Husband Cheated And The Other Woman Is Pregnant

pisces razza 2Dear Elsa,

Well, my husband just told me he was cheating on me. The other women is now claiming she is with child. She lives with her ex-husband and still shares a bed with him, but says it my husband’s baby?

The caring forgiving person that I am wants to work this out but I can not deal with a child born during my marriage and let alone her. I love him but not sure what to do. Any advice?

Pisces Heading Into Her Saturn Return
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Dear Pisces,

I am enormously sorry you find yourself in this painful situation and while ultimately you are the only one who can make the decision what to do about this, I will give you my perspective both personal and astrological.

First, I would not be rash about doing anything because you don’t have good information. From the sound of it, you are right to question the paternity of the baby and even the validity of the pregnancy itself.  So the first thing I’d do is breathe and try to ground.

You state you love your husband and you also state what you can and cannot tolerate. I respect both positions and for what it’s worth, I am pretty I would draw the same lines in the same places. But this leaves you to wait in a very painful place as you wait for the facts to emerge.

Now astrologically, you are headed into your Saturn return and I can tell you that you will not be clear until late summer, 2009. That means you have a long distance to run here but it does not mean you have to stay on this path.

What you want to do is go slow and take your time making decisions, because the decisions you make are going to have long term repercussions and just remember this:  It is not you who is caught here.

In fact, assuming there is a baby… you are the one with all the options so just keep that in mind. This is your life and I strongly urge you to take the path that satisfies your soul. Unfortunately I don’t think this information is going to be apparent short term but ultimately you will get clarity and when you do – Leap!  And once you do, don’t look back, and don’t look down – just go forward because faith is your strongest play.

Much love and good luck.

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  1. Elsa, you give the best advice! You’re like a cool, calm, and collective voice in the middle of a storm.

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