Defining Easy, Favorable Periods

sailingHi, Elsa.
Recently you wrote “I notice no one reassures anyone anymore.  I guess people are so scared of what’s going to happen to them, they’re not in a position to reassure anyone else.  Does this not seem “off” to you?”
I think adding this to the list of topics would be beneficial.  We are bombarded with the elements of the current shit show, but, it’s balance we need.  For example, highlight when, astrologically, things get more balanced.  What months in the next twelve are good for starting something, ending something, taking a trip, having a difficult conversation? That type of thing.  This is what astrology helped me with years ago.

In fact, astrology used to give me faith and hope.  Now so much of what is out there is just doom and gloom.  We need a place, among the madness, to rest our head from time to time.

Gal in the United States
I sat on this, yesterday so I could think about it. I don’t it’s possible to forecast like this, reliably, and I’ll explain.
This entire month has been calm. It’s favorable for everyone, as I mention, early on.  Even if you have a harsh transit, it’s not going to be exacerbated by sky wars between various planets.

I  don’t know if anyone took this to heart and took advantage of this period, but I mentioned it a number of times, so you had the option.  It’s also played out as expected, but here’s the deal: this is rare! I don’t recall seeing an all clear month like this, in I don’t know how long. It’s a fluke.

Generally, the sky is mixed.  Some people are getting hit while others sail clear. If there are enough people getting hit, there are fewer who can sail clear, simply because we live with others!
As an example, a plumber left a job half-done here, for at least three months.  Unfathomable, right?  But the guy was going through something; it was obvious. I opted to go through something… wait, with this work unfinished; to spare causing the man. even more stress and pain. I had faith him, and it all worked out, eventually.  But this is an example of how I was impacted by another person’s bad transit.
The fact the sky is fair for one but not the other, prevents me from coming up with a list like this, that would be reliable. We all know how bad it is out there. I’m working very hard to make the information I put out here, truly helpful. There is not way to do this without being significantly wrong for significant number of people.
Last, the “balance” comment struck me, or rather, it struck my Libra.  I am trying to provide this as well. In my own body of content, but also when measured against other astrologers.  That Aries eclipse is a good example of that.
Here’s a tip: With Saturn in Pisces, most DOOM stuff is going to conjured up in the imagination of the person, astrologer or otherwise.
Again, you have clear skies and fair winds right now. Make your move!
As for looking ahead, a personalized Transit Report can help!

6 thoughts on “Defining Easy, Favorable Periods”

  1. I did take your astrological all’s clear in May to heart!! I gathered up my Virgo born artwork business, bought a purple tent, borrowed weights to hold her down in the wind and returned to a place that “kicked us out” 5 years ago.

    It was time to spiral round, with my head up, heart full and my belief in the good that came from so much disaster!!

    The art stories and purple kiosk was a faith based venture wrapped around your May weather forecast. I had a wonderful day!!

    Disasters and bed bugs (literally) have infested our 15 year old good sage bed; we’re dealing with all that means now.

    Squalls come, relationships require work, but the hood does have its fiestas. I’m glad I took your medicine and made new friends and customers, thanks!!

    My Virgo born business really saw the light, and my Scorpio natal bones lived the surprise!!

  2. I heeded the call to take advantage of this time. I worked on myself to work on my relationship. I needed to let some things go that I was still grasping and take a leap of faith it was going to be okay; contrary to what my warped mind was going back to, over and over again with paranoia – somewhat unfounded. And I really tried to be discerning(!) With sorting through information that was making me paranoid. And, I’ve had a break through and am continuing to work on myself. Now, since the sun went into Gemini, all heck around us has exploded. It’s been one thing after another of absolute craziness, I’m hoping June settles down. Meanwhile, this last week of May, I’m going on vacation. Well, really, I am running away from home.

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