Have Faith? How? I Don’t Have Any!!

faith angelSometimes a person will tell me they have no faith, they do not know what faith is, etc.  I understand this, because I thought it myself at one time.

You actually do have faith and I can easily prove it to you.  Do you drive?

Driving requires faith. Faith is what allows you to pull your car onto the road or the highway.  To pull onto the highway, you must have faith the other drivers won’t drive right into you, killing your kids and whatnot.  That’s a pretty big risk, ya think?

These drivers are the same “others” you think are stupid and whatnot.  Clearly you have faith to put your safety; your families safely, the safety of your property (your car), in these people you don’t know.  You believe (for no good reason), the other drivers will stay in their lane…

Now if you can have faith in all those idiots, then why not yourself?

Bottom line, you do have faith. Without it, you’re not getting very far. To check that, consider, if you don’t put your faith in the other drivers, you will be disabled from driving.

“Hey, Elsa! Can you run to the store and get us some ice cream?”

“No, I can’t. I have no faith.”

You do have faith. Why not bring this capacity to the front and consciously put it into use, so you can suffer less?

I did not know I had faith until I was thirty years old or so.  This, in spite of leaving home at fifteen, expecting to make it in the world.  What is that, if not faith? I had faith, unbeknownst to me… and so do you.

You have faith and most likely, you have abundant faith, so please think about this.  Find you faith and allow it to support you.

This is entirely free, by the way. How cool is that?

7 thoughts on “Have Faith? How? I Don’t Have Any!!”

  1. Faith vs expectations… Is it faith or expectation? I think faith requires an aspect of hopelessless. I don’t have that much experience with faith but it’s usually in timed of feeling very hopeless that I’ve found what I came to call faith. I think in my case, that’s where it’s born. Then I’m trying to take it to other parts of my existence, which is a big work in progress.

  2. I am the eternal optimist, but even I’m dragging. I guess I tend to be more forward thinking; present difficulties aren’t what trouble me, I know personal problems tend to unravel. It’s more about what it all portends for the future. At present, it’s all very concerning. I confess it keeps me up at night at times. We can’t continue this way forever.

  3. i wonder if the difference is in the nuance. Myabe its not lack of faith but lack of meaning?
    Yes existing is an act of faith, but it’s based on some kind of experience. It being rationally optimistic. Meaning on the other hand, you have to choose it with no evidence or possible confirmation. It the extreme version of faith—no evidence.

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