Lunar Return Provoking Significant Mood Change

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Several months back, I wasn’t feeling so great. The low feelings lingered and I adapted to them.  My mood shifted, dramatically and unexpectedly.  I tied this to a new, fierce, Lunar (moon/mood) return chart that had just come in.

Sure enough, I remained in high spirits throughout the lunar month. My new Lunar Return came in. It didn’t have the drama of the return chart that broke the spell, but there was plenty to work with and I’ve had another very good month.

I’m watching this now, because though I’ve minded every Lunar Return chart since I was pregnant in the 1990’s, I have always looked at the charts as standalone – one month deals.  But now I wonder, if you can have am extreme Lunar Return (for good or ill) and have it truly shift your mood.  Like a trauma.

I am excluding transits because this is purely about feelings.  I feel a certain way, though my life conditions don’t really match.  I realize Saturn in Pisces could be part of this, but I do think it’s these Lunar Returns so I am monitoring them from this new angle.

Next month should be interesting and maybe telling as well.  It’s because it has the strong Taurus/Scorpio opposition in it.  I’m lucky because the Sun, Mercury, Mars conjunction falls in my Lunar Return, fifth house.  That’s some quality fuel & a match to ignite my creativity.

I wonder if I can stay on this kind of emotional high, with something like that in my return chart. Mars in Scorpio opposing Uranus can certainly be vicious if not directed. I hope I can innovate rather than surprise attack or be attacked.

Do you consider your Lunar Return chart in respect to these significant aspects when they occur? I just think it’s interesting, because while I’m dealing with this in my chart, chances are, so are you. Projection City!

10 thoughts on “Lunar Return Provoking Significant Mood Change”

      1. Mars in Scorpio opposing Uranus can certainly be vicious if not directed.

        Mars moves so fast. You can be aware, have self-control and it is over in a flash.

        1. Mars is squaring my Venus in Leo… Jupiter is squaring both.

          I (Mars)just published (Jupiter) my funny (Jupiter) creative (Leo) stories (Jupiter) on impulse (Mars).

          This was due to a shift in my mood. 🙂

  1. I’ll be honest, while I have played with my share of astro tools, the lunar return isn’t one of them. With Moon part of a stellium that ends with Saturn, I don’t notice much fluctuations emotionally. Whenever I do what my chart rulers Pluto and Mars want to do, I’m happy. If I want to be more fulfilled, I just do more of what they want me to do.

    Sorry, can’t add to the discussion about lunar returns. This will make me go check them out later though. 😁🙏

  2. Although my Moon squares Uranus, trines Neptune, sextiles Pluto, is in mutual reception to the Sun…the reason it is as stable as it is probably because it’s in a fixed sign and in a rolling conjunction to Saturn. These last two outweighs the other aspects to it.

  3. I definetely think you can. Someone broke up with me on a Mars-Uranus opposition, which in turn ended up benefitted me immensely, so the effect of the LR can potentially last for a long time I think.

    In the same vein, I used to have Mars square transitting Pluto in my Solar Return Chart, which is – honestly – a bloody P.I.T.A.
    So many power battles since 2008 with other people.

    At least the effects of this transit, since my birthday falls at the opposition taking place, will be swift, when they happen and are being activated in the next year. A lot better too, since my progressed Mars is in Aquarius, where Uranus is the sherif, and the sign is housing my Ascendant.

    I too felt the energy shift this month, as I had a LR – my BF and I had been fighting since the end of september, where our Libra moons had a Return, and within the last week, our LR charts were finally renewed, which has helped immensely, I think.

    1. Hello again Anette!

      I’m sure LR has its predictive value; what I meant to say is that I feel more or less the same regardless of what happens because emotionally, the fixity of my Moon overwhelms the aspects to it. 😁 I wasn’t saying that it wouldn’t be helpful to drill down to a monthly look-ahead. 😅

      Can totally relate to Tr Pluto showing up Year-on-year in SR. Tr Pluto showing up on an angle in a SR is the mother-load. 😬

      Glad to know you and your bf are getting along smoothly this month. Relationships take work, no matter how many years you’ve been in them. 🙏

      1. yeah, that Mars/Pluto square every second year? That can bite my ass, because dang I am tired of it!

        I think the Mars Uranus opposition should at least leave some interesting stuff happening in the love department, as Taurus is Venus-ruled… The breakup happened when Uranus was in Aries.

        Still, have to agree with ya. Pluto is nearing my Ascendant, and sheiße, am I glad to be rid of him within the next couple of years!
        Because definitely, relationships really can take its toll on you….

        1. Good morning Anette!

          You will be a whole new person after Pluto crosses your AC. In the meantime, you should do a stocktake of life as it is. What is Pluto trying to get rid off? What does he want you to learn?

          Beware of accidents with Mars Uranus. Use your Saturn to exercise a bit of caution and practice due diligence. 😁🙏

          Mars Pluto square can be channeled into physical activity or some “healthy” obsession.

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