow my smoke up,” she said.

“Good. So that means you are generally upbeat and feeling good. But can you imagine? What if you were on a lousy date? You know. You’re sitting there and he’s boring you. Do you think you might blow your smoke down.”

“Yeah, I probably would.”

“Okay, so there you go. So you can tell what someone is thinking and feeling but you can also tell what you are thinking and feeling and I think you should pay attention to this. Because I think you are frequently having a bad time and don’t know it.”

“You do?”

“Yes. You are too nice. You’re nice! You’re socialized this way. I am forever seeing you hanging out with people who don’t do a thing for you. You say you had a good time when it seems pretty clear to me you had an awful time and don’t like the person at all.” I laughed. “Very different from me who knows I am on the date from hell from the first second, no denial. So if you would like to know if you are miserable or not, you could pay attention to this. And if you’re sitting there and notice you’re blowing your smoke down, this could be a clue for you. Hey! Maybe I don’t like this person and I should just get out of here!”

That’s my Mars in Libra there.

Do you read body language?

11 thoughts on “Smoking and Body Language”

  1. I think body language is incredibly important — in some ways, more important than the actual words being said. I enjoy looking at people on dates — the way they say things and the way they lean just fascinates me!

  2. Yes, but the smoke up or down seems silly. I play poker and seeing ritualistic, patterned behavior for me is better. Sure, there are generalizations that can help.

    1. I don’t know. I have Mars in Libra; you might say that I hunt love. One of the ways I do this is with body language. MY body language, that is. I consciously use it to um…to manipulate? To get what I want?

      It is Mars after all. 🙂

      1. Ok understood, I am very interested in all things related to non-verbal communication.

        I guess controlling the way you act is mars, and doing it to impact another is libra. So I can definitely see your point! I’ll be looking out for this signature.

        Thanks Elsa!

  3. As a virgo asc and Mercury and sun Oppo 3rd house Pluto, I looove observing people and I have raed many books about body language, and “mind reading” you know mentalist that can read minds but its all about them being able to read body language and micro expressions. I’m constantly analyzing body language and other stuff, I also have an inner commentator while “reading” haha!

    1. Thats DEFINITELY a VIRGO thing.
      Since I am a hunter(year of tiger) and my Venus is in Scorpio
      (bullshit reader) ,I usually can pick up another hunter, a predator, a scavenger or prey.
      I read body language rather well.. There are those that no matter how nice I cant stand them and it would be nothing short of painful to shake hands with them.

  4. The only thing i pay attention to is eye contact or lack therof. It means that that person has some kind of blockage in connecting to me. Really they are disconnected within themselves. Its fine. It just shows me what i need to bypass to go to that naturally open place within them. (Im not explaining it well because its a hard thing to articulate). Ultimately i dont really dissect what a person is thinking or feeling because Im more interested in communing, spiritually.

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