Voice Of A Perplexed Taurus, Resistant To Change

Continuing his rant…

“And look what they did to motorcycles! They’re all monoshock now,” he said.

Having no idea what he was talking about, I just looked at him.

“Yep. No more two shocks on motorcycles. They’ve done away with that. You get one shock, plus you have to lay down to ride them! And they’ve got no room on them either. You can’t even put a girl on your bike anymore, P. So much for putting around on a bike with your girl. No that’s no good. No one wants to do that anymore. These days they want to go 160 mph and get killed. That and have devices in their faces.”


“Piercings,” he said. “You know. They have crap all hanging from their faces.”

I laughed. “Oh yeah. Devices, huh? Okay, well that’s one name for that.”

“Well P, it’s the only name I know. What else do you call metal hanging from a person’s face? I don’t know. I know I’m out of touch but I just can’t help it. What’s a man like me to do in a world full of bony women with no hair and men who get chin implants? They do that, P. These men go in nowadays and get pec implants. What is that? Why not do some work and get some real muscle?” he asked sincerely.

I snorted.

“Go ahead and laugh, P. But you know this ain’t right. The whole world has gone to hell and I’m just standing here.”

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