27 thoughts on “Great Synastry Means You’ll Fall In Love?”

  1. I know someone with exactly that configuration in their chart. Wish they had taken Ben’s position because they are a master at relationship sabotage. Very tough on all parties involved . . . major denial in action.

  2. Hmm, think that might explain someone I know. Love the common sense approach in these videos, Elsa, it’s so easy to get caught up in looking at charts instead of looking at people.

  3. see, this is part of what i love about the collisseum- absorbing the way you approach a chart really gives me a sense of how to focus on and clarify the gestalt of the placements….

  4. This is so weird – I was actually pondering something along these lines last night – what the aspects/placements would be of someone who should not be in a relationship.

  5. I was thinking, “Whaaaatt?”… until I read Neith’s reply. Knowing what one hopes for, is essential, in my experience. Thinking disaster must ensue, pretty much guarantees that.

    I have to add, that I’m currently really happy living through Saturn’s transit though my 12th house. I value (Venus connected to Saturn, natally – with Neptune to both) every bit of solitude I get. To borrow a phrase from those older than I am, I’m grooving to this transit… really, really.

    As a bonus, this year’s Solar Return features late-degree Capricorn Ascendant. (Good news, for me.)


  6. Yes! The chart(s) never trump people. You could have a syn chart of the Gods, but…if he’s in India, and you’re in France, tough toenails!

    1. This would also explain how two people could be born on the same day, place — twins, even — but have significant differences in personality, it seems.

  7. Gosh this sounds like George Costanza on Seinfeild. Couldn’t wait to get in a relationship and as soon as he was in he wanted out.

    I too enjoy the solitary life. It good to hear i’m not alone.

  8. Hahaha how true!

    So far as it’s possible given the uncertainly of our charts, I’ve done a few synastry and composite matches for the man I’ve been involved with on and off all these years. They are all positive for a good match in many respects – some very much so, and all refer to the overwhelming attraction between us, blah blah blah. So far so good… but his independence is more important to him than anything – sooo no matter the very strong pull between us, as soon as it’s working well – he upsets the apple cart. Again.

  9. Right…it also goes the other way around where if two people have difficult synastry, but their basic natures want and need similar things, they can still have a great relationship.

    I have found that parallels/contra parallels can explain why difficult synastry can often work.

    I don’t know why astrologers dont use them more.

  10. I am a living witness of this. I had perfect synastry with this guy. I never since saw such amazing aspects between two people. And we were spending some time together but he just Wasn’t interested.

    1. Hm! Raises a question–since astrology has much to do with potential, would it be safe to say the elements are there but maybe his soul development isn’t there yet/that he’s “working on other things?”

  11. You’re right Elsa. Double Virgo who deeply loved a Scorpio for almost 4 years. All it was was cLose friends.
    Our charts are 90% compatible. While we lived together as roommates it was peaceful and quiet. When we argued or mis-communicated, it was full blown but we always resolved it amicably and respectful of each other. Pretty fantastic with a few speed bumps.
    He never wanted more. He got involved with another woman who seduced him and then kept disappointing and abandoning him. Shes long gone and as usual I was there to deal with the fallout as his closest and most trusted friend. I have finally let go to move on… sad but hopeful this was a lesson and not a mistake.
    But it was soul searing-soul sucking painful despite our charts being so aligned. It simply wasn’t meant to be no matter how emotionally spiritually and physically attractive we found each other. Timing rules everything.

  12. Oh Elsa, what about Hard Aspects in Synastry? Should a person walk away? What if the Comparison chart shows Jupiter Square Uranus EXACT?

      1. Ah, here’s a question! If, in synastry, they have the same challenging aspect you do in yours, but you have learned how to work with yours; wouldn’t that help offset the situatuin, especially and hopefully if they’ve learned to live with theirs?

  13. I find Synastry is only part of the story, tells how people are related, Composite Chart tells of the purpose and path of the relationship. I take Composite and even Progressed Composite charts into account. Transits over Composite Chart is also a great tool, especially descriptive of the goings-on. Reading each partners charts like Elsa proposes, not forgetting the Lunar Nodes, and Progressed Charts is of paramount importance.

    First time I watched you in video and I liked it Elsa ?????? Thank You!

  14. that’s so true. about synastry not being important in this case. many are supposedly match made but the other person doesn’t want a relationship and then they meet someone and bam they want to be with that person and the synastry doesn’t compute lol
    life’s mystery again . or human nature.
    although its good this way, because we are human and complicated, not robots in a computer being computed to match. ^^

  15. My experience with Synastry charts might be of interest. Looking for a new relationship I met a woman whose chart astounded me. Although a year younger, she had the exact rising sign degree as me and thus the house rulerships were matching templates. Plus,her Sun/Moon signs were my inverse. I a Gemini Sun Taurus Moon with them and she the opposite nearly conjunct with all the outer planets in the same houses. We met and we both were into Astrology among other interests and things developed UNTIL the politics of 2020 blew it all up. She was a staunch anti-vaccer (of the Bill Gates implanting microchips ilk) and wouldn’t share bodily fluids with anyone who got jabbed. As much as I liked her, I wasn’t going to risk my 69 year old life. Poof…So it goes.

  16. I met a guy with a stellium in Aquarius and mars in Scorpio. He had a girlfriend who purposefully got pregnant without his agreement. When I met him he had not had a relationship for 8 years. Up to that point my opinion was that people with Scorpio influence were sexual. My conclusion after thst was that they are capable of going the longest time without sex .

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