He Wants To Take Her To Costa Rica

costa rica2Last night I was talking to a friend… jeez, what a familiar story. She’s in her 50’s and she’s lonely. She didn’t think her life would be this way.

She’s got a rich guy who likes her. He wants to take her to Costa Rica to retire. She doesn’t love him. She specifically thinks about sex.

She was out the other night, dancing. She’s quite attractive. She was drinking, people were drinking. A man she was dancing with asked, “Aren’t you going to go home with me?”

“No,” she said.

She thinks she’s “headed for the grave” in this condition. I was fairly stupefied. It pains me, people are stuck in such a narrow strip.

“When’s the last time you got an outside perspective?” I asked. “I’m going to give you mine. Your story is ridiculous. The Costa Rica guy has some kind of pathology. He’s still living the impossible dream with a woman who’s not interested in him.”

She agreed.

“A man who propositions you as he stumbles out of a bar… he forgot to grow up. Neither one of these men is worth two seconds of consideration at this stage of life, yet you’re building your case on them.  You use them to bolster your story… and if this is your story, this is the story you’re probably going to wind up with.”

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4 thoughts on “He Wants To Take Her To Costa Rica”

  1. My lack-of-love life has been wacky and painful. I think of our phone consultation often, especially what you said about my Venus in Aquarius. Peter Pan keeps flying through my damn window. I need to close and lock the damn thing, already.

  2. I’m feeling the same. My guy ‘loves’ me BUT that’s it. By his own admission he has no sex drive and could be in a competition for “The most boring man in the world”. All he does is sit in front of the tv or computer screen, and tell his dog it’s okay when he pisses in the house. We just got the wood for the new floor in the front room-10×20, $2000. Ah the price of ‘unconditional love’.

  3. I found love, but she’s moving to Puerto Rico.
    We have an 8th house Capricorn Stellium, which is nice because she has 3 planets in Aquarius opposing Moon and Venus, Saturn and her Ascendant super conjunct in Pisces. She’s random to say the least so together we add some realism which she’s yet to experience.
    Our Ascendants trine, Venus sextile each other. Great chemistry and honesty. As shame she’s leaving.

  4. Avatar

    From what I’ve seen, a woman who loves a man less will have his loyalty the way a woman who loves more never will. I used to think this was due to a man growing up with a withholding mother, etc. But now I think it’s just biology, not pathology. The hunter is happiest hunting forever. Who the woman is is only part of that.

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