What Sign Copes Best When Their Secrets Are Revealed?

24 hour laundromatWhat about the airing of dirty laundry? Somehow your secrets get out! How would the various signs react?”

Capricorn would probably have the worst time because they are the most concerned for their public image. I think Scorpio would fare best.

The betrayal would sting Scorpio and the perpetrator would be amputated completely and permanently from the life. But I don’t think they’d be all that bothered over what came out. Because I don’t think you’d get at Scorpio’s actual dirty laundry. Their stained things, maybe. But their actual dirty laundry? Forget about it.

Pisces would also do well. Think “Elizabeth Taylor”. As if she cares what you think about her addictions or her love life. I don’t think so.

So what about you? Let’s say someone tells your secrets. What would you do? How would you cope?

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  1. Hm. Something between the second and third choice – all hellfire and brimstone upon whomever “outted me” and then hide under the bed. Or in France.

    You’re right about Scorpio’s – they’d cut off the person who revealed their secrets, but then they’d own up to them with a bit of an attitude of “yeah, so?” 🙂

  2. Incidentally, I once amputated a Scorpio from my life for blowing my secrets. I couldn’t take the hypocrisy of her keeping hers and blowing mine.

  3. I wanted to choose the first two, but went with the second. On a personal level I would transcend. I wouldn’t be destroyed by it, but the person who betrayed me would be dead to me.

  4. If someone told my secrets, I would just be really angry, but keep it in my head. I guess that is transcending and raining h’zell. I am a Scorpio/Pluto rising, so I get maaaad!! I’m 11 but should not be underestimated!! 😉

  5. This happened to me, actually. I cut off the first person who did it, who for some reason couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t be her friend any more. The second person who did it, apologized and I gave her a second chance–only to have her do it a second time. After that she also called me while I was overseas so that she could pump me for information when I was getting a divorce and when I calmly told her that I did not trust her or want to be her friend again, she persisted so I hung up.

    Here’s how I see it: You can’t be angry at the snake for being a snake but that doesn’t mean you have to invite into your house and cuddle it as if it were a kitty cat either. That’s what I learned.

  6. I’ve embraced my inner fishy, and now I transcend. It’s odd, bc I have been thinking I’ve been pretending to get through everything nowadays, but there’s no lingering sense of guilt or overwhelming undercurrent of worry. I just am. I’m flowing. And if you get in my way, I just wash over you now. 🙂

    (And hey, you had a not-so-small hand in this transformation, E. Thx!)

  7. Lupa said it all for me.

    I’ve had this happen to a small degree – the laundry wasn’t “dirty,” just stained (great metaphor!). And publicly, I was all “Who cares?, ” but the person who did it was cut out of my life. I have a Leo sun, I take my loyalties seriously, and that was a major breach.

  8. I dont have much dirty laundry because I tell people everything. I have more of a comedy routine than dirty laundry. I have stuff I am not at all proud of but they are my most hilarious stories. (I find pulling these out when people are feeling really bad about themselves gets me that uncomfortable laugh and that look of relief on their faces….thank god i’m NOT her!. I am so sick of feeling shame that I have turned it into great stories instead.

  9. “Here’s how I see it: You can’t be angry at the snake for being a snake but that doesn’t mean you have to invite into your house and cuddle it as if it were a kitty cat either.”
    Sooooooo true, Marly!

  10. Fire and brimstone, baby!! And then I would amputate them quickly, without remorse but with some sadness, and without much chance to make amends. If they grovelled sufficiently, I might let them back into the fringe of my life, but they would never be close enough to any sort of secrets to do any damage… Though thinking about it, I don’t think anyone has ever aired anything that was actually damaging… (8th house Aries sun, merc, venus meets Cap Moon? I dunno.)

    But you’re totally right about the Scorpios… I’ve seen it, and it’s not pretty, though I have supported every case I’ve seen. I totally understand it and thought the perp got what they asked for.

  11. I’d smile, transcend, then cut them off forever… but I’d smile to their face. pisces combined with scorpio I guess.

  12. I’ve been through this a few times, all of them with scorpio or highly plutonic people.

    Possible situations and reactions:
    1- a scorpio I consider a friend tells something intimate about me in public, sometimes projecting a bit of his own dirt into me
    2- i break up with someone and they suddenly transform into pigs in the dirt and say all kinds of awfull stuff that I never imagined they felt before.
    This last one has happened and i totally amputate the person. My DC is in leo, and jupiter is conjunct it, so I can’t think of a word right now strong enough to say how much i hate people that act like this. I run from people who i dream that may act like this one day. I can sense them.
    The first situation, i have reacted with a mix of humiliation, hurt, shock… and i feel numb for a while. eventually I got away from that person because i gained some self esteem.
    I guess i feel an urge to hit them in the face and knocked them out, but I haven’t embraced my inner boxeur that much.

  13. June, maybe taboos can spice life.
    And I think it’s ok for certain things to be taboo. it’s ok if people don’t want their parents to know details about their sex life, for example. It keeps a “sanitary distance” / privacy wich is confortable in our western culture.

  14. PS- in case there is no betrayal, and something becomes public I may be mortified but will act like it’s not a big deal, or act like it didn’t happen until it feels distant enough so i can laugh about it.
    If it were concerning addictions and love like Taylor’s case, i would act like she did, because I would think that’s the right way to go. she’s just doing her thing, no one else can tell what it’s like to be in her shoes.
    In short, If I’m ok with my conscience i have no problem transcending everyone else’s opinion.

  15. Apparently I’m one of two (so far?) that thinks all press is good press. That said, I don’t have secrets. It’d be laughable (or maybe just downright boring) to find a person who thinks they know something special or socially surprising about me and that by sharing it they’ll get under my skin or keep me from getting what I want in life. Uh, so?? Talk about me all you want; it’s nothing I haven’t heard before.

    Also, I don’t understand what the deal with secrets is. What’s the point? If you don’t want people to know about things you’ve said or done, don’t talk about it. If it bothers you that much, don’t do it in the first place. It’s really that simple.

  16. June:
    What you’re talking about is the reason I’ve no dirty laundry to talk about – if I’m not okay with it, and with _anyone_ knowing about it, I don’t do it. Simple.

    But, there are times when things get twisted. Now, this is a high school story, so don’t roll your eyes, kay? But my senior year, after I had told everyone that mattered that I was bisexual, a then-friend decided it would make her more popular to seem sexually adventurous and to diss the group she was hanging with (We were kinda unpopular. Who woulda guessed?). So she told a bunch of people that me and the people in my group engaged in lesbian orgies and whatnot, obviously a total lie.
    In public, I acted like I didn’t give a shit. I had been whispered about since elementary school, no big deal. But in private, I lit her ass up and then cut her out of my life for eight years. And now, even though we talk, she doesn’t get anything except superficialities.

  17. I’m a Gemini who’s friends with a Scorpio who isn’t afraid to tell me personal things. Although you are right, it doesn’t seem to be actual dirty laundry. The things people tell me tend to leak and I tend to talk shit/troll around for gossip without really meaning to. I told this person this and they are trying to probe me for what I say about them. I really don’t want to betray a Scorpio. I’m worried about doing it in any way. It is confining. A Gemini, though, has a history of amputating people who hang on too hard :-).

  18. I think I’d stare them down. I’d take someone airing my ‘dirty laundry’ as fighting actions and while I would very much like to hide under the bed, I’d probably show up like nothing happened and pass off whatever as nasty gossip spread by someone malicious, because it is nasty gossip, even if its true.

  19. Wow my perspective has changed. My Scorpio side would cut off anyone who aired my dirty laundry out of spite. You don’t get to betray me and live, figuratively speaking. The shiny chicken side would make the best of it, transcend, good press etc.

  20. Yeah, dude. I take the scorpio tack. But then, I’m a rising, so that makes sense. I never ever tell anyone anything that I’d be DEVASTATED if it was told. Like you said, some stained things…but nothing actually dirty. That stuff, no one ever gets to know.

  21. One thing about getting older, the stupid stunts one did in their twenties is laughable rather than dirty. 🙂

    Maybe it’s just me but it is hard for me to regret anything I did because of where I am now, if that makes sense. Major 12th house type with Scorp rising.

  22. Hmm, I’m not sure that I actually have any dirty laundry. But if anyone tried to betray me in that way, I’d rain hellfire down upon them, then shrug, smile, and go on with my life.

  23. I’m a Pisces – I’d rain down fire and brimstone. Oh, yes, the person that spilled would get a sound dressing down. I’d tongue lash them down one side, up the other and then probably never speak to them again.

  24. Lol, ActusRhesus….how do you virgo’s do that…

    Pisces here with enough Dirty Laundry

    & What to do with it? If it’s my own dirt..I’ll be ok, i voted transcend….but if you air lies ….then fire and brimstone, tears and sorrow….

  25. i try not to live in such a way that i’d regret anything i’d do getting out.
    but i like my privacy.

    if something i am is going to get someone else all worked up, i have no control over it. best i can do is keep things to myself unless i think it’s a good place to share.

  26. makes sense. Capricorn/Aquarius has difficulty (both saturn ruled), so that is why they need to keep their nose clean lol However thats so true about Pisces & Scorpio (Interesting that Liz Taylor is Pisces/Scorpio moon too) ^^ <3 love her style 😀

    I think too, someone with Bridget Bardot's chart. She has had her dirty laundry everywhere but she is still kicking and living and dont care. 😀 and i think too that marilyn monroe's chart has difficulty coping. both iconic figures and both have gemini but so different.

    1. there is one Aquarius young french woman, nabilla Benattia, who is with a double virgo man, Thomas vergara, lovely couple. She has her dirty laundry everywhere; about her past. But she dont care. She has a tight Capricorn venus/capricorn mars, but her moon is in Pisces and she has MC Scorpio. so maybe some parts of her chart are very strong, like how Bardot & Liz Taylor is.

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