Gossip: Gemini and Mercury in the Birth Chart

gossipI was surprised by the opinions expressed on the blog about the women who were fired for gossiping. I like being surprised.

Last night I was talking to my pal who has the two people geared up to run around their small town talking about her… or trying to. Personally I don’t think anyone is going to listen to them. I am not a gossip and chalk this up to Mercury in the 9th house which is going to broadcast rather than whisper behind your back.

Last night I was explaining to my friend that I made the decision not to talk about people when I was very young. I was 12 or so and reading advice on how to live well because this has always been an interest of mine. I came across a bit about how to handle people who were talking about others, assuming it made you uncomfortable which in my case it does. The book said you should interrupt and tell the person, “It’s funny you say that because they always say such nice things about you…”

Reading that I decided to never put myself in a situation where someone could or would have to say something like that to me.

How do you feel about gossip? Do you have planets in Gemini? Where is Mercury in your chart?

17 thoughts on “Gossip: Gemini and Mercury in the Birth Chart”

  1. Currently, I’m not very fond of hearing about other people’s lives, it doesn’t do me any good and it’s none of my business.
    I’m not one to start gossip either – mercury in capricorn, in gemini only my true node.

  2. Gossip is generally a waste of time. Mercury in Scorpio on my ASC inconjunct Uranus in Gemini, also have NN in Gemini. I have a thing about “good information” and gossip is not that!

  3. I have sun, Mercury, Jupiter and NN in Gemini but I try to use my powers for good. Scorpio moon and ascendant help balance all that chatty stuff. I do love to talk but I try very hard not to say anything that is judgmental or would constitute a betrayal of any sort. It’s something I’ve learned though I have to say. I was much more gossipy when I was young

  4. I have Gemini rising and Moon/Pluto in the 3rd house in Leo. I write on celebrity astrology and am a total gossip hound! I do try to take a balanced approach, though, and not judge people if I can help it.

  5. I have sun, Mercury and ascendant in Gemini. I hate gossip. I go out of my way to not know anything. My friends know that it is a waste of time to ask me about anyone. Ten years ago I told something on a co-worker which I should not have told, even though they made no attempt to hide it from me. I broke my own heart by being so small when I was capable of being so much more. Your pal needs to be someone that she can be proud of because she is stuck with herself 24/7 for the rest of her life. As for her former friends, just feed them rope and they will hang themselves.

  6. I hate gossip. It has destroyed some of my relationships and faith in people. The Dalai Lama says it best: Gossip is a form of revenge. Never again, anymore.

    Juptier in Gemini in the 5th. I need to expand, not confine.

  7. No planets in Gemini, but I have few planets in Mercury’s other sign, Virgo. I’m more interested in making mind connections than gossiping. There’s the Virgo–always has to find a practical use for everything. 😉 (My Mercury is in Virgo in the 5th, very close to the 6th.)

  8. I love information, not necessarily gossip. I like other people’s opinions, views and ideas. I prefer positive, happy, gossip. A kind of living vicariously.

    I have gemini asc. and mercury in 12th house. People don’t hear me or believe me when I have gossiped in the past. In general, I’ve been learning a new technique of “reframing the story” trying to take gossip that I’ve heard or am hearing and to open the possibilities of people’s motivation, background or actual actions. To aim for a more human, positive view of what otherwise might be back-biting gossip.

    An easy example. “She always uses 5 or 6 paper towels to just wipe off the countertop” as a complain tonight. My response “she’s young, atleast she’s wiping it off”

    But, in general that 12th house thing means I’m pretty much not heard.

  9. I have to be honest. I have a Gemini sun and Mercury in Cancer and worry that if my friends and I didn’t know the same people, we wouldn’t have anything to talk about. I find certain kinds of gossip fascinating and kind of feed on it. I have a Libra friend who refuses to tell me stories about himself and tends to talk about things far from us two sitting and talking together, often about books I haven’t read or hypothetical situations I don’t find important, not only do I feel intimidated, but start to zone out. I am curious about everybody’s business and attempt to somehow weasel it out of them sometimes unbeknownst to myself. I almost naturally say one thing to one friend and another to the other though I try not to and usually, if someone mentions someone I like, I have to say that I like them and cut off the conversation very quickly before anything bad or ambiguous about them jumps out of my mouth. I also don’t trust myself with people’s secrets though I want to hear them anyway. So yeah, my situation’s pretty fucked up.

  10. guilty as charged…i gossiped because i was weak when it came to confronting others with things i did not feel comfortable about that related to them.

    i honestly didn’t get what was so unethical about talking about others behind their backs until almost four years ago. a failed friendship after twelve years duration brought the logical and imagined conclusion of where talk about the person, but not talking to the person, can lead to for me ~irreconcilability ~ my fault. since then i try to muster the courage to be straight with others so my position is clearer; i talk more directly to the person. i still have some fear, but so what considering how painful to all involved, including myself, my old M.O. was. also i find myself lacking interest in gossip as such.

    i don’t think telling people that gossip is wrong has much impact when Hollywood, Hello mag etc., in current times thrives (financially) on the minute “goings on” of people and as such is so big an influence on many folks lives. until something drastic happens to the person that gossips, as it did to me and some others here, like Tam, i beleive talking behind someone’s back will remain a stubborn habit of north american society.

    the astro: gemini moon & asc.

  11. I have my Sun and Mercury in Gemini, and I am also a hairdresser. So needless to say I hear a lot of stuff!! I am interested in people and what is going on in their lives. Some gossip is ok I don’t like to engage in nasty gossip about others too much, well I try to avoid it but sometimes I find myself getting sucked in with certain people. My Gemini Sun is in the 12th house so I feel a little different from most Geminis.

  12. Avatar

    I don’t tend to care to indulge in gossip that involves cheating partners or salaries. But I have mercury in Scorpio 5th house Gemini moon and I’m a writer. I love to hear and tell stories n people watch n make imaginary scenarios up in my head about lives of people I see at market or on subways….water cooler gossip is not my thing. If there’s a homewrecking young lady knocked up at work… I’ll notice and really won’t be up for giving an editorial on it in stage whispers.

  13. I’m Gemini Asc, with nothing in my 12th or 1st house. My Mercury is 13deg Pisces 10th house and I, for years have been the subject of the gossip out there. I finally lost the need to defend myself somewhat recently after realizing the integrity of the gossipers. What’s my gift? I have a bag full of truth I withhold and people’s actions give me confirmation of this truth every day.

  14. I love these old blogs. Funny back in 2007 I was a never gossip person only to find out a couple of years ago how much truly harmful gossip was spread about me. Gaslight stuff. I am looking closely at this gossip issue and the high road. What makes broadcasting news of another different except a larger audience than the small time gossip? Gemini sees from many different angles. There propensity for gossip I have found keeps them from broadcasting a view unless they dance really well. Mr Trump a good example or Bob Dylan the self proclaimed song and dance man….:)

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